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       As Candy open the door to the apartment that she and her roommates share, she bumped into their new neighbor. Candy stared at how her legs were very firm and how each tits jiggled as her monstrous tits showed through her blouse. "Excuse me," Candy said curtly. She could feel her nipples harden under her aerobic outfit. "Why hello, you must be my new neighbor. My name's Suzy. I live here alone with my dog, Jack." Candy heard a bark from behind Suzy's door. As Suzy opened her apartment a large dog came running out. Candy pondered how she could have some fun with Suzy and asked her, "How would you like to come over to my apartment for dinner and to get to know my roommates?" she thought, yeah we'd all get to love you real well as she noticed how tightly her ass fit in her miniskirt. "Sure. I'll see you their about eight?" "Great." Candy started to imagine how her pussy would taste as she opened her apartment door. Jenny slapped Candy's firm ass she walked in the door. Candy quickly turned around and planted a large tongue kiss on her. During the long, sensuous kiss, Candy felt two hands slowly massaging her firm ass. Slowly, Candy unzipped Jenny's leather jumpsuit. She picked up her tits to the level of her mouth and flicked her tongue on the dark red nipples. "Ohhhhhhh!!!! Don't stop Can!! It feels so good!!!!" Jenny in turn undid Candy's aerobic and started to suck her sopping wet pussy. "Ohhhhh!!! By theeeee wayyyy, aa beautiful ggirl mmmovedd in next doorr anddd she hasss a great ass, Like Yours!!" Candy passionately screamed and suck her finger up her partner's puss. Later that night, Suzy came over. "Suzy, I want you to meet my roomate, Jenny," Candy stated. Jenny was also excited about Suzy, her mammoth tits, her firm full ass and finally her blonde hair. "Hello Jenny," Suzy said. As she walked to the table the roommates noticed how each of her nipples danced as she went by them. They sat down at the table to eat dinner. Both of the roommates wore dresses that showed very much cleavage and that came very tight around the ass. Suzy sat eating her dinner, and suddenly had great sexual pleasure. She looked down and saw that Jenny's heel was going in and out of her pussy. She started to get out of her chair but Candy was above her. "Just go with it Suzy," Candy unbuttoned the tiny blouse and revealed two huge tits cramped up in a black see-through bra. After unbuttoning the bra the tits sprung out and slammed Candy in the face. Meanwhile Jenny jumped under the table and pushed up the miniskirt. She felt the wetness of Suzy's pussy pushing through her cotton panties. Jenny yanked the panties down, brought her face up to the great pussy, massaged her ass, and ate a great piece of pussy. "Yeah girls this is greatttt!!" Suzy exclaimed. the three of them retired to the bedroom. Suzy lied down striaght on the bed and let the more experienced girls go to work. As the two girls took their suits off, Suzy had a huge rush of excitement. Candy took Suzy's legs, spread them and slowly sucked and fondled her cherry and pussy. Above, Jenny was kneading Suzy's supersize tits. The nipples were so big it took a lot of Jenny's mouth to cover it. The girls loved this a lot. they switched positions. Candy and Suzy were performing 69 and Jenny was behind Suzy fondling her anus. In the morning Suzy left and they decided they would have to do this again and next time to bring a friend. Candy and Jenny went in embrace on the bed for a long time and smiled they had converted another woman to the joys of lesbianism!!!


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