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Birth day Sex Story:


     The rain falls gently on the window pane, and you sigh. Each droplet makes a trail of water as it runs down the glass. The dark, grey sky clouds your thoughts as well as the light, and you leans on your hands on the windowsill. Your boyfriend promised you a nice, quiet, secluded picnic, and now nature has made its own plans, and it doesnt include your happiness. Once more, you sigh. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door, and you open it to find your boyfriend there, flanked by his roommate and best friend, both of whom are comically attired in white dinner jackets, bow ties, and white silk towels draped over their arms. You wave them in, and immediately the two friends enter the room, and clear a space on the floor. One of them disappears outside the door again, and brings in a beige blanket, and a blue one. Your boyfriend comes in a wraps his arm around your waist, and explains, "I couldnt find a red checkered one." He shrugs, and you laugh. You toussle his hair, and give him a kiss on the cheek. He turns to you, and says , "Happy Birthday." You lean forward on your toes to give him a kiss. Your lips touch his, and the feeling of his flesh gives you a feeling that you haven't felt in a long time, one of comfort, safety, and a little bit of desire. A crack of thunder awakens you to the weather outside, and you think about how glad you are to be inside at this moment. A white sleeve brushes against you as your boyfriend's best friend sweeps by to place the silverware in place around the paper plates (what's a picnic without paper plates, your boyfriend explains), and you laugh at the sight. He hugs you tighter, and you squeeze him back.

His roommate steps in, brandishing two silver candlesticks, and white candles. Placing them in the center of the blankets, he stands up, and holds his hand out to the best friend. "What?" he asks. "Matches," the roommate responds. "What about them?" With that, you laugh out loud at these two friends as they argue. You bury your head into your boyfriends arm, as he slaps his forehead. "Where are they?" "Didnt you bring them?" "Of course I didnt bring them. YOU were supposed to bring them." "I wasnt supposed to bring them." "Well neither was I." You are laughing hysterically now, because the look on their faces is so comical, you just can't help it. Your boyfriend is shaking his head back and forth, muttering something about getting good help these days... Suddenly, one of them says, "Wait a minute." He fishes into his pockets and pulls out a bic lighter.

He looks at the other, who shrugs. With a great flair, he flicked the lighter on, and reached down to the candle. Just before it was about to light, it went out. Soon, there he was, bent over, flicking the flywheel desperately trying to get it to light. You are laughing so hard that you can barely see. The other says, "Gimme that." and attempts to light the candle, but also has trouble. You are gasping for breath, laughing as you see both of them, their white dinner jackets falling over their heads as they try valiantly to light the candle. After several tries, it lights, and they striaghten up, trying to look as if nothing had gone wrong. One of them places a pillow at one of the place settings, and with a flourish ushers you to your seat. The other does the same with your boyfriend, and he sits. Then, they bring in a small musical keyboard, and a small picnic basket, and a plastic bucket filled with ice and a bottle of white wine. Your boyfriend noties you eyeing the plastic bucket, and explains, "Limited finances." You smile to tell him that he has nothing to worry about. The two friends stand in the doorway, bow very deeply, then exit, and close the door behind them. You laugh, and tell him, "They're sweet." He smiles. He pulls the keyboard on to his lap, and he is about to speak, when a clap of thunder interrupts him. It is a long, rolling thunder, and he waits patiently for it to end. He turns on the keyboard, and starts diddling on the keys. You know that he is a very good player, and the small keyboard doesnt do his talent justice. "I wrote this song for you." And he began to play. The music, even though it was coming from a small four inch speaker made no difference, was flowing with harmony, and the rythm was in perfect sync with the rainstorm outside. The rain on the glass provided a bass that the keyboard couldn't provide. Then, he opened his mouth, and began to sing. His voice carried over the rain, the keyboard, and into your soul. His words melted your heart, and touched the deepest recesses of your mind and soul. When the chorus, a soulful melodic piece, played you closed your eyes, and felt his emotion touch you. In your mind, you created images of a flowery pasture, with you and he lying down. He sang of kissing you, and you could almost feel his lips pressing against you. His words caressed you as his hands would; gently, carefully, lovingly. You could feel his skin next to yours, and your legs started to get weak, even though you were already sitting down. As the song wound to a close, you opened your eyes, and watched him as he stayed lost in the song.

You crawled over to him, and brushed the hair out of his eyes. He looked up, and gazed into your eyes. His brown eyes flickered in the candlelight. The rain continued to pour, and feeling inside of both of you grew to an apex. You closed your eyes, and leaned into him. With one hand, he turned off the keyboard, pushed it aside, and with the other, he reached for you. The kiss was ages in coming. His lips just brushed the flesh of yours, and promised of better things to come. His arms snaked around your waist, pulling you closer to him. Once again, you find yourself exploring the familiar crevaces of his mouth, the smooth texture of his toungue with yours, and the feeling of fulfillment in your chest when his comes next to yours. The desire becomes overbearing, and you reach for the hem of his shirt, and in one swift motion, pull it over his head. You trace your fingernails over his chest, and he intakes a long breath. More and more, you want him to do the same. He doesnt need any prodding, as he soon has your shirt in his hands. Soon, your shirt and bra are on the bed, and he is kissing your breasts. You run your fingers through his hair as he kisses and sucks on your nipples. Your breath becomes more and more labored, as does his. Your hands run up and down the length of his back, just like he likes it. Your hands fall under the waistband of his jeans, and you massage his behind. He comes up to kiss you, and with his hands, he reaches between you, and undoes your fly. At the same time, you do the same. The zippers come down at exactly the same time as a thunderous crash outside the window, startles you both. He raises his eyebrows, and looks at you with a curious look.

You smile, and he smiles back. Not long after, both of you are fully naked and next to each other. He feels so good next to you, that you wish that you could just lie next to him forever. However, another part of you wants more of him, and that desire needs to be fulfilled. As he kisses your neck, you trace the contours of his body, down his back, down his ass, down his hips, and around, until you feel his hardness. You take him, and place him against you, and push him in. The first burning of him soon goes away, and you werent totally sure that it just wasnt extreme pleasure of feeling him inside you. As he slowly moves inside of you, he looks into your eyes. The candlelight gleams off of his eyes into yours, and his smile captures all of the feeling that you share. Suddenly, you can help it; you are filled with a feeling that you cant explain, but it makes you want to pull him closer and closer to you, almost as if you wanted to merge with his entire being. You grab him, and pull him close in an embrace. He embraces you back, and you feel the strength in his arms, and you think about how big and strong he is, and how you feel so small next to him all of a sudden, and yet at the same time he is as soft and gentle as a teddy bear. Inside of you, you can feel him, and the magic that he is working on you. His spell lifts you to that pasture once more, and your mind floats. You lean your head way back, as if you need to capture as much air as you can. He bows his head down, and kisses the skin that covers your breastbone. He knows that you love to be kissed there, and you smile thinking that he remembered. Your hips have a mind of their own, however, and they begin to react to his motions, even though you want the feeling to last longer. He begins to thrust harder, meeting yours with his own. Your own rising feeling takes over your entire body, and you begin to call out his name with every quivering sensation you feel. The rushing of the rain outside mixes in with the rushing you hear inside your head, and as you climax you hug him closer into you. Slowly, control returns, and you feel a tingling sensation inside of you, and you know that he has come too. You smile, secure in the notion that you can have him next to you, close to your heart, forever. --

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