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Boys out Sex Episode:


   Boys Night Out Jenny had called a bridge game for all the girls while the men were getting pissed at some unknown hotel nearby. I was quite good at bridge but found I was even better at a sport I knew little about until that day. There were four of us playing that night and even though we had played bridge before we didn't really seem to get into the game like we used to. Because of this the other two girls had left early giving some petty excuse which I can't remember. I, however, stayed a bit longer because I knew Roger (my husband) wouldn't return for a while longer this left me to get to know Jenny better. Jenny and I talked a bit about this and that and I hadn't really taken notice of what we were talking about. At this stage Jenny went to get some drinks for us and when she had gone I noticed a photo album on the cabinet next to me. I knew Jenny wouldn't mind so I went through it only to find Jenny and her husband in some provocative positions in bed. As I went through the book I could feel my body heat up as I looked at Jenny and Mark (her husband) making love in every position known to man. Mark's cock would have been at least 12'' long and fitted beautifully into Jenny's tight snatch in every photo, as a matter of fact the sight of Jenny's body was the one that was turning me on the most with her firm tits, tight ass and a clean- ly shaven cunt which looked good enough to eat. The last photo was of her spead-eagle on the bed exposing her pink cunt for all to see. Just then Jenny walked in wearing a tight body suit with cut-outs in all the right places. She mumbled something about wanting my body but I was too busy admir- ing her sleek body. All I could think about was the photos of her and Mark making love and I knew I had to have her body. We embraced and for the first time in my life I was turned on by a female. She must have realized my feelings because she slid her hand onto the crotch of my pink panties and felt my soaking cunt through the flimsy material. The touch of her hand made my body shiver and my legs were beginning to give way under me. Still embraced in each others arms we fell to the floor taking each others clothes off on the way down. I lay on the floor while Jenny's skilled tongue traced its way over ever curve on my body. She took my breasts into her mouth and ran her tongue over it like a professional, at the same time her hand slid onto my cunt and she fingered me into a wave of orgasms. Sliding down my body she positioned her head above my steaming snatch and traced her tongue around my flaps, and onto my begging cunt. My juices were flowing like a river at this stage and she laped them all up with her skilled tongue. We moved into a 69 position and for the first time I saw the intricate folds and the pinkness of her cunt as I parted her lips and gently placed my tongue on her wet snatch, she shuddered at my touch and this sent me into a licking frenzy as I sucked and lapped up her juices. Soon we were both writhing in orgasmic pleasure and when it was over we just lay there embraced in each others arms. Now we both don't mind if the blokes have a boys' night out. --

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