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     BIRDWATCHERS The first time she realized that she could see into his apartment was when he had just stepped from the shower and was toweling himself leisurely while looking through what was probably a magazine. She could well imagine what kind of magazine it was by the state of his penis. She felt a faint pang of guilt as she continued to look across the dark space that separated their houses, but continued to sit quietly in the dark as he cas- ually stroked the length of his now full erection. He milked a drop of liquid from it and brought it to the tip of his tongue. She licked her own lips in sympathetic anticipation. The man takes his pleasure fully where he finds it, she said to herself. With a start, she realized that she, too, had been absently touching herself, more fascinated than aroused by the sight of a mature man playing with himself. She had never before actually spied on a naked man and it gave her a strange feeling of power to be able to so surreptitiously invade his privacy. He was far from Adonis, but he was much more than adequate. As he sat on the edge of the bed reading the magazine, he spread his legs and slowly and methodically ran his hand up and down the length of his cock. She watched as he wet his hand with saliva and sinuously rubbed it into the head of his cock. Spreading her lips with two fingers, she did the same to her clitoris and felt it respond to the touch of her slippery fingers.

No, he was no Adonis, but she wanted him more than any other man in the world at that moment. She watched his hands run from the base of his balls to the head of his cock and back again. His movements were slow and sure. She had always thought men jerked off fast and hard, like George Pauley had showed her when they were in the back of his Nova. She had been fascinated with the sight of his bobbing penis and made him turn on the overhead light to show it to her. She remembered, he had stopped suddenly, shy and ashamed as if just realizing what he was doing in front of her. She ended up finishing what he had started, her arm soon tiring from the awkward strokes she administered. When he came, large drops of come stained her sweater and she went home in dread that her mother would see it and know what she had been doing. George had been young and inexperienced as a lover, but this man exhibited a sensuous technique that hinted at touch of a master! Abruptly, the man rose and disappeared from sight, and the room went dark. Later, she sat back in bed, reading a chapter from a paper- back novel before sleep. As her fingers found the sensitive fold of skin beside her clitoris, she closed her eyes and thought of his hands moving along the length of his penis as she stared. As her fingers moved feverishly, his hands became hers and a bit of saliva on his fingertips became her lips; two fingers from her other hand became his penis sliding into her wet vagina, feeling the muscles squeeze them again and again as the feeling at the base of her clitoris began to spread through her abdomen. As the wave of her climax began, she put her drenched fingers in her mouth and savored the musky taste of her juices, remembering other nights when those fingers had been a penis and her clitoris had been excited by the lips and tongue... But all that was past history. The memories were sweet, to be sure. But they were only memories and they were linked with others that were not so sweet. It had been a long time since she had let herself go free with anyone, and had not thought about it very much. Seeing her anonymous neighbor tonight seemed to have kindled a spark she had forgotten. It would be very nice, she mused, to be able to make love to a complete stranger exactly the way she wanted, for as long as she wanted, and with no obligat- ions or remorse.

Of such things were fairy tales written! She reached to turn out the light and, for no special reason, looked at her curtains to assure they were drawn. Of course, they were. She always kept her bedroom curtains drawn. Only middle-aged exhibitionists who got off masturbating for hard-up old maids left their curtains open with the lights on, she mused to herself. She looked at them again; a small powder box on her windowsill had prevented them from closing all the way and left a small Vee of light between them. It was almost too small for her to see. There was no chance that anyone would have been able to see in. For a moment, she wished that someone would have.... She closed her eyes and settled into her pillow, the smell of her vagina still clinging to her fingers. Her tongue snaked out to lick them off one last time before sleep. It was one of her most luscious secrets. She loved the taste of herself! The hot shower and some unbidden memories had brought some interesting sensations to his penis and his hands had innocently nurtured them until the familiar sensations of orgasm began to flash. Abruptly, he stopped and turned off the bedroom light. He still had work to do and not much time for playing with himself. Perhaps later he might indulge. He pushed the thoughts from his mind and went back to his den to work. The story was coming slowly - no great gushes of inspiration. After a while, he stopped fighting it and went to the kit- chen for a cup of tea before turning in. Under his robe, his penis was still partially aroused - in fact, it had been most of the night. It was an annoyance he sometimes had to live with. In his darkened bedroom, he noticed for the first time that his curtains were open. He shook his head and went to the window. There was just too much on his mind lately. Before drawing them, he looked out at the dark night. Across the way, he could see a triangle of light where someone had not pulled their drapes together all the way. He could see movement of some sort behind them and smiled to himself.

There was a difference between a Peeping Tom and a voyeur of opportunity. He wasn't sure what it was, and didn't care. His binoculars showed him that a very sensuous lady was enjoying herself in the supposed privacy of her bedchambers. The opening was just large enough for him to see occasional glimpses of her thigh and her hand busy at her vagina. For a brief moment, she spread her legs wide and he saw that she had both hands at work on herself. His robe was open by now and his penis was raging for satisfaction. He gripped it tightly and felt the head swell with blood and power as he looked at the soft flesh of her labia, spread wide by her delicate fingers, faith- fully caught by the lens of the binoculars. Then her legs closed and the lovely view disappeared. But the movement became more and more frantic and he knew she was coming. The knowledge was too much and he stroked his penis faster and faster, matching the rhythm of his unseen neighbor. As her legs opened once more, he felt the fury of his own orgasm coming on and staring through the glasses, let it erupt as his hand stroked faster and faster, his balls bouncing between his legs. As the thrusting of the woman's pelvis signaled that she was com- ing, great globs of semen spurted from his penis and splashed on his stomach and thighs. Still watching the beautiful vignette, he caught a large globule on his fingers and rubbed it on his tongue, wishing he was licking the exciting lips of the vagina he had been watching. The taste of his come was on his lips when he saw the broad expanse of her behind as she rolled over to reach for the light. She was not small, but had the full Valkyrie body he especially loved. The tiny Vee winked out and the world was dark. He sat back and inhaled deeply. For the first time in a very long time, he felt both excited and satisfied. Just before he dropped off to sleep, an idea occurred to him and he smiled to himself. The first thing she did when she returned from work was to open the package someone had left in front of her door.

There was no note and no label. Inside the package was a rather expensive pair of binoculars. A tiny card said "From One Birdwatcher to Another". That was all. The second thing she did was to look out her bedroom window. She did not expect to see anything, of course, but visions of the man stroking his penis had come to her throughout the day at the most inopportune moments. The curtains were closed, as they had been when she had gotten up that morning. She took off her clothes and hung them up while waiting for a TV dinner to cook. She had planned to go to a lecture that evening, but the speaker had canceled at the last minute and her evening no consisted of prime time television and the rest of the novel. She decided against the television and turned on the FM radio. She greatly preferred Progressive Jazz to situation comedy. The novel, on the other hand, was getting mired down in itself - but it would have to do. She did not feel like going out to get another one tonight. Passing through the bedroom once more, she glanced out the window. Something had changed! His bedroom curtains were now opened - halfway! She could see most of his bed and part of what seemed to be a mirror on the wall. She wondered why she hadn't seen it the night before. But that wasn't important. The impor- tant thing was that he was not there. But on the bed, very clear- ly, she could see a pair of binoculars like the ones she had just received. Propped behind them was a piece of cardboard with a message on it. She rushed back to the living room to get the bi- noculars. The note said "Thank You". Her face burned with embarrassment. Had he seen her watching him? How could he? What were the binoculars for? What did the message mean? Had he seen her playing with herself?

He couldn't possibly have, she told herself. And then remembered the tiny Vee between the curtains. Damn! She thought to herself. And angrily slammed the two halves of the curtain together, this time making sure they closed completely. She dressed quickly and dialed the phone. "Sue, this is Connie. Are you busy tonight? I need to get out for a couple of hours and I thought you might want a drink. I'm buying," she said in a rush. "How about your diet?" Suzy's voice chided. The two of them had been fighting the scales together for almost two years. "Screw the diet," she replied. "I'm too damned frustrated to think about a diet tonight! I've got an oversexed birdwatcher to deal with!" "O-O-O!" Suzy squealed. "I'll be ready in ten minutes. You should have told me it was about sleaze. You can pour out your sick, dememted, disgusting, perverted soul to Aunt Suzy anytime you want." "I knew I could count on you!" Connie told her dryly. She hung up the phone and finished dressing. Then, just as she was about to leave, she changed her mind and opened the cur- tains again. His windows had not changed. The binoculars remained on the bed along with the sign. She got her own pair and put them on her bed, along with a pair of crotchless panties someone had once given her as a gag. With a magic marker she scrawled a mes- sage on a piece of cardboard and set it behind them: FILM @ 11 "You did what?!?" Suzy exclaimed. "I didn't do anything!" Connie told her. "I can't imagine how he saw me watching him." "What's he look like?" "Okay, I guess." "C'mon! Tall, short, fat, skinny? What's his dick like?" "Like a dick. You see one, you've seen 'em all!" Connie laughed. "No way, Sweetie! How Long, how fat, circumcised, a lady- pleaser or a pee-chute? Come on, girl. This is Aunt Suzie talking. The same Aunt Suzie who watched you going down on Ray- mond!" Connie blushed. "You weren't going to mention that again!" she complained. "Is it as big as Raymond's?" Suzy persisted. Connie thought a moment. "I think it's a little bigger," she said. "How about the rest of him?" "Okay. He could lose a few pounds, but couldn't we all?" "We all could. So let's leave it at that," Suzy said. "Don't be so damned sensitive," Connie told her. "So we're a few pounds to the good. Some men prefer that." "You think your birdwatcher likes his women padded?" Suzy asked. "There's one way to find out." "I'm not sure I want to know." "Bull!" Suzy exclaimed. "Tell me about 'Film at 11'." "It was just an impulse. What do you think I'm going to do, give him a damned show?" "I have an idea." "I just bet you do." "I'm serious. Why don't we give him a double show?" "What are you talking about?" Connie asked nervously. "Dykes in Toyland? I don't swing that way." "Nothing serious. Just fool around and drive him crazy a little bit. Neither one of us is built that way, anyhow," Suzy finished. Connie sat silent for a long time with Suzy glancing at her now and again. For almost as long as she'd know Suzy, she'd suspected the woman was bisexual, but this was the first time Suzy had ever come close to making any overt suggestions. She looked across the table at the plump, full-breasted girl looking back at her and her thoughts jumped back nearly twenty years to a dark house and the delicious dread of hot, clumsy fingers and the strange, exciting taste of Cathy. Her fourteenth summer had been one of exploration and wonder. The two of them had snuck into Cathy's father's den and found the pictures.

There were men and women doing things they had only whispered about. And then there were the women, kissing and fondling one another. Even now, Connie felt her cheeks burn as she remembered their stolen times together and the times their mothers had almost caught them. Although she and Cathy had done everything that Lesbians do, she had never considered herself one. Nor had Cathy. In the end, Cathy's parents had moved away and the two had parted tearfully, promising to never tell anyone. Connie never broke the promise. They had started with one another's breasts, looking, touch- ing and eventually kissing one another's nipples. Suzy, on the other hand was tacitly suggesting something much more serious. Or was she? "I'm not queer," she said almost too low for Suzy to hear. "After seeing you with Raymond, I can vouch for that!" Suzy laughed. "Please! It wasn't ... well, maybe it was, but you weren't supposed to come walking into the damned room without at least knocking!" "Do you really think he saw you jerking off?" Suzy asked suddenly. "I wasn't..." "Bullshit! Everybody does it. Do you think he saw you? With the binoculars, I mean." Connie nodded. "I guess so. I made it worth my while, I guess." "Damn! Let's do it!" Suzy urged. "You don't have to do any- thing you don't want. We'll just pretend and give the pervert a thrill!" "He's probably about as much a pervert as you or me." "Hell! The world cold be in some serious shit, if that's the case! Come on, it's almost 10 o'clock. Showtime's 11!" Suzy's grin was too wicked to ignore. "I'll go along with the joke, but I'm telling you, I'm not queer," she warned Suzy. On the way out of the bar, she felt Suzy's hand pat her behind when no one could see. "What the Hell are you doing?" she demanded. Suzy laughed. "Nice ass for a white girl!" The note had said 11, but the lights came on in the woman's apartment at 10:30. He had turned his own lights off and sat in the darkness of his bedroom, wearing only his robe. Behind him, the radio played softly. He was prepared to be "stood up" but for some reason felt something special was about to happen. Hell! He didn't even know what the girl looked like, not even sure that she lived alone. He was not prepared, however, when the curtains suddenly snapped shut. A moment later, however, they opened just as quickly. He picked up the binoculars and his jaw dropped. There were two of them! One was taller that the other, but both were full-blown, full-bodied women with round, lush curves and smooth bodies. The short one had huge breasts with dark, pronounced nipples and a thick patch of auburn hair between her legs. The tall one had nice breasts, too. But they were more proportioned to the rest of her. Her pubic hair was a light red, like the hair on her head.

Her nipples were pink with small aureola. Both women had attractive faces, although the tall one seemed nervous and constantly glanced in his direction. The best part, though, was her ass. It was as full and round as his glimpse the night before had promised. Smooth and magnifi- cently large, his cock began to stiffen at the sight of it. They both knelt on the bed and turned to face him, bowing low. The show was about to begin. His penis stood painfully erect, but he refused to touch it, not wanting to come prematurely. He had a show to watch! "Is he there?" Suzy asked. "I don't know. How am I going to tell?" "Hell. Ask him! Write a sign and let him read it!" Connie scribbled "Are You Ready?" and held up the cardboard. Across the way, there was darkness. And then a small glimmer of light showed. "What the Hell is it?" Suzy asked. Connie took the binoculars and whistled. In the pale circle of a desk lamp, his penis stood proud and hard. "See for yourself!" she said handing the other woman the binoculars. "Great cock!" Suzy admired. "If we play this one right we could get fucked properly!" "I thought we were just going to tease him," Connie reminded her. "Okay," Suzy replied and reached for her. "I'll lead. Say 'no' whenever you want. I'll understand." Without further warning, she leaned over and kissed Connie passionately, moving her tongue against the other girl's lips, her hands lightly running up and down the length of her body. Connie cautiously put her hands on Suzy's waist and the ran them up to cup the girl's huge breasts. "Like them?" Suzy asked. Connie nodded and then gasped as Suzy leaned down to kiss her own pink nipples. Suzy went from one to the other, licking and sucking the nipples, drawing them out to their full length. Across the way, the light still showed the erect penis, but there was a hand cupping the heavy balls hanging below it. Suzy's hand had wandered down and was caressing the fullness of Connie's ass. Connie was surprised to find that the other woman knew of the secret sensitivity of it. Connie's ass was large - like the rest of her - but she secretly knew it was one of her more alluring features. Apparently Suzy agreed. Slowly, Connie pushed her pelvis into the other girl's. Memories of Cathy were swarming back - hot, musky memories. She flinched as a hand found her vagina and then relaxed her thighs to let her lips open to the insistence of Suzy's fingers. "I hope he's getting his eyes full!" Suzy remarked. Connie murmured deep in her throat. "It's not too much for you, is it?" Suzy asked. "No." The one word spoke volumes. Suzy's tongue ran a trace down to her navel and swirled there a moment before proceeding further down. It stopped just below the line of her pubic hair, and Connie fell back spreading her legs and urging the soft head down to where her clitoris throbbed. It had all come back now! Cathy's probing tongue and the countless times and tastes. Suzy felt so, so good, and the idea of the unknown man watching them with only his erect penis showing excited her even more. Connie spread her legs as wide as she could to let Suzy's tongue probe up into her vagina. It was something she had not done for decades, and Suzy was more expert at it than she or Cathy had ever been. She gritted her teeth as she began to come and felt Suzy's fingers tickling her ass as her tongue continue to spear her vagina like a prehensile penis. He stroked his penis slowly as he watched the short one bus- ily devouring her partner. She was on her knees with her ass to- ward the window so that he could see her open vagina and her breasts hanging down beneath her. Her head blocked any view of what she was doing, but the spasms of the taller girl's body told their own story! If their aim was to torture him, they were having their way! He looked at the other girl's face. Her eyes were tightly closed but her mouth opened full and pouting as if she was trying to capture something as she came. She was saying something now, and the other girl had stopped eating her and was crawling up to kiss her. Then they both got up on their knees and bowed toward him again. He could think of no better response than to wave his penis toward them. He still had not come, but it was not far off. Then the show continued. Connie was feeling guilty. Suzy had just licked her to one of the finest orgasms she had ever had and now was laying back stroking her own clitoris, afraid to ask her to bring her off. She rolled over and kissed Suzy firmly, letting her hand run down the girl's body to caress the fleshy fold between her legs. Suzy's vagina was a wonder in itself. It was strange, yet famil- iar. It seemed to draw her fingers inside it and she felt the slick abundance of juices flowing from the woman. She slowly drew her soaking hand up to her face and inhaled deeply. The musky odor of Suzy's vagina was almost too much as her tongue snaked out to lick her fingers. Suzy groaned loudly and spread her legs impossibly wide. "Please!" she begged. "I'm sorry! I need it, too." Connie kissed her gently and then slid down until her face was firmly pressed against Suzy's labia.

With loud slurping sounds, she sucked and licked as much juice as she could from deep inside Suzy, just as she had done with Cathy so many years before. Then she took Suzy's clitoris between her lips and pulled it gently, letting it almost slip away before sucking it back again and again. Suzy squealed as her pelvis spasmed over and over, her hands entwined in Connie's hair. Connie's own hands reached up to massage Suzy's breasts. Cathy's had been the small, hard breasts of a nubile teen-ager. These were full and demanding. Before she was done, she knew she wanted to bury her face between these beauties and smother them with kisses. When Suzy stopped writhing, Connie slowly pulled herself up to a sitting position. "This is our secret," she told Suzy. "Ours and his!" Suzy laughed. "Damn!" For the moment, Connie had forgotten about the subject of the evening's entertainment. "Want to invite him over?" Suzy asked. "What?" "Look." In the window was another sign: LIKE COMPANY? It's owner stood partially in the shadows. Connie peered through the binoculars. Globs of semen clung to his stomach and legs. "The son-of-a-bitch jerked of and came all over himself!" she exclaimed. "That makes three of us! Tell him to come over. A solid cock wouldn't dampen the party. Hell, at least he asked!" "Okay," Connie warned, "You really want him, don't you?" Suzy was silent for a moment. "You've done it before with a girl," she said quietly. Connie nodded. "Well, you know then. It''s just better with a man involved," Suzy tried to explain. "Hell, that's what bi is all about - the best of both worlds, isn't it?" Connie understood what her friend was trying to say and nodded. The vision of the man's cock had not left her mind since they had started. "Was it as good? Or was it better than before?" Suzy asked lightly. Connie kissed her. "I'm still not queer," she said. "But I liked the way you tasted when I licked your pussy. I like to taste come, too. You know, like men's come, especially after it's been in me." "Let's bring him over and fuck him so we can suck each other off some more. It's better that way," Suzy told her. They both looked toward the window and waved. There was no mistaking their meaning and they were rewarded shortly as the lights went on elsewhere in his apartment. He was on his way. "Have you done this much?" Connie asked shyly. "Only a couple of times," Suzy replied. "I'm not really a Lesbian, but I am bisexual, I guess. I can't wait to get ahold of that guy's cock, if you want to know the truth, but I want to watch him fuck you, too. I really got off the night I watched you sixty-nine Raymond." Connie blushed again. Raymond was a casual date she had met at one of Suzy's parties. As they danced, she had felt his penis become hard and press against her. When most of the guests had gone and Suzy had retired to her bedroom with her own date,Connie and Raymond had gone into the extra bedroom and begun necking. Before she could breathe, his had was under her dress and inside her panties, stroking her wet pussy. She opened his flies and reached inside to grasp his cock, still hard from their dance. "You watched? I thought you left as soon as you opened the door!" "No way! You were working that cock and coming in his mouth at the same time! I almost jumped the two of you. Whatever hap- pened to him, anyway?" "He's a prick. Forget about him. I'm nervous about what we're doing right now." "Connie, next to me, you're the sleaziest little snatch I know. If this guy gives us any trouble, we'll just fuck him to death and hang his dead ass out to dry!" "I like you," Connie said suddenly. "I'm glad you're my friend." Suzy hugged her tightly, their breasts smashed against one another. A knock at the door interrupted them. Connie jumped up to pull on a robe and Suzy instinctively covered herself with a bedsheet. "My name's Don." He came dressed for the occasion, which is to say that under the long coat, he wore nothing but a pair of loafers. "I'm Connie. Suzy's in the bedroom. Do you always over- dress?" Don smiled and looked at her a moment and then reached for his coat. "I do feel a little silly," he admitted. "Please, don't!" Connie objected. "I'm not being a good hostess, am I." She let her robe drop to the floor and openly appraised his body as he did hers. As she had observed earlier, he needed to chase a good ten pounds, but her main attention was held by his rising penis. As his eyes swept over her, it rose in fitful jumps. There was no question about it. The man liked what he saw. And she like what it was doing to him! "How long is it?" she asked. "Seven inches.

Why? Keeping records?" "No. It's just that when I was trying to describe you to Suzy, I didn't know what to say." "Who's Suzy?" "She's a friend." "I sort of guessed that much." "I'm Suzy!" said Suzy as she came out of the bedroom. "I'm Don." "Nice to meet you, Don. You have a nice cock." "And you're tits are remarkable." Connie went to the kitchen. "Can I get anyone anything?" she called. "I brought wine," Don announced. "You what?" "There's no reason one must be a barbarian to be a trifle sleazy!" He produced a bottle of white wine from the pocket of the overcoat. They opened the wine in the bedroom and poured a toast, everyone drinking from everyone else's glass. "How about a special toast?" Suzy declared and doused her nipples on at a time in her glass. Connie and Don both licked them clean. "And another!" said Don as he dipped the head of his penis into his glass. Suzy knelt down and sucked the wet glans into her mouth, her tongue swirling about it. Don extracted it and soaked it again in the wine. This time Connie wasted no time, but swallowed a much of the cock as she could, feeling the wide shaft fill her mouth and the rubbery head slide against the roof of her mouth. Raymond or not, Suzy could never begin to suspect how much she liked sucking a man's penis. "Your turn, Connie,"announced Suzy, looking at her with a grin. "I've already done tits." Connie looked at the two of them for a long moment and then, taking her wine glass, carefully laid back on the bed and put her feet up over her shoulders. Very carefully, she opened her vagina with two fingers and poured a trickle of wine into it. "A special, special toast," she murmured. Very slowly, Don leaned down and noisily sipped the heady liquid from the delicate opening and savored the mixture of tastes. His penis was still hard from the skilled mouthing the women had given him, and he felt Suzy's hand rub his balls and the underside of his raging cock. "Save some for the next guy," she said, and Don reluctantly pulled away. Connie smiled and poured another trickle into her pussy as Suzy climbed between her legs. The sight of Suzy's round ass, her wet vagina and the little sounds Connie sighed as the woman licked her dry were too much for Don to endure and without hesi- tation placed the head of his cock squarely among the pink folds of Suzy's pussy and pressed home. Her squeal was muffled by Con- nie's pussy and her ass moved in a big circle as Don thrust his cock into her to its full extent. Slowly, he withdrew it and car- ried it to the head of the bed where Connie's mouth engulfed its head. Suzy continued to lick her vagina furiously. Don looked down at the two women. Things like this happened once or twice in a lifetime, he told himself. The trick was to accept it and not look forward or back. - No matter how exciting the woman was! Pouring wine into her vagina was the most far out thing Con- nie had ever done, but this seemed to be the night to swing on a star. It was a night without recriminations or judgments. She could say 'Yes'; she could say 'No'. The choice was hers. She was in control. She closed her eyes and luxuriated in the heavenly feelings Suzy's tongue was stirring. When she opened the again, she could see Don's eyes close as he plunged his cock into the other woman. She closed them again and suddenly she was looking up at the bul- bous head of Don's cock, glistening with Suzy's juices and smel- ling so delicously like Suzy had tasted not so long ago! She looked up and saw what was clearly dried spots of semen on his stomach and thighs. He had not bothered to wipe the come off him- self when they had called him over. A delicious warmth spread through her and she opened her mouth to accept the purple plum and the glistening drop of fluid hanging from its tip. She caught the sweet droplet on the end of her tongue and tasted its lightly salted flavor before capturing the spongy head between her lips. She could taste Suzy's juices and slowly worked her tongue up the shaft tasting more and more, running her tongue from side to side across the swollen vein that ran the length of it. Eating Suzy had been delightful (She had forgotten just how much she had enjoyed eating Cathy so long ago); but Don's cock in her mouth was lovely. She needed vaginal intercourse as much as anyone, but Connie's true choice was oral! Slowly, she sucked the full length of Don's seven inches into her mouth until she felt the coarse scratching of his pubic hair against her lip. The head had passed through her mouth and was in her throat. She remembered trying to learn how porn stars were able to take ten inch cocks when she was gagging on five! Then, one night it had happened. She turned herself a certain way and relaxed, and the man's cock slid into her mouth, up to the hilt! (What was his name, she pondered. All she could remember was the way he groaned when he came.) Don's pelvis undulated as he reacted to the busy tongue mas- saging his cock.

He gently kneaded her breasts as she sinuously sucked him in and out. Without taking his cock out of her mouth, she snaked her tongue along its base and laved his balls with saliva. She tasted stale come that had dried there and the knowledge of what it was sent a tiny thrill down to where Suzy was sucking her clitoris. A climax was building fast and Suzy's fingers in her pussy and the cock in her mouth were pushing her toward the edge. Don pulled his cock back until only the head was in her mouth, and she explored it with the tip of her tongue, feeling the ridges and the sensitive opening she knew would reward her if she loved it properly. Suddenly it was gone. She opened her eyes to see the beautiful cock hanging over her face. Above it, Don's face was set in a frozen grimace. "I don't want to come yet," he told her. "Please," she pleaded. "I want to taste you." "I promise," Don told her. "But right now, Suzy and I have our duty to perform." Suzy stopped what she was doing and looked up at him expectantly. He reached over and picked up Connie's robe and removed the belt. Connie's eyes widened as he tied a loop on one wrist and then the other. Soon, she was trussed firmly, her arms spread above her head and her legs crossed so that her ass and vagina were spread open and unprotected. She shivered as Don ran his tongue from the middle of her back to her clitoris, swirling it quickly as it crossed the tender flesh around her asshole. Suzy scrambled up and turned around to place her vagina squarely over Connie's mouth. Don placed his cock between her huge breasts and fucked them as she squeezed them together. Then he moved around and straddled Connie's head to put his cock inside Suzy once more. He could feel Connie's mouth and tongue working on his balls and Suzy's clitoris. The spasms around his cock gave evidence to the effect Connie's mouth was having on her. Suzy had collapsed forward with her head on one of Connie's ample ass cheeks, her own ass high in the air with Don's cock sliding in and out of it. "Great god-damned cock!" she muttered. Don held her hips as she came noisily, pressing deep into her while Connie fastened her mouth on her clitoris like a limpet and sucked the little man in and out of her lips. Don stood up and walked away from the bed. "I have to take my time," he explained. "Untie me," Connie pleaded. "I want to make you come." Don walked back and kissed Suzy deeply, running his tongue deep into her throat. "Connie wants to come," he told her. "What are you going to do?" Suzy asked. "Let's fuck her properly." Don walked to the foot of the bed and kissed Connie's ass in the sensitive groove between the two smooth hemispheres and ran his tongue down to the wrinkled opening. She caught her breath as his tongue smeared a large mass of saliva over it. "I don't like anal sex!" she blurted. "You can't fuck my ass! Let me loose!" "I agree totally!" Don told her. "And I have no intention of fucking anything but your mouth and your sweet pussy." "Suzy!" she called, still unconvinced. "It's all right, Connie," her friend told her. "I won't let him hurt you." Connie was about to say something but Don's tongue returning to her ass and then burrowing itself into her vagina made her stop. A moment later, she felt his cock slip past her labia and spread the walls of her vagina. He pressed it in to the hilt and then drew it all the way out and let its wet length lie along the crack of her ass as he squeezed the cheeks together over it. She felt Suzy's hands busily rubbing his balls against the sensitive parts of her pussy. He drew his cock back down the crack of her ass and she felt to pause as its head passed over her asshole, but then moved on to re-enter her pussy while Suzy's fingers flicked over her cli- toris. Her climax mounted again as Don's penis filled her and worked in and out. She strained against the belt, trying to reach for him. He smiled down at her and bent to suck her nipples with- out missing a stroke. Suzy's hand was working her to a frenzy as the cock plunged in and out of her. She groaned as her climax started and suddenly the cock was gone. She opened her eyes to find Don's cock pressed against her lips and his hands busy freeing hers. She grasped his cock and balls and stuffed his penis greedily into her mouth, her climax still throbbing within her. She sucked it deep into her throat and swallowed hard, trying to devour the thick shaft. He placed his hands on either side of her head and fucked her face madly, Suzy's hand massaging his balls as he pumped. As he felt the jism rising within him, he pulled his cock almost all the way out of her mouth, allowing only the head to remain inside as his thick come pumped out onto her tongue. She closed her eyes and tasted the salty liquid filling her mouth. She did not swallow at first, but savored the heavy taste, allowing a single drop to seep out the corner of her mouth. Don leaned down and kissed it away, and Suzy clamped her mouth down on Connie's, sucking Don's come into her own, and all three ex- changed deep kisses among one another, savoring the rich, heady tastes of sex. "I'm sorry," Don told her."I didn't mean to scare you." "It's okay," Connie told him. "I just have a thing about anal sex." "So do I," Suzy added. "And so do I," Don told them. "We should have set down ground rules before we started." "I wouldn't have thought I had any," Connie laughed. They stretched out and slept then, Don between the two of them, his hands holding a breast of each while they both held his soft penis and balls. Connie woke sometime later with the bed shaking with a telltale rhythm. In the half-light, she could see Suzy above Don, her breast swaying wildly, her head rolling from side to side.

His hands were alternately moving from one huge breast to the other. His back arched and she realized he was com- ing. Suzy's humping became a frenzy and soon she, too, was com- ing, her hands gripping the base of his cock and wildly rubbing her clitoris as she did. As Suzy collapsed forward, Connie sat up and looked at them. Don's come was flowing out of her vagina and dripping back onto his shrinking cock and balls. She rolled over on her side and slid her head in between them. She could feel Suzy's wet ass against her cheek and smell the rich smell of their combined juices. Don's pubic hair was matted with come and sweat, and Connie greedily licked the slippery cock which sought to elude her in the dark. Finally, she caught it and sucked the limp member into her mouth, tasting Suzy's come as well as Don's. She worked it in and out slowly and gently, knowing it was super- sensitive after just being inside Suzy. When it showed no sign of getting hard, she slipped it out of her mouth and concentrated on his balls, also soaked with come. She loved the taste of man and woman combined. She had always enjoyed sucking a spent lover after hours of lovemaking! It was as if she was capturing something special. At the other end of the bed, she felt Don's head slipping in between her soft thighs, his tongue seeking the soft center of her pussy. She went back to his soft cock as his tongue invaded her pussy and his lips closed over her quivering clitoris. Suzy's lips were gently massaging one of her nipples, but Connie concen- trated on the man's cock. His tongue was not keeping itself to the bounds of her pussy, but was stealing its way back to her asshole, arousing exciting new feelings as he nibbled along what was once a forbidden zone. Connie sensed that Don's progress had slowed due to the position of her thigh and slowly raised it. She was rewarded by his tongue running lightly around her asshole. She had heard of being "rimmed" but had never really experienced it. Only now, with Suzy right beside her, but oblivious to what was happening, did she appreciate the intimacy of the act. The pleasure was becoming excruciatingly intense and she could feel his tongue beginning to probe gently. And then it was back flicking along her clitoris and swirling at the entrance of her vagina. She took each ball separately in her mouth and very gently ran her tongue around it. Then she ran her tongue around the back of his sack and along the rough line between his legs. She felt his legs part wider as she moved and suddenly realized she was nearing an area where she had never been. His tongue at her own asshole teased her on and she realized she was responding to the strange new feelings in a long-forgotten manner that took her breath away. It was like the first time she and Cathy had kissed one another's vagina, or the time she and Georgie Pauley had gone behind the hedge and shown one another their things. She knew it was wicked and wrong, but it was so, so exciting! Her tongue grazed over the rough surface of his asshole and she pulled back instinctively. As she did, his tongue swirled and his body thrust against her lips. His cock was still soft, but she knew she was having a very erotic effect on him. With relief, she realized there was no objectionable smell or taste. In fact, it was almost the opposite. She was enjoying this wicked new ex- perience and reached up to spread his cheeks wider, just as he was doing with her. This time, when her tongue reached the wrin- kled asshole, she did not pull away, but licked around it, flick- ing it every now and then, and tickled it with her fingertips. Don rewarded her with a tattoo of finger and tongue-work that took her breath away, and it sent her into a greater frenzy of activity. She probed and pressed with the tip of her tongue, afraid to take the ultimate step and even more afraid not to. It was like the time she had let George talk her into sucking his cock. They had been parked in the country and had been feeling each other the way they always did. George knew she wouldn't let him fuck her, but finally talked her into kissing the head of his cock, and then, finally , to take the whole thing into her mouth. He had come almost immediately and she'd been horrified. The whole night was a disaster, but she could still remember the excitement as she had bent over the throbbing cock knowing that something would change forever. Don's tongue was deftly licking her vagina and her ass, alternately probing deep into each, sending electric shocks throughout her entire body. Suzy's lips were sucking at her nipples and massaging her aching breasts. God! She wanted to come again, but she didn't want Don to stop what he was doing. With her finger , she pressed against his asshole and felt it resist. She backed away and replaced her finger with the tip of her tongue. She probed again, more slowly this time, and the resis- tance went away. A huge shudder went through Don's body and she felt his tongue burrow impossibly deep into her. There was one more thing she wanted to do. She had once read it in the Kama Sutra, but had never believed it was actually possible. Tonight she would know. She slid back to take Don's cock into her mouth. It was still soft and small, although she knew it would not last for too much longer. Opening her mouth as wide as possible, she stuffed his balls in, too. She felt his hand rubbing the back of her head gently, as if he was wondering what she was doing. "Here's a new one for you, Mister Birdwatcher!" she thought to herself and moved her tongue over the crowded balls. Her finger massaged his slippery ass and she felt his cock begin to stir as he realized what was happening. She swallowed reflexively as her mouth began to fill. Soon the head of his cock was sliding down her throat and going deeper that any cock had before. She could hear him groan as she writhed gently. It was the only movement she could manage, but it was enough as he let out a whimpering sound. Then his head was gone to be replaced by Suzy's and she knew he was eating her furiously as she ate Connie. His cock was filling her so much she could hardly breathe.

The sensation was overpowering as his cock continued to grow and grow inside her. He was making curious little sounds now and trying to thrust and fuck against her mouth. She held him tightly to her and let her tongue probe mercilessly as she tried to swallow his cock again and again. She wet her index finger in her vagina and rubbed it over the tiny flower of his asshole. This time, she ignored the resis- tance and forced it in to the first joint. She heard his harsh gasp muffled by Suzy's heavy thighs and soft pussy. She drove the finger in a little further when the resistance subsided, and then another and another. She was intoxicated with the heady feeling of power. She had complete control of this man with his cock and balls in her mouth and three, no four fingers massaging his asshole. Suzy's fervor between her thighs told her he was responding to Connie's minis- trations. His pelvis was thrusting against her face, trying to fuck the mouth so full of male organs. Slowly, she pulled herself free. "Fuck me!" she whispered hoarsely, her voice almost gone from the punishment her throat had been taking. He didn't answer, but moments later, his form loomed over her in the dark and she felt his hands spread her thighs wide apart. It was Suzy who guided his rigid cock into her pussy as she wrapped her thighs high around his waist and her arms around his neck as his cock pounded into her harder and faster. His breath came faster and she knew he was going to come, but she didn't want to stop because she wanted to come, too, and feel his hot sperm shoot deep inside her to run down over her sensitive ass while his cock continued long after the last drop had left him and she felt her own climax building, building, building... It was dawn when she awoke. Don was gone, and Suzy slept beside her. The bed was still damp from sweat and come. Other than the condition of the bedroom, it might have been a dream, but her tender vagina and the dull ache around her jaws told her it had been real enough. As she moved her legs, she felt his come still wet between the cheeks of her ass. It felt like he had shot gallons into her! She ran her finger deep between her legs and tasted. It was still the sweet mixture of male and female, the tastes that lingered still on her lips and in her mind. The three of them had talked briefly before sleep. Would there be other nights together? Twosomes, threesomes? There should be ground rules, he said and they all agreed. No anal fucking! No telling. No forcing. No jealousies. And when it's gone, it's gone. She closed her eyes and remembered the deli- cious, wicked feelings of the previous night. She really didn't even know his name - or he theirs. No phone numbers. No mutual acquaintances. They could only confront one another face to face. There was something very good about that, and something very hon- est, yet wonderfully mysterious. The only promises between the three of them were the few that could be kept. She closed her eyes and settled back to sleep some more, her hand stealing down to caress her tender vagina. Beside her, Suzy stirred softly. She placed a hand on the woman's firm behind and stroked it gently. Suzy was her friend in a world where true friends were rare. The intimacy of the night before had not created a closeness between them; it had only brought it out and enhanced it. Impulsively, she leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Suzy responded by snuggling closer to Connie's shoulder. "Good morning," she murmured without opening her eyes. "Tonight we take on the Eighty-second Airborne and Ina Rae Hutton's All-Girl Band." "You're crazy, you know," Connie told her. Suzy looked at her with a serious expression. "I thought you liked it. You don't feel guilty or ashamed, do you? I mean, if I thought you did, I never would know, I mean..." Connie stopped her words with a light kiss. "It was great," she told Suzy. "Everything, I mean. It's just that I really do like men better than women and I don't think I could be a real Lesbian. I mean, I'd rather be your friend than your lover, if I had to make a choice. Does makes sense to you?" "We both like men too much," Suzy grinned. "I think we might have done some damage to that poor boy. I'll bet he's never been eaten like that before!" Connie giggled and stretched. She felt lazy and fulfilled. Beside her, Suzy was warm and comfortable. A hundred feet away, she could see into Don's apartment. It was still dark inside and she was unable to make out anything. The curtains were still wide open. She wondered if he was using his binoculars and spread her legs to give him a better view. He stopped on his way from the bathroom and picked up the binoculars. Connie lay with her legs spread invitingly. Suzy's pert behind rose next to her. One knee drawn up exposed an ex- citing tuft of hair. He licked his lips, still tasting the two of them. The whole thing had started as a lark and resulted in the most fabulous experience he could remember. He looked down at the binoculars. The next time he met a birdwatcher, he'd have a Hell of a lot more respect!


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