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Chrisand Sex Story:


     I have always liked working at this doctors office. I like the people I work with and the patients I help. The new receptionist, Chris,seems nice and friendly; she is young and outgoing, a sweet personality.Christine has short blonde hair and she is very pretty in a quiet,glowing sort of way that she may not even be aware of. Today in the office, the hours seem to drag on and on, and why not -it is Friday. Knowing that you are coming to pick me up for the weekend makes time go even slower. Finally, the office hours are over it is time for everyone to leave. Still having some things to do I stay and Chris decides to stay and help with what ever she can. No matter that shes quite new, she is always eager to help me with any task. We set about filing patient's folders, lab reports, Doctor's notes and whatever els e has built up during the day. Soon, with everything done, Chris tells me she will check the rooms and make sure they are cleaned up and in order. I go with her, putting things away and turning out lights. Soon we come to the GYN examining room. Chris laughs and I ask her what is so funny. She points to the examining table and says "I have always wondered what it would be like to have sex on one of those tables, they are perfect! Look, you could put your feet in the stirrups and you're all ready." Without even thinking, I chcukle and say "You want to give it a try?" Taken aback, Chris says, "Oh, I'm not sure, and look! We have no men here!" To this I say, "So who needs men anyway if its just for fun?" Looking at me and then at the table she says she is not sure. "Just give it a try, leave your clothes on and see how it feels!" Finally she shrugs, laughs and says, "Why not". With this she slips her shoes off and gets up onto the table. She lays down and shifts around as if to get comfortable.

I lower the dimmer on the lights and turn up the office intercom with the soft music. Turning to Chris with a conspiratorial grin, I take her feet and place them in the stirrups. Not wanting to scare her, I wait to see her reactions. I walk to the head of the table and start to rub her temples, "Relax and try this as a nice end to a busy Friday". She closes her eyes and relaxes as I continue to work on her facial muscles. I slowly move my hands down to her neck and shoulders and rub. "How does that feel Chris?", I ask her in a soft voice. "Oh, this is great. I feel silly with my legs spread but having my feet up feels so good", Chris nearly whispers. I continue to massage her muscles with nice, firm strokes. To my surprise, Chris sits up and unzips her white uniform dress and pulls it down with her bra straps then lays back down. "There!", she says with an impish grin, "if you're going to massage me, get all the muscles!" I wordlessly whisper my thanks for her unknowing help and I continue to rub her bare shoulders. Her skin is so soft. From where I am standing I can see the valley between her breasts. Rising and falling with each breath she takes. I look in the wall mirror and see you standing in the door way, leaning on the door frame, your hands in your pockets. I start to pull away but you shake your head and put your finger to your lips telling me silently to be quiet. With growing unders tanding of what you want, I continue rubbing Chris' shoulders, she sighs softly as my hands slowly move down to her upper chest. I move to the side of the table and slowly pull her uniform down along with her bra, down to her waist. "You don't mind do you Christine?

I mean , we are both women, right?" "she is blushing and surprised but too relaxed to object, and she nods her head in acceptance. Her breasts are firm and full with large nipples. I go to the drawer and get some lotion and put some on my hands and rub it in and starting at her shoulders rub the cream into her skin. Slowly moving down, across her breasts and ribs to her belly. I rub her arms and hands. Then back to her ribs and belly moving up to her breasts. Her nipples are hard and her body warm. I stand and move down between her legs and slowly pull her uniform down and off. I unhook her bra and take it from her, then her stockings and garter belt. I place her feet back into the stirrups and slowly rub my hands up her thighs. She moans softly, her eyes still closed. I walk around the table touching her gently while I undress. Soon, I too am naked. I pick up our 4 stockings and lightly drag them across her body which makes her laugh. Still walking around the table slowly, I ask her if she has ever been tied up and made love to. I see the color come to her face with her smile. No, she says. "Would you like to be?", I ask her. Laughing nervously again, she says, "As long as no one hurt me I think I would like it". I take each of her arms and gently pull them above her head and tie them together with one stocking, not too tight but just tight enough. I pull it down and tie the end to the knob on the end of the table. Running my hands down her body I move to her feet and tie them to the stirrups with one stocking each. I bend and take her panties and look at you.

Smiling you quietly you come in to the room and I hand them to you. You move beside the table and your hand goes to her breasts as you roll a nipple between your fingers. Her eyes fly open at the touch of an extra hand and her mouth opens to scream but you quickly cram her panties into her mouth. I hand you the other stocking and stand in front of you. "Undress me", you say to me and I do, slowly. Then when I am done you turn me around and tie my hands together with the small piece of soft rope you had in your pocket. Turn ing me back around, you point to her and tell me, "I want you to make love to her with only your mouth". Looking at Chris and then at you I nod my head in understanding and excitement. I move beside the table and start at her left breast. Flicking t hat hard nipple making it even harder. Her body is shaking but at the same time arching towards me. I suck her breast even further into my mouth swirling my tongue around and around the nipple. Then I lean over and do the same to the right breast. As I lean over my hard nipple rubs against hers and she moans loud through her panties stuffed in her mouth. My tongue makes a wet trail down her ribs and down her belly to the mass of curly blonde hair on her mound. Standing and moving down between h er legs, I run my tongue up her thighs and around her pussy. As I do I dip my tongue down and into her as her body tries to move away from me. Then I see your hand come down and part her pussy lips for me and I see the pinkness of her wet slit. I flick her clit with the tip of my tongue then slide it down and into the entrance of her cunt. Your finger rubs her clit and my tongue fucks her. She is moaning and then I can taste her juices in my mouth. Licking it all up, I can feel the wetness of m y own pussy running down my thighs. You pull me up and kiss me deeply tasting the two of us. Your breathing is hard, as is your cock. You push me down to my knees and shove your cock into my mouth. Your hands grabbing my hair and pulling me onto you. Holding my head you pump your cock in and out of my soft mouth, fucking my face. I have no control over anything happening here, you do. Not wanting to cum you slow the strokes to nice long slow ones.

You reach down and untie my hands. My hands slide up the backs of your legs to your ass and I pull you deep into my mouth, just holding you there. Then slowly you pull out and I stand. You move down and stand between her legs rubbing your cockhead up and down her wet slit, all the way back to her asshole. Chris is shaking her head no as the head of your cock pushes against her ass. I walk around the table rubbing her sweaty body, w atching her. Slowly you push harder and your cock slides in, just the head of it. I come and stand behind you. I rub your back and down your ass. I sink to one knee and watch your cock slowly sinking into her tight asshole. I reach under and hold your balls in my one hand, my other hand slides down the crack of your ass as my finger touches your asshole and you moan. I lick my finger and then slowly and gently I slide it into your ass as you push yourself all the way into her's. Then back out, i t is so tight that before very long you are ready to cum. One last stoke in and I feel your body shake as your cum pours out and into her ass. She moans loud as her body arches to you. One last hard thrust and then you pull out as I remove my finger from you. I go to the sink and wash my hands and come back with a wet cloth and clean your cock and balls. I bring you your clothes and help you dress. You kiss me softly and tell me you will be waiting in the car for me. You pat Chris on the knee and give her a smile and wink as you leave. I dress slowly, watching Chris. I untie her hands and feet and help her up and help her dress. She sits on the edge of the table not saying anything. Then slowly a smile comes across her face. I smile and ask her why is she smiling? She looks and me and then at the table and says, "Well, I'll never have to wonder about these tables again!" We both laugh and leave the office together locking the door behind us. --


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