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      There you are leaning over your art desk working on your projects, you have been hard at work all day and are looking forward to when your boyfriend arrives. You are concentrating on a layout, when you notice a familiar smell waft past your nose. You feel him gently press himself against your back, not allowing you to straighten up. He gently slips a hand up your sweater and down under your undershirt. He begins gently rubbing your stomach with his warm comforting hand. He is rubbing you so gently that all you can feel is the movement of the little hairs, he is so light. While rubbing your stomach with that hand he slowly slips his other hand down your pants. He starts gently kneeding your buttocks with the one hand while the other hand still gently massages your stomach. As he lovingly squeezes your ass you realize that he is inside your underware, rubbing and playing with the sensitive flesh that he likes so much. He moves his hand from your stomach up towards your breasts. The light touch he is using is so thrilling that the expectation you feel for when he starts playing with your breasts and nipples is almost overwhelming, your knees weaken. He supports your weight and holds you up until you get your wits about you again then continues to move the hand towards your breast. You hear a breath of pleasure escape his lips as he notices that you are not wearing a bra but your breasts are freely open to his hand. He is not headed for the pleasure areas immediately however, he is planning on teasing you for a while longer. He starts rubbing your breast carefully avoiding your nipples which are starting to respond to his teasings. His rubbing of your breast are causing great pleasure and excitement to arise in you; as he gently touches them, then squeezes them firmly in his hands. He is still careful to not touch the nipples however and continues to tease you as he approaches them and withdraws. The other hand seems to get tired of massaging your behind and starts to slide forward around your hip, it continues to massage and rub your skin as it moves around forward seeking an area of much pleasure and delight. After rubbing and massaging your hip on the way there the hand finally reaches your mound, where it pauses playing in the hair and squeezing and kneeding the area. Finally, the hand playing with your breasts touches your nipple. You gasp for air as the hand finally reaches the destination you wanted it to reach some time ago. It feels wonderful how his hand plays with your nipple, sometimes barely touching it in light taps which are like zephyr winds wisping over you nipples and grabbing your nipples and pulling them gently as if the hand was nursing. Once again you feel a weakness in your legs but you are able to regain your wits before slumping into his hold. The hand playing with your mound forges forward down into your great ravine. He gently seperates your outer lips and again you hear him breath his approval as he notices the dampness of your nether regions. A finger starts tracing the edges of your cunt as you wiggle you ass in pleasure pressing against him. It slips up one side, gently and slips down the other, teasing and pleasing as it goes. Now the finger seems to be searching for something. You know what it is and press down to help him to try to find it, but no he is still teasing and purposly avoids the hole which you were pressing toward his finger. As you grunt your displeasure with this teasing you hear him give a slight chuckle and the finger moves up towards the other area of pleasure in the nether region, the button. The moment the finger touches the button you straighten as if an electric shock passed through your body. You take a large breath to attempt to recover but he continues to rub your button. The stimuli from the constant massaging of your breasts and nipples with one hand and the teasing of your button has you almost over the edge, you feel yourself wavering as you realize that soon you are going to lose control but you do not care, for now that is all you want. For a moment the feelings subside as he discontinues playing with your button but you have nothing to worry about for he is continuing on to greater stimuli. The finger slides down quickly and finds that hole which you pressed to him moments before. You feel the finger slide into your wet oriface but it is not one finger but two fingers sliding in as you let out a quiet moan that you could not stifle. He knows that you are close to the point of no return and forages with the fingers up to the spot he can find oh so well, the spot of G. You wince with the intensity of the contact and let out a deep breath you realize you have been holding for some time. He starts rubbing your g-spot with the fingers inside you and skillfully brings his thumb to rub against your button. You press back against him to get the most of the sensation of his maneuverings. It is just too much, the rubbing and squeezing of your breasts and nipples which has continued throughout with the direct stimulation of your most sensitive erotic areas drives you over the edge in seconds. You feel yourself arch back then nothing. You feel as if you were floating somewhere between here and there. With swirling colors and lights washing over you. Slowly you begin to recover your wits. First you notice a large smile on your face that seems to be glued in place. Then you notice that your boyfriend is completely holding you up as you have collapsed into a ball of jelly in his hands. You pick yourself up and turn to hold him. He embraces you with a very large smile on his face. "Hello, my love. I love you very much," he whispers in you ear. You try to reply but you find that all that comes out is a small babble. You hear him smile his approval as he hugs you closer.


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