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    BEWARE WHAT YOU ASK FOR... Part One As they lay huddled together, their naked bodies glistening with the sweat of the wild fuck they had just shared, he asked her. She giggled at his request, not sure she could do what he asked, what he desired, what he lusted for, without breaking up in laughter. He pleaded quietly, insistently, and she could hear the heat and lust in his voice. She bit her lip and looked at him, then kissed him gently and said "Yes, I'll do it." And she felt her pussy grow wet once more as she thought about controlling her husband, making him her sexual slave, forcing his hungry mouth against her swollen clit and between her firm asscheeks...making him serve her like a sex machine. And she knew she would not laugh. She knew she would love it. * * * * * * * Carl came to bed late just as he always did. Stefanie moved slightly so she could see the clock: it was almost 4 am.

He settled quickly, and before long she heard his deep, even breaths. He was asleep. And he was in for a big surprise when he awoke in the morning! Stefanie got out of bed and moved quietly, assembling the items she had purchased in the last few days. She wasn't too worried about making noise--when Carl slept, he slept like a dead man. He would wake only if she literally shouted in his ear. She quickly installed hooks on the head and base boards of the queen size bed. Then she took the collection of magazines she had bought and selected the hottest, steamiest images and taped them to the walls all around where her husband lay sleeping. In the dim light from the window she admired the lushly shaped bodies of the naked women in the photographs...and she felt her pussy begin to warm and grow wet as she admired the various leather accoutrements they wore. Stefanie giggled at the thought of how hard Carl's cock would grow when he saw these pictures! She took a few other pictures and put them on the ceiling above the bed. These were special. They were a collection of drawings she had done of her husband...sketches based on the nasty fantasies he had shared with her. Her favorite was the drawing she had done of Carl naked and on his hands and knees, a cock in his mouth and another in each hand, and she herself wearing a strap-on dildo and filling his ass. She put it where she knew it would meet his eyes as soon as he woke up in the morning. She glanced at the clock. Almost five now. Well, she had to be up in an hour, so she finished her preparations and went to the kitchen for a cup of tea. Carl would stir about 7:30 when she was ready to leave for work, seeking his morning goodbye kiss. Then he'd roll over and go back to sleep, normally. But not today.

Today he'd grow hard and hot...and she would leave him like that! All day, she knew, he would groan and think of her; all day she would be wet and horny and lusting for him. When she got home tonight there would be sexual fireworks for sure! * * * * * "Honey, wake up," Stefanie whispered into his ear, gently nibbling on it at the same time. "I have to go to work and I want to show you something before I go." Carl stretched and leaned up to kiss her. She met his lips and kissed him deeply, even going so far as to open her lips and send her tongue plunging steamily into his mouth. His eyes shot open at that, and then he saw the pictures all over the walls. Stefanie was delighted to see his naked body tense, and his large cock immediately begin to swell! Then with a minimum of fuss, she slipped a leather collar about his neck and attached it with a leash to the hook she had installed in the headboard. Carl started to protest, but Stefanie reached down and picked up a pair of her dirty panties from the floor and stuffed them in his mouth. "Sluts don't speak unless their mistresses tell them they may," she said, and grinned lewdly. A quick move to the foot of the bed and she pulled up the straps she had attached to the hooks on the baseboard and wrapped them around her husband's ankles, clicking the tiny latches shut and immobilizing his legs. Finally, she pulled the handcuffs from her pocket and slid them onto Carl's hands, laughing at the mixture of confusion and lust she saw in his eyes. She pulled his hands down to his crotch and put them around his swollen prick.

Then she wrapped a leather thong around his cuffed hands and his cock, making it tight enough that the slightest movement would become a pleasurable masturbating motion. Normally this would have been fine with Carl, but she knew from the way he looked at her, horny and yet somewhat fearful of the commanding bitch he had unleashed, that he realized there wasn't going to be a quick release THIS time! He's right, she thought, and slid and hand inside her coat to rub her own aching sex. After a moment she opened the coat wide and showed her bound-and-gagged husband what she knew would drive him frantic with lust. Underneath the knee-length winter coat she wore leather boots and fishnet stockings, as well as a leather garter-belt and a cutaway leather bra. "Do you like what you see, nasty boy?" she crooned to him. He nodded and moved his hands on his cock. She laughed. "That's a good slut! But while I expect you to stay hard all day until I get home, you are NOT to cum, so I wouldn't play with myself TOO much!" With that, and a wicked chuckle, she turned and took her jeans and sweater from her bureau and left the room. When she returned, she was dressed for her job, but still wearing the boots and stockings. For all Carl could tell, she was wearing the garterbelt and bra still, as well. "When I get home this afternoon, slut, you are going to well and thoroughly service my tits, my cunt, and my anus. And if you are VERY good, I MIGHT let you cum." Stefanie stepped between his legs and reached down to grope his throbbing balls. "Hmmm," she mused. "I think we're missing just one not-so-little thing here!" She leaned down at the foot of the bed. When she straightened up, Carl's eyes widened because she held a huge, black vibrating dildo! It was at least 10 inches long, as well as being almost two inches thick. It glistened with lubrication, and Stefanie smirked nastily as she smeared some of the slippery juice on her fingers and then leaned down to probe at her husband's tight asshole. He moaned as her fingers slipped into his anus--and she laughed as they were almost sucked in by the hungry hole. "Such a nasty, gay-boy slut!" she chuckled. "Well, here's a big black dick to keep you company until I get home!" With that, she slid the massive rubber dong up Carl's ass clear to the hilt. And with the way he was laying on the bed, she knew it wouldn't come popping out before she returned in the afternoon. Carl was moaning and writhing in his bonds as Stefanie left. As she closed the bedroom door, she felt the warm trickle of her own juices on her thighs. She was very excited by the sight of him, chained to the wall, tied to the bed, his ass and mouth filled...and waiting for her, waiting to fuck her, waiting to fill her with cum! She could hardly wait for her workday to be over.... BEWARE WHAT YOU ASK FOR.... (Part Two) It was almost 3 o'clock before Stefanie got away from her busy day at work and arrived home. Her pussy ached with unsatisfied lust, even though she had taken a long lunch break and spent it in the bathroom, furiously fingering her dripping slit and fantasizing about her husband's bound and helpless body.

Before she had even reached the door to their apartment, she had stripped off her coat and sweater, and was working on removing her jeans. Stefanie paused in the bathroom and stood before the full length mirror, examining her body. The garter-belt and fishnet stockings looked very sexy on her, and she carressed the leather of the bra and moaned softly; her nipples were huge and stiff through the holes in it. She was amazed at how horny leather made her feel...and for a moment she was grateful that Carl had introduced her to the delights of the erotic material. Then she sneered and ran her fingers over her thickly-haired mound. "He wants it, he's going to get it. He's my slut, my fucktoy!" She teased at her clit for just a second, then turned to the washbasin. She pulled her makeup bag from the medicine cabinet and began applying mascara, bright red lipstick, and heavy eyeshadow. "He wants me to look like a bitch mistress, and I'll do it...but he'll give me all the climaxes I want if I'm going to be his dominant lady!" She giggled as she pulled out her electric razor. For the next fifteen minutes, she carefully trimmed her pubic hair, making repeated passes until finally she had shaved off every bit of it! Then she put the razor in her new "Bag of tricks", a leather pouch she had purchased to hold some of the toys she intended to use on her husband-slave. She took her new black leather jacket off the hook on the back of the door and put it on.

The wide shoulders and narrow waist made her look very domineering, she thought to herself. She plucked at the sides of the jacket so that her breasts, harnessed by the leather of the bra, were revealed, and she pulled the hem of the jacket up slightly so that it didn't block the view of her garter- belt and freshly shaved pussy. Her "bag of tricks" fit neatly onto a pair of hooks at her waist. Finally, Stefanie picked up her newest toy, a riding crop, and holding it loosely at her side, she turned and went to the bedroom. Carl lay as she had left him, and her eyes were drawn to the angry red shaft of his cock poking from between his cuffed and bound hands. It dribbled juices thickly, and when she got closer Stefanie smiled to see that had actually managed not to cum all day. She frowned at the copious puddles of his male juices that had run down over his hands and crotch, though. It was a terrible mess. Stefanie felt herself grow warm and wet as she thought how she could punish her husband for his sloppiness. His eyes were closed and he seemed resigned to whatever Stefanie had planned for him. She stood at the foot of the bed and gazed down at his nakedness, and felt a dark lust swell up within her. She reached out with the crop and whacked the head of his cock where it showed above his hands. Carl came awake with a start and stared up at her. She could almost hear his mouth watering as he took in the sight of her. She knew she looked nasty, knew that he loved the sight of her like this. She knew that he would serve her exactly as she wanted him to. Stefanie stepped to the head of the bed and bent over his face. The panties in his mouth were wet. She sneered down at him, curling her lip in disdain. "You nasty, nasty boy!" she said, reaching down and pushing the panties deeper into his mouth. "Getting your spit all over my panties! And dribbling juices all over your hands and belly...didn't Mommy teach you any better?" She straightened up and climbed onto the bed, straddling her husband's face. With her fingers she pulled the lips of her shaved cunt open. Carl's eyes grew wide as he stared at the hairless pink lips. And Stefanie smiled lewdly as she displayed her naked slit. "Do you see how wet my pussy is, Carl?" she asked. "And you could have licked and sucked it....but you made a mess." She raised herself up and turned around on his chest. Stefanie's firm, pale ass, framed by the leather garter-belt, its straps, and the stockings, wiggled just in front of his panty-stuffed mouth. She reached back and pulled her plump cheeks wide apart. Carl's astonished eyes stared at the wet pinkness of his wife's anus, and his half-hard cock began to swell again. "This is what you will suck now, slut!" Stefanie commanded. Her hand groped back and caught the panties, pulling them from his mouth. Before he could say anything, she shoved her sweaty crack back against his face. She ordered, "Now lick my ass,

Carl. Show me that in spite of your filthy messes you can service me correctly...and maybe I'll clean you up this time." Now she began to tease his cock with the riding crop. And as she did, she felt the tenative thrusts of his tongue against her wrinkled pucker. BEWARE WHAT YOU ASK FOR (Part Three) "Yessss," she hissed. "That feels very good, my slave." Carl's tongue darted between the soft cheeks of Stefanie's ass, and began to slip into the open, willing hole of her anus. She laughed softly to herself as she reveled in the tingling sensations his licking sent through her pussy and ass. But when she looked down at his cock, she saw his hands were moving on the turgid shaft. This she would not allow! "STOP!" she commanded, pulling her ass away from Carl's now hungrily sucking mouth. She turned around and her face was clouded with anger as she bent over her errant man. "How DARE you play with your prick without my permission?! Have you forgotten ALREADY who your mistress is? Have you forgotten who tells you when you may cum? Or play with that filthy little dick?" She raised the crop to his face and traced up and down his jaw. "You seem to think we are playing some kind of game, nasty slut...but you are only partly right." Stefanie turned away from the naked body of her husband and looked around the room at the pornographic pictures she had taped to the walls. "You are going to be my slave in all sexual ways from now on," she said in a low, lust-laden voice that somehow conveyed a cold sense of menace as well. "You had better understand that. When you serve me well, and service my hungry body as I desire....then I MIGHT let you cum, I MIGHT cater to YOUR lusts....but always you will do as I say in sex. Always." She stepped back to him, seeming to tower above him. "Do you understand me, nasty boy?" "Y-yes," he stammered huskily. Stefanie sneered and brought the riding crop down across his chest, making sure she struck his nipples. "Yes, WHO, slut?" With an audible gulp, Carl whispered, "Yes, Mistress Stefanie." His wife smiled as she reached down and loosened the thongs binding his cock and hands together, then pushed his hands up to his stomach. "That's better," she said. She slid a hand down between Carl's legs and grasped the end of the huge black dildo- vibrator that still filled his ass, and with a girlish giggle turned it fully on. Carl groaned, and he cried out loud when he felt his wife's hot tongue tease mercilessly along the underside of his cockhead. She nibbled at him, and his asshole throbbed around the pulsing rubber cock until his body began to arch with an impending climax....and Stefanie stopped licking and pulled the dildo from his yawning anus as she squeezed the base of his cock tightly. Then from her "bag of tricks" she pulled a metal ring, barely big enough to fit around Carl's hard penis. She pushed the cock-ring down to the base of his shaft, and grinned lustfully as she watched the turgid prick swell even more...and she knew he would neither cum nor grow soft until she was ready. "Not yet," she said. "Cumming will never be that easy for you again, my slave." She straddled his face again and spread her asscheeks wide. "Now, let's begin again, shall we? With your tongue in my ass..."

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