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     The Discovery Lisa had just moved into her new house. It was an old victorian that she had gotten for a great price, although it certainly needed some work. But Lisa didn't mind having to do work on the place since she was handy with tools, and the neighborhood was pretty good. Her boyfriend, Dan, had agreed to help her with the fix up work (at least when he wasn't travelling on business), and her good friend Celia lived only a few blocks away. And so it was that Lisa found herself looking over the boxes that the moving people had just finished stacking in the downstairs of the house. As she walked from room to room, she caught sight of herself in an old mirror out of the corner of her eye. She briefly appraised herself in the dusty glass, and found that while not perfect, she could certainly live with her current shape. Lisa was medium height, around 5'7, and weighed about 135 well-distributed pounds. On this particular evening she was wearing old jeans, and a t-shirt, and the only thing she saw in the mirror that caused her to frown slightly was the cast on her right forearm, which she had acquired in a car accident several weeks back. Oh well, it was due to come off in a week or so, but for now she'd have to live with it. As the shapely blond moved around opening boxes, she took bites from a large sandwich she'd gotten at the local carry out, while washing it down with several cold beers from a cooler. She looked out the window and noticed that the sun was almost down. Perhaps it was time to take a bath, and give up on unpacking for the day. Lisa took one last pull on her third beer and decided to go upstairs and see in the tub in the house's only bathroom was useable. When she got to the top of the stairs in the now dimly lit house, she fumbled for the light switch and then found it, bathing the upstairs hall with light. She walked over to the closed bathroom door and grabbed the door knob--which promptly came off in her hand. "Damn" she said to no one but herself. That was the problem with old houses--things always break when you least expect it. Lisa was also irritated because she really needed to pee, and now she'd have to try and open the door somehow. But where was her tool box? She went down the stairs past her open front door, and started searching through boxes for the tools. But where were they? She had packed in such a hurry she couldn't remember! Damn! The pressure on Lisa's bladder was beginning to get quite uncomfortable--she really needed to pee, but where could she go? There weren't any stores or restaurants nearby, and Celia was out for the evening with friends. She looked desperately around the downstairs rooms for anything she could use on the broken door.

There! an old kitchen knife sitting on the floor in the corner--she grabbed it, and almost ran up the stairs to the bathroom door. With her bladder nearly bursting, Lisa started working on the hinges of the door trying get them loose. As she tried to pry the hinges they wouldn't budge, and then, the worst possible thing happened--the knife broke. Lisa was very frustrated, and about to start crying. Suddenly, she was startled halfway out of her wits by a voice behind her. The surprise was too much-- Lisa's bladder gave up what little control it had left, and a dark stain started spreading from the crotch of her jeans down her legs as she peed in her pants. Lisa's body was full of adrenalin from being startled, and as she peed, she felt her innards jump. As she regained her wits, she realized that a large turd was forcing its way out of her bowels, but it was too late to hold it now--she was shitting in her pants. Lisa was starting to cry as she turned around to see what had startled her. It was Celia! This was too much for Lisa--not only had she peed in her pants and shit in them, but now her friend was seeing her this way. Tears of shame and frustration rolled heavily down Lisa's cheeks. Celia whose simple "hi!" had startled Lisa into going in her pants took a second to realize what had happened. The smile on her face turned to a look of friendly concern, and she walked over to Lisa and hugged her. "What's the matter baby, is everything all right?" she said with genuine concern in her voice. A moment later Lisa calmed down enough to talk. "Oh god, the damn bathroom door broke when I tried to open it, and I really needed go--I didn't hear you come up the stairs, and when you spoke it startled me and..." Celia's friend finished her sentence for her. "and you had an accident, didn't you?". Lisa nodded her head and looked at the floor. "God, I'm so embarrassed-" she said. "Oh don't be silly" said Celia. "It could have happened to anyone. Let's see if we can't get this door opened so you can clean up." A few moments later the two women had gotten the door opened. While they began to look around for soap and towels Lisa began to feel something strange that surprised and disturbed her--feelings of being turned on--sexual feelings. She tried to push them back and ignore them, but they only grew in strength. Lisa began to feel herself getting wet inside--but why? She should be totally disgusted by her current condition, not turned on! The two women had located the soap and towels, and Celia was about to leave Lisa to clean herself up in the bathroom, when she noticed Lisa's cast. "Oh wait Lisa, let me help you get cleaned up. It'll be really hard to do it yourself with that cast." "No, I couldn't ask you to do that, Celia--it's just too embarrassing!", Lisa replied. "Don't be ridiculous," said her friend. "We've known each other long enough not to have to worry about being embarrassed over anything like this." Lisa finally agreed to let her friend help her clean up. As she stepped into the bathtub, she noticed that she was really turned on, enough to make her feel really squirmy. But why, she wondered? it made no sense! Celia helped her take off her shirt and bra, and then helped her pull her jeans down. Just then, she caught sight of herself in the full length bathroom mirror--she was standing in the bathtub with her pee soaked jeans just below her knees. The nipples on her small pert breasts were rock hard! Lisa felt her pulse quicken as her eyes moved down. She almost didn't want to see her lower body in its current state, but something compelled her to move her gaze lower--to her panties.

They were cotton with a simple flower pattern, and their reddish color had been darkened by their soaking with pee. Then her eyes moved further back, although she willed them not to. In the back of her panties between her buttocks was a large, tell-tale lump formed by the turd that had forced its way out of her only a few minutes before. For a brief second, Lisa found herself being transported back to her childhood, and a vision of her mommy changing her training pants after she had had an accident. Suddenly, the room began swirling. Lisa was overwhelmed by what she was feeling--the warm sensation of her soaking wet panties, the smell and feeling of the big warm BM that was trapped between her panties and the cheeks of her ass, the vision from her childhood accident, and seeing the big lump in her panties. Lisa's breathing came in short gasps, and she began to feel faint. Celia was a very perceptive woman, and realized almost instantly what was happening. She reached behind Lisa with one hand, and gently pressed the big BM bulge into Lisa's buttocks, slightly flattening it. Her other hand found Lisa' clitoris and began to move gently back and forth, and her mouth instantly found its way to one of Lisa's breasts. It was all too much. Within seconds, Lisa was wracked by a huge orgasm, and felt as though she would lose consciousness. She had barely gotten through the first one when it was followed by another and another. A low, guttural moan began to leave her throat. Every time she thought she was finished, the sensation of the lump of shit in her wet panties, along with Celia's expert hand and mouth work would put her through yet another throbbing orgasm. Slowly they subsided, after she'd had so many she had lost count. As she began to regain her wits again, she looked up into Celia's face. Her friend was smiling a wicked smile. "Do you feel better now, baby?" her friend asked. Lisa thought for a second before answering--she felt the warm afterglow of many orgasms, and despite her best efforts to be disgusted by it, the warm sensation of the lump of shit in her panties and their wetness felt, well, good. There was also the little matter of her friend touching her sexually, and that in itself was weird, but only because it hadn't happened between them since they had been best friends in junior highschool, when they had "experimented" during sleepovers at each other's houses. "I guess I feel OK," said Lisa "but..." "But this whole scene is just a little too weird, right?" said Celia, smiling. "Look, you're a pretty open minded person, right?" Celia asked. "Well, yes, but..." "Well yes, but nothing" said Celia, still smiling. "From where I'm standing, it looks like you've just come a bunch of times, pretty hard and it doesn't look like you've been injured in the process". Celia hugged her still shaken friend. "Look, I know you're sitting in a bathtub after shitting and pissing your pants in front of someone, and having a friend of yours masturbate you. On top of that, you're confused about why you got excited after going in your pants, right?" Lisa nodded. She was listening attentively to Celia's words. "Look," Celia explained, "shitting and pissing are very primal things that are sexual for most people when they're young children. ou've just made a connection between your sexuality now, and your forgotten sexual feelings from childhood, and that can be an overpowering experience." Lisa nodded, watching her friend talk. "I think I can see what you're talking about," said Lisa. "I guess it kind of makes sense." "Of course it does," Celia said. "And I know you remember how we used to 'mess around' when we were girls, right? Did it make you feel bad, or guilty then?" "Well, maybe a little," said Lisa, "but it sure felt good! I guess that's probably why we kept doing it." "And why it still feels good now", added Celia. "But I still feel funny sitting in front of you like this" Lisa said. "Why, because you have shit in your panties, and I don't?" asked Celia. "Look, you shouldn't feel funny at all," she continued, "what you've done in your pants is perfectly natural. It's nothing to get weirded out over, and besides I'll help you clean it up." Lisa could see that her friend was being honest with her, and decided that perhaps she could accept what had happened positively. Celia stepped into the tub in front of Lisa. "Listen baby," Celia said to her friend, "I have to confess something to you, now that this has happened. our little accident has gotten me, well, pretty turned on. I guess it goes back to my childhood. One day when I was 16 I was playing with myself in my bedroom." "When I was about halfway ready to come, I realized that I really had to go to the bathroom. But I was too into it to stop what I was doing and go down the hall to the toilet." "I had been standing up when I started out, but then my legs got wobbly, and I had to squat. When I did, I couldn't hold it anymore, so I shitted and pissed in my pants." "Almost as soon as that happened, I came harder than I had ever come before.

It was a miracle that my mom didn't hear me scream when I came. I felt really guilty about it at first, but I couldn't keep myself from doing it again, so I did. I've been doing it ever since when the mood hits me, and you know what? I've realized that I should just relax and allow myself to enjoy it." "I've even told my husband. I was afraid he would think I was sick, but he was very understanding. It's not his favorite thing to do, but he accepts it, and once and awhile he does it with me. He really likes the way it makes me come! I feel like I can tell him anything now." Lisa looked thoughtfully at Celia, who was now sitting in front of her in the bathtub. Celia's clothing was damp from sweat. Lisa thought for a moment longer and then spoke. "Well I guess I can accept what happened here. No one got hurt, and it certainly was exciting, but.." "But you feel as if things are still not quite right, is that it?" Celia asked. "Well let's see if we can fix that. Since I've helped you, will you help me too?" Lisa nodded and smiled. "Of course I will!" she said. Celia took off her shirt and bra. Lisa could see that Celia was very excited--her nipples were sticking out as far as they could, and she was quite flushed. Celia drew Lisa to her, and they embraced. Lisa found her own fires starting to rekindle, as she felt Celia's breasts against her own. Then she became re-aware of the lump in her panties, and began get excited in earnest. Celia pulled her jeans down to reveal her white cotton briefs, which were slightly larger in their coverage than Lisa's own loaded-filled bikini panties. Celia caught Lisa's glance at her panties, and hugged Lisa tightly for a moment. She stood back from Lisa and spoke. "OK are you ready to help me now?" she asked looking Lisa in the eyes. Lisa looked back at her affectionately and nodded. With Lisa's nod, Celia stood up again in the tub, and pulled Lisa to her. She motioned to Lisa to hug her, and then pulled the hand from Lisa's good arm down behind her until it was resting on her buttocks, and slightly between her closed thighs. Celia then reached behind Lisa, and rested on hand firmly on the firm and still warm bulge in Lisa's panties. She gently forced one of her thighs between Lisa's, and they held each other tightly. A moment later, Lisa could feel a spreading warmth as Celia began to pee in her panties, soaking them and making Lisa's wet again. The pee began to run down both of the women's legs, and into the tub. Almost simultaneously, they both began to gently grind themselves against each other's thighs. Lisa could feel the muscles tighten in her friend's abdomen, and both women were nearing orgasm. A second later, Lisa felt something in Celia's panties, and she looked in to the mirror. She watched with fascination, and building excitement, as Celia began to shit in her panties. Lisa came strongly as she watched the big firm turd push it's way out into her girlfriend's clean white cotton briefs. Soon, they were filled with a large, warm, log-shaped bulge that rivalled the one in her own underwear. Celia suddenly pulled her free hand to her mouth, and sucked her thumb for a moment. Then, in a little girl's voice, she said, "mommie, I think I went in my pants." A second later she had a powerful, shaking orgasm while Lisa continued to hold her. It was to much for Lisa. The feel of the lumps in Celia's underwear and her own, and seeing the bulges in both hers and Celia's panties in the mirror pushed Lisa over the top. She started into a series of orgasms, which Celia got drawn into as well. Both women wound up kneeling in the tub while deeply kissing, masturbating each other, and squeezing the lumps in each other's panties, through many orgasms. After they were done they kissed again, showered, and cleaned each other up. Lisa led her friend to the bedroom, and they got in and embraced. "What about your husband?" asked Lisa. "Oh, don't worry about him," said Celia,"he's out of town until tomorrow, and besides, he knows I'm attracted to you." "If he were here, he would just tell to go ahead and sleep with you if I wanted to anyway." "Of course, I might go over and help him 'get to sleep' before we went to bed here" Lisa said. She smiled, sighed, and then reached over to kiss her friend. Lisa looked up at Celia after the kiss. "I can see that there are going to be a lot more 'accidents' in our future!" she said with a devilish grin. The two naked women embraced, and drifted off into sleep....


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