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       Chapter I Parting Julie just lay there, sweating heavily in the unseasonably warm night air, panting to catch her breath. She was surrounded by a dreamy fog, her whole body tingling and alive, yet limp as a wet towel. Her arms were folded across her succulent little breasts, covering both her large, dark nipples. She felt the warmth of her lover on her lower body, gently placing light, soft kisses here and there. It was such a wonderfully warm night and Julie loved the way she felt, just after her earth-shattering orgasm. For the moment she forgot that this would be the last time she shared a bed nightly with her lover of three years. Julie sighed softly as those soft lips worked their way up her glistening stomach, the softness, the gentleness with which she was being treated made her float on a cloud of sensual pleasures. She felt some- thing soft and warm against her sopping crotch and it made her moan softly and arch up. She loved the way the warmth spread through her, starting at her sensitive pussy. "I'm going to miss you." A soft voice said. "God, but I love eating you. I love having you in my bed." Julie reached down and ran her fingers through Rikki's long hair while at the same time arching her pelvis up to press even tighter to the girl's soft, warm breast. Rikki rubbed her nipple against Julie's slit, coating it with the young girl's juices, then repeated the process on her other tit. Julie reacted as she always had, by grinding her cunt hard against the soft flesh and moaning softly. "Let me eat you. Please Rikki?" Julie said softly. Rikki considered this carefully. The last time, she had lost all control, moaning out loud. Loud enough to attract the attention of Miss Withers, one of the school's dormitory supervisors. Fortunately they both heard the clatter of her outdated shoes coming down the hallway and escaped the embarrassment of that encounter. Rikki moved like a snake, writhing up Julie's body, then kissed Julie with an urgent, passionate kiss. Her breasts, slick with Julie's cum, slipped back and forth wetly against the smaller girl's chest. "Oh, yes, I'd love for you to eat me." she crooned softly. "I want you over me." Julie said breathlessly. "Sit on me." Rikki grabbed the headboard of the small bed, spreading her legs wide and lowering her naked body down until she felt Julie's hands guide her. As soon as Julie's tongue began flicking and darting between her legs Rikki could feel herself losing control. She bit her lip, holding onto the headboard to keep from falling and buried her face in her arm to muffle her passionate moans. Below, Julie felt Rikki's hips rotating in a sensual, sexy motion, her face buried between the slim brunette's long legs. Rikki's splayed lips rocked back and forth over Julie's face, washing her face with a warm slippery cream. Julie loved the taste of her friend, the fragrance of her arousal and most especially the way she moved as she climbed closer to her climax. Julie let her hands slide up, over Rikki's flat stomach, to feel her luscious breasts with their pointy nipples. Everything about Rikki described sensual grace and sexuality, Julie thought, especially the way she loved to make love. Julie inserted a finger, one from each hand, into Rikki. One into her lover's pussy, then other into her tight rear. That always triggered the best orgasms for Rikki, the ones that made her buck and shudder. Rikki's body was tensing, getting close. Briefly Julie listened past the sharp, short breaths Rikki was using for footsteps in the hallway. "Who is it tonight?" Julie tried to remember. "Miss Davenport. Shit! It would be that snooty old bitch!" Julie listened to Rikki's breathing, and tried to guess if her friend would cry out. It certainly wouldn't do to have Miss Davenport fling the door open! She imagined what they looked like from the doorway, in the dark room, illuminated by the hall light. There she would lay, stark naked, her legs wide and cunt displayed like a slutty whore, sweating, with her fingers in another girl's ass and cunt. Rikki's tight ass would look marvelous with her legs spread wide like this, her back and butt glistening with sweat as she masturbated herself on another girl's tongue. No, it certainly would not do if Miss Davenport opened the door! Rikki must have been worried about crying out too, for she was taking forever to come. Julie worked furiously on the girl's pussy, then decided to take the risk. She worked a second finger into Rikki's sopping cunt, feeling the front wall of her pussy. Rikki let out a very high-pitched squeal, one that disappeared from hearing quickly as she held her breath. Julie knew that this would be a wonderful climax, her own pussy leaking its cream down between her cheeks. Rikki lifted up slightly, shaking and then she shuddered, her pussy releasing a small quantity of air and a copious amount of her juice. Julie felt the slippery liquid splatter on her face. The warm cum practically ran down her fingers and hand. Rikki moved and Julie withdrew her hand, opening her mouth wide and sucking hard against Rikki's opening. This time she felt the girl's cum actually squirt into her mouth, which excited her so that she sucked and tried to shove her tongue up Rikki's snatch. Rikki slid off, her body still shuddering, and cupped her hand over her sex as she curled up alongside Julie. Julie swallowed the slippery juices then wiped her face, spreading Rikki's scent over her neck and chest. Julie loved having Rikki's cum on her, knowing that it was something very special that they shared with each other. Julie rolled onto her side and wrapped herself around Rikki, soothing her with light touches and soft kisses. This night was going to be much too short. The next morning the girls awoke, each in their own bed in the small room. They went down the hall to the showers, then returned to their room to dress. Each time one or the other put on some clothing, the other would kiss the part to be covered, then caress it through the clothing. They repeated this until they had dressed, then hugged each other, falling into a long, passionate kiss. Julie wanted to remember the way Rikki felt against her, the way she used her tongue in her mouth, everything, even the fragrance of her freshly showered hair. Now dressed, Julie packed the last of her belongings into her suitcases and checked the room. "I-I think I'm going to cry." Rikki said. "I don't want you to go." "I know." Julie sighed. "But we'll see each other again, soon. I promise." They ate breakfast with the others, as usual, then returned to their room. Rikki helped Julie with her luggage to the front office, waiting with her until her parents arrived. Miss Emberton admonished Rikki to run along to classes, but gave in when she realized that Julie was leaving. "Well, do hurry to classes as soon as you can." She said, smiling. "Julie, we'll miss you in our debating class." Julie thanked her kindly and she finally left. Julie looked around a the estate of the girl's school, drinking in all the details. She and Rikki talked of meeting during the summer, when things would be different. Or at least, they hoped, even better. They were in their third set of "when we meet again we'll go to..." when a large sedan pulled into the driveway and rolled up to the front of the buildings. A man stepped out of the car, dressed in an expensively cut business suit. His hair was graying along the temples, yet he had an air of confidence about him. Julie almost didn't recognize him because of the gray hair. "Daddy!?" she cried as she moved towards him at an every increasing speed. Rikki watched the man's face, seeing his eyes light up first, then his smile as his daughter almost flew into his arms. Their reunion was bittersweet for Rikki, for she would be losing someone she loved, yet her friend would be among the ones she longed for. Rikki was astonished as the other car door opened and an elegant blonde woman emerged. She said nothing but moved with grace around the car to come up behind Julie. The woman wore an attractive but conserv- ative skirt-suit combination, very business like, yet feminine. Her hair was short, nicely styled, and golden blonde like Julie's. Rikki looked at the woman's curvy body, wondering if Julie's would ever match her mother's dimensions. "Mama!" Julie blurted out, hugging her mother excitedly and kissing her on the cheek. Julie's mother held her out at arms length to examine her now "grown" daughter, and she was pleased with what she saw. Rikki was about to go inside and let this reunion become private, but Julie excitedly brought her parents over, introducing Rikki as her "best friend, confidant, and drama-rehearsal coach." "You left out 'lover'." Julie said to herself mentally. Despite feeling jealous for their taking Julie away, Rikki found herself liking Julie's parents and their warm, friendly American attitude. Julie's mother was gracious, insisting that Rikki come stay with them in The States sometime soon. It was a warm feeling to have someone accept you so easily after five years of living at an exclusive girl's school. When Julie and Rikki finally stood at the car, with Julie about to leave, the two of them tearfully said goodbye, parting with a long, yet much too short embrace. Rikki stood as the sedan pulled away, tears blurring her vision as her "best-friend, confidant, drama-rehearsal coach" and lover waved good-bye through the rear window. Thirty eight days later, Rikki sat in her room, nervously slicing open a letter from Julie. She marveled at the American stamps and post- markings, truly recognizing that she was half a world away. She opened the letter and removed the sheets of small paper. She saw the illustrated "cutsie" Koala bears in the corner and smiled. Julie had remembered her adoration of the little animals. She began to read Julie's left-handed cursive script; "Dearest Rikki, I don't know where to begin. I miss you so much that words cannot describe my feelings. We have moved from Washington D.C. to California, near San Francisco. Don't worry, any letters you have sent will be forwarded to us here. Our new address is on the front of the envelope as well as the back of the last page of the letter." Rikki flipped the papers over, and indeed Julie's new address was there. She smiled, having expected Julie to have forgotten in her haste. She continued reading. "This place is much different than Washington, or Cheswick. Here in California the buildings all have Spanish influence, except for the newer highrises scattered about. And the PEOPLE! It has been a real culture-shock for me. The place where we live is a short drive down a freeway, just south of San Francisco. It is an "expensive" area from what I am told, but Dad's company is doing well out here. Get this though! I have a CAR of my very own! It's not much, just a six year old Mazda, but it runs well and takes me where I want to go. You MUST have a car in California, otherwise you can hardly get anywhere. Now, the big kicker. Come stay the summer HERE! Dad will be in Europe and England part of the time, and my dear, sweet mother is tired of me moping around because I left my best-friend behind. Don't worry about the flight either. Mom will buy the ticket and have it reserved in your name at Heathrow (she has zillions of those frequent-flyer points). She said if you need anything else, like some money for a passport or luggage to let us know and she will arrange it for us. How's that for having a great mother? I'm so tickled about this, so please don't say no. Not unless you want me to come back and paddle your behind!" The letter continues for several pages, with Julie describing her new house, the local dating scene, and the places they could see. Rikki read each page twice, trying to figure out if she was dreaming. Go to America? For practically nothing? She read the closing page; "Rikki, something just occured to me. I hope I'm not messing up a new arrangement or anything. I am a little insecure, wondering if you have found someone that you don't want to leave just now. If that's the case, please write me and tell me (all the juicy details if you don't mind!), and I will understand. Things here are still in the unsettled stage, so I haven't had much time to even flirt. If you decide to come visit, bring that imagination with you, and that delightful attitude too. I miss you an awful lot, mostly late at night when I'm lying in bed and trying to get to sleep. If you know what I mean. Do come. You know I want you to. Love and hugs, Julie" Rikki had already decided to go, just as soon as she'd read the offer on the first page. The letter's arrival left her only five days to prepare to take that trip. The next five days would be very busy ones indeed! Chapter II Coming to America It took some doing, but she made it. Rikki settled back in the first-class cabin, nervously waiting for her first plane ride. The hardest part was rushing a passport from the government breaucracy. She had explained everything to her guardian-Aunt, who had at first held the idea of an 18 year old girl trotting halfway around the world was foolish nonsense. Only Rikki's quick wits had saved the day by suggesting that she might also benefit from the experience of living in the US. The stewardesses began their ritual of explaining emergency procedures, and Rikki paid close attention. She was understandably nervous about her long flight over the "pond". Take off and the first hour or so were exciting, then boredom and exhaustion overtook her. She fell asleep halfway through the flight, just after her meal. She awoke with a start, feeling something covering her. She blinked and saw the stewardess's smiling face. The stewardess was covering her with a blanket. "You looked cold, hon." The woman said softly. "I didn't mean to wake you. First flight?" "Um, yes, how did you know?" Rikki asked sleepily. "After a few years, you learn to spot first-timers. Need anything?" "Uh-uh. How long until we land?" Rikki asked. "Oh, about another two hours. Maybe a bit more." the stewardess said. "Wake me before we land?" Rikki asked. The stewardess agreed. Rikki was nervous about changing planes in New York. She'd heard many stories about America and about New York City. It turned out to be fairly dull. There was a two hour delay until her plane left for San Francisco, and Rikki spent it trying to cat-nap in one of the lounges. When she was finally boarded on her second plane she found herself a bundle of nervous energy again. An attractive woman walked in the first-class cabin and chatted with one of the stewardesses for a moment. Rikki felt a sense of Deja vu and tried to figure out where she'd seen the woman before. Things distracted her for a while, until a familar voice begged her pardon. Rikki looked up at the woman and recognition was almost immediate. "Oh, hello!" Rikki said as she curled her long legs under her seat to let the woman sit by the window. "Hello again." The stewardess from the previous flight said. "Looks like we'll both be passengers on this flight. Going to San Francisco?" Rikki nodded, then told the stewardess that she was going to be visiting her friend. "By the way, my name is Nicole." the stewardess said. "Rikki, pleased to meet you Nicole." Rikki replied. "Hmmmm, that's an unusual name for an English lady." Nicole said. "My folks actually named me Rachel, but Rikki has stuck with me since I was a baby." she said. "Oh, but Rachel is such a beautiful name. And it fits you too!" Nicole said. "But Rikki does have a certain tantalizing charm to it." They continued to talk, with Nicole easing Rikki's flying fears at take off, and during bumpy weather over the midwest. Rikki was again sound asleep as the plane descended towards San Francisco. Nicole lightly touched Rikki's arm to rouse her for the landing. Getting no response, she put her warm hand alongside Nikki's face, smiling at the sleeping girl's beauty. Rikki awoke, feeling drowsy and groggy. Nicole suggested that she freshen up before they hit final approach. Rikki returned to her seat just as they caught sight of the bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge. The captain came on the intercom and welcomed them to San Francisco. As the plane descended towards the airport, Nicole noticed Rikki's firm grip on the arms of the seat. She took the girl's hand in hers, talking to Rikki and soothing her fears. Rikki was too nervous at first to notice that Nicole's hand was caressing her forearm. As the plane banked and leveled on final, Rikki noticed that she was getting aroused by Nicole's touch. She looked into Nicole's green eyes. Without a word, and without spoken invitation, Rikki stroked Nicole's thigh, just above the knee. Nicole's chest rose at her touch, and her hand slid up Rikki's arm, brushing the side of her breast. Rikki smiled then looked frightened when there was a noise from below. The plane bumped down rolling down the runway like a madly careening bus. The plane slowed, rocking slowly as the pilot taxied towards the terminal. Nicole gave Rikki her phone number, saying that she lived in Daly City, just south of SF, and to call her if she wanted. Rikki smiled and wished she could return the favor, but she didn't yet have a number to give. Nicole reassured her, even lightly patting Rikki's bottom when they stood to leave the plane. They walked down the ramp together, into the bustle of the terminal. Rikki was looking all around for Julie's long, blonde hair. She didn't see her, but there was a large crowd milling about. Nicole was a bit taller than Rikki's five foot three inches, and helped her look. They wandered towards the aisle, almost leaving the gateway lounge. "Rikki!! Rikki Rikki!!!" a bubbling voice reached her ears. Rikki turned and saw Julie, looking radiant and suntanned. The two girls embraced joyfully. "My God girl!" Rikki exclaimed. "What have you done to your HAIR!?" "Like it?" Julie asked, showing off her much shorter hair. It actually made her look a little older, and a lot more sophisticated than her 18 years. "It looks so SHORT!" she replied, then after a pause, "But it looks lovely on you." Julie looked at Nicole, and Rikki introduced her to Julie. "Nice to meet you." Nicole said politely. The three of them began walking towards the baggage claim area, under Nicloe's experienced guidance. During the walk, Julie learned, to her relief, that Nicole was not "someone new" in Rikki's life. She mentally chided herself for feeling jealous, something she hated in other people. But she did feel jealous at first, thinking that Nicole was more than a friendly traveller. With Nicole's expert help, they claimed their bags and headed out toward the parking area. Nicole said good-bye, reminding Rikki to call her if they wanted a tour of the city or some fun during the upcoming weekend. Rikki thanked her, as did Julie. Both girls watched as Nicole walked off. "Sexy lady!" Julie remarked, watching Nicole's lean, shapely form. "Why Julie Kearns!" Rikki scolded in her stearn British accent. "I do believe I saw your eyes turn green back there!" Julie turned her brown eyes to Rikki, wide, surprised. "Well I.." She stopped herself, then continued. "Well, I thought that maybe you and she were..." "Don't be silly." Rikki smiled, putting her hand on Julie's arm. "No one could replace you, my first love." Julie smiled back, then took one of Rikki's bags. "C'mon, my car's this way!" They walked into the parking structure and found Julie's car. Rikki smiled at it. It was a simple car, a Mazda, six years old but in good shape and it looked nice. Julie loaded Rikki's bags into the trunk and they climbed in. As soon as the doors closed, Julie leaned over and kissed Rikki, wishing the gearshift wasn't in the way. The electricity of the moment made them both tingle -- and melt into each other's mouths. The kiss was long, deep and passionate. When Julie sat back, her nipples were pressing hard against her cotton blouse. "God!" Julie breathed, her hand on Rikki's thigh. "I've missed you so much!" Rikki caressed Julie's hand, lifting it to her mouth and sucking one of Julie's fingers, her tongue caressing the long digit in her mouth. "Oh, don't start that now!" Julie said. "I want you so much!" Rikki laughed and settled down, happy to be with her American friend once again. Julie drove them away from the airport, towards her new home. All the way, Julie pointed out places and suggested things that they could do together, including a nude-beach she'd found along the coast. Rikki felt the fatigue beginning to catch up with her, so she just smiled and tried to catalog the ideas. "A nude beach?" Rikki thought, looking at Julie's tan legs. "Hmmm." Chapter III Settling In Julie's parents had quite a comfortable house. Large enough that one could have privacy upstairs or down, but not so large as to be conspicious in it's size. Too, the neighborhood was quite upper-class, with neat manicured lawns, tidy streets, and a sense of tranquility. Just as Rikki had imagined. Oh, she knew that only the wealthy lived like this, having seen plenty of American television. But it was what she dreamed the U.S. was like. Julie showed her around the house, then the pool and jacuzzi. Rikki smiled, for she remembered telling Julie about her fantasy of making love in a hot-tub. Julie could see how tired Rikki was and asked her if she'd like to take a nap. Rikki declined, so Julie poured them each a glass of white wine and led her friend into a small, warm room with dark wood panelling. There were soft cushioned sofas and large pillows all around the room. "This is my 'entertaining' room." Julie said. "Mom let me decorate it and it's where I'm supposed to have friends over. As mom said, 'that way you won't be running all around the house'. I think she's paranoid." "Charming." Rikki said, feeling the warmth of the room. "I like it." "I hoped you would." Julie said. "I tried to remember a picture you showed me of your Uncle's home, the one with you sitting by the fireplace. Do you remember?" "Oh! That was such a terrible picture of me too!" Rikki said. "But you did a splendid job. This is such a cozy room." They talked together for a while, then the wine began working on Rikki, letting her slide down into a sleepy fog. Julie smiled when she noticed Rikki dozing, curled up against the arm of the soft sofa. Julie deftly and gently put Rikki's wine glass aside, then covered her friend with an afgan. "Poor girl." She thought. "She must be dreadfully tired." Rikki moved slightly, snuggling down into the sofa, with a dreamy smile on her face. Julie decided that she too was tired, so she curled up on a large pillow on the floor beside Rikki. -------------- Several hours later, Julie awoke to the jangle of keys and saw her mother standing in the doorway, smiling. Julie glanced at Rikki who was still fast asleep, then put her finger to her lips in an age-old gesture. She got up quietly and crept around the sofa and into the hallway with her mother. "I thought she'd be pretty tired." Mrs. Kearns said softly. "How was her trip?" "Fine Mom." Julie said softly. "Is it five o'clock already?" she asked, stretching her arms. "Half past. Would you girls like anything special for dinner?" her mother asked. "I don't know." Julie said. "Her internal clock is going to be off, so nothing really heavy. I remember how I felt when we came back." "Hmm, yes. You did have quite an upset stomach for a few days." Mrs Kearns replied. "Light huh? I've got just the thing. Dinner at six thirty sound good?" "Maybe seven? Give Rikki some time to sleep?" "Seven it is then." Her mother smiled. "Did you put her in the room next to yours?" Julie nodded. The two rooms shared a common bathroom. "Fine. You should probably give her an hour to get herself cleaned up. And you might show her how to work those controls too." Julie giggled, remembering how many times she'd cursed at the complex controls in the ultra-modern bathroom of the house. The first few times she had been blasted either by ice cold or very hot water. And the nozzle controls had baffled her for days. "Okay Mom." Julie said, "Thanks." They hugged and her mother went upstairs to change. Julie returned to the room where Rikki lay, still asleep. She knew her mother's habits, and that her mother would shower after working all day. Julie knelt next to Rikki, watching her friend sleep. The tousled brown hair framed her face, making her look so young and innocent. Julie knew better, of course. The afgan was half-way down Rikki's back. Julie slid her hand under the long tresses and her fingers found the back of Rikki's neck. She gently petted and scratched her friend's neck. Rikki, in half-sleep, moved slightly at the touch. After a few minutes of this, she stirred again, tilting her head so that Julie could reach higher. Julie patiently stroked her friend's neck and head, gently awakening her. Rikki purred softly, stretching out on the sofa. Julie kept it up, now adding her other hand to caress Rikki's thighs through her dress. Julie was taken by surprise when Rikki's hand came up between her legs, cupping her crotch. Rikki's move wasn't so bold as unexpected. Rikki rolled over, her dress riding up on her thighs. They bent down, their lips meeting, tongues sliding past lips. Both felt the warm sensation of their kiss spreading outwards from their moistening pussies. Julie slipped her hand under Rikki's dress, running her fingers over the mound she knew almost as well as her own. Rikki's hand came up and pulled Julie tighter, her tongue darting passionately into Rikki's mouth. Julie could feel the moistness of Rikki's pussy through her panties, knowing that her own were likewise getting very damp. They parted, looking intently at each other. Rikki's nipples pressed upwards hard, showing through her bra and blouse. Julie bent and closed her lips over each one, making Rikki sigh softly. "It's almost time for dinner sleepy-head." Julie smiled. "Ummmmmm." Rikki replied, stretching out. "Already?" "Uh-huh." Julie laughed. "We both fell asleep for a few hours." "Oh. Oh!" Rikki gasped. "I was supposed to call home when I got settled in." "Well, there's a phone in my room and then you can take a shower." "Good. I need one." Rikki yawned. Together they went to Julie's room and Rikki phoned home. After she assured her Uncle that she'd arrived safely and things were fine, Rikki went to her bags and began unpacking. Julie helped her hang her clothes, the two of them talking softly about "raising hell" while Rikki was here. Rikki gathered up her things and said she was going to shower. "Better let me show you how to work the controls." Julie said, describing her early experiences. Rikki agreed. Julie's mother knocked on the door softly and Rikki opened it. "Well, hello again Rikki." Mrs. Kearns smiled. "It's nice to have you with us. Is there anything you need?" "Oh, thank you Mrs. Kearns." Rikki replied. "No, all I need now is to wake up." "It'll take you a few days to get over the jet-lag. But if there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask. It's so nice to finally have you here." "Thank you." Rikki said. "I was just about to take a shower." "Oh, well, Julie... be sure to show her how those controls work." "Yes Mom." Julie said. "I was just going to do that." "I'll go fix the three of us some dinner. Anything special that you would like Rikki?" Mrs Kearns asked. "No, something light I guess. It doesn't feel like dinner time to me." Rikki replied. Mrs. Kearns smiled and said that the girls could take their time since Julie's father was away there wouldn't be any need to schedule dinner. Julie went into the bathroom, and her mother closed the door, leaving the girls to get ready. Julie tried to explain the controls of the shower, then decided on a better approach. "Let's shower together, like we used to." Julie said. Rikki smiled, her eyes flashing intently, then she leaned over and kissed Julie softly. The two naked girls climbed into the large shower and Julie set the controls to spray them with a hot, tingling spray. They embraced, kissing and letting their hands roam over each other, their wet breasts sliding easily together. "Hmmm," Rikki sighed, "I've missed this so much." she said. "Ohh, me too." Julie sighed back, "I want so much to eat you up." They kissed again, this time in a lusty, urgent way, rocking their loins together, cupping each other's behinds. Julie knelt, then sat on the floor of the shower, tilting her head back and letting Rikki straddle her upturned face. Julie practically shoved her face between her Rikki's long legs, trying to shove her tongue deep into Rikki's cunt. "Sssssss...ohhhhhh....y-yesssss" Rikki hissed and sighed, bracing herself on the walls with her hands. "Ummmmm." Julie looked up, seeing Rikki's firm tits heaving with each breath, her jaw slack, eyes closed as she was near her climax. She could feel the water running down over Rikki's ass, flowing down her own front as it dribbled off her friend's body. It seemed as if it was all Rikki, and Julie pulled the girl's hips tighter to her lips. Rikki climaxed, her sopping pussy squeezing Julie's tongue, her hips rocking and bucking against Julie's face. She let her friend slowly relax, helping to support her, kissing her thighs, licking her fingers. Rikki looked down at the blonde between her legs and saw Julie's expressive brown eyes smiling at her, full of love. Julie stood up and they kissed. Rikki was always excited by tasting herself on Julie's lips and tongue and now it seemed to send her into a wonderfully passionate state. "Oh, how I've wanted to make you cum again!" Rikki sighed, sucking on one of Julie's pert breasts. She ran her pointed tongue around the large areolae, sucking on her hard nipples, sliding her fingers between Julie's legs. After a few moments, Rikki moved her to sit on a small shelf in the shower, kneeling down to probe her succulent flower with her tongue. Rikki looked up as she licked her blonde friend, watching the droplets of water shake out of the blonde pubic hairs, watching trickles of water run down Julie's firm breasts. As Julie began to pant heavily, Rikki lifted both the girls legs and spread them, shoving her face tight against her dripping crotch. "Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhh!" Julie cried out softly, biting her lip to keep from making too much noise. Rikki lapped up the flowing cream that Julie made for her, licking all the way up the insides of both her thighs. She moved forward, pressing her larger breasts against Julie's muff and kissed her friend, sighing contentedly. They touched and embraced repeatedly while soaping each other up, and took turns rinsing each other off. Just before toweling each other dry, they kissed again, under the warm water, stroking each other's hair. Julie and Rikki dressed. Julie said she'd longed to do that with Rikki, knowing that the school showers were not the place to do that. Rikki agree, saying that it had been hard to stand in the showers with Julie, both of them naked, and not want to make love to her. Once dressed and having put on their makeup, Julie combed and brushed out Rikki's long, brown hair. Rikki kept her hair straight, flowing over her back and shoulders like a waterfall, which added to her beauty. Indeed, it made her hazel eyes stand out, giving her an exotic beauty. The girls came down and ate dinner with Julie's mother. Rikki listened intently as Mrs. Kearns told her how she and Julie's father had worried over their decision to put Julie in a girl's boarding school. It was expensive, but their major worry was that they would alienate Julie from them at a critical time in her development. "Mom, you always came for the holidays, and I got to spend the summers with you." Julie said. "It wasn't like I was in some dungeon you know." "Oh, yes." Rikki added. "And the summer she spent with us was just marvelous. We had a grand time on our farm." "Well, I know all that." Mrs. Kearns said softly, avoiding their eyes. "But, there are rumors about some of those schools, not all of them good." "Rumors?" Julie asked. "What kind of rumors?" Rikki giggled, then blushed. "I think I know what she means." Rikki said, trying not to volunteer anything. Mrs. Kearns studied Rikki for a long moment. "Yes, I suppose you would. The English are much more open about those things that we are." "What things?" Julie asked, looking from one to the other. Rikki looked at Mrs. Kearns and seeing that she didn't want to say it, she did. "That some of the schools are run by lesbians who use them as a market for new girls." Rikki said. "That's pretty much a thing of the past though." Julie blushed and looked at Rikki, then her mother. "And," Mrs. Kearns put in, "some years ago some of those schools had male teachers who would put the girls through all sorts of things." "What kind of things?" Julie asked. Mrs. Kearns wished she hadn't brought up the subject now, but she looked at her daughter and saw a young lady who was more mature than she had been at 18, more aware of the world, her opportunities, and her own abilities. "Sex mostly." She said. "Sometimes with the girls being tied up, or being made to do things." Julie frowned, trying to picture it. "Psycology 105." Rikki said. "Remember that class?" Julie did. It had been a shock to learn that sex was sometimes used by others as a power-trip. Julie had been replused by the idea of someone tying another one up and seeming to degrade them. That was before the teacher had asked them to read their books and write a report on which person actually had the most control and who received the most pleasure. Julie had been amazed to learn the the "victim" was the receiver of pleasure, and the person in control was the one with pressure to give the other one the pleasure desired. It had confused her then, and still did. "Well, if you girls will excuse me, I have a client coming over for a consultation tonight. Did you have any plans?" Mrs. Kearns asked. Julie shook her head absent-mindedly. "Oh, well you said that we could go someplace where you could see the whole city. I'd sort of like to do that." Rikki volunteered. "Vista Point." Julie said to her mother. "Off I-280". "Oh, my, that would be nice." Mrs. Kearns replied. "And you could take her down to Georgio's if you want." Julie smiled. The restaurant called Georgio's was a local meeting place for many young people since it featured dancing as well as good food. The girls thanked Julie's mother and helped clean up then went upstairs to get ready.


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