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God dess Sex Story:


     INTRO: Imagine this please: a garden in the spring, roses everywhere, the sweet smell of youth and love and lust is in the air.You run through the high hedges that form a puzzle, i follow after.When i catch you we embrace and kiss fervently and then *I* become the chased.Panting with exertion i find myself in a clearing surrounded by trees with a stream off to one side and a grassy spot just perfect for relaxing and daydreaming in.You run up, staring, trying to catch your breath, i look up and admire your beautiful heaving breasts and hope you'll join me on this carpet of lush green grass and you collapse beside me.When your breathing is back to normal we embrace tightly, kissing passionately, tongues and spirits intertwining together as we become familiar with each other. Now our breathing increases simultaneously in rate, i can feel your heartbeat through your shirt and want to feel it closer, soft, supple skin against my hands, face, body.As if with one mind we begin to remove our shirts, overhead for yours, buttondown for mine, and i gasp with delight to see your nipples pushing up against the white cotton fabric of your brassiere.With trembling fingers(due, i expect, to hoping this is ok for you more than to lust) i unfasten the trappings and your wonderful breasts come bouncing out joyously relieved of their entrapment.You reach over to undo mine as well, and touch me gently when you see my nipples spring to attention at the nippy breeze running through the glen.Shivering i caress your breasts with the skillful art of the painter caressing the canvas.I take your nipple into my mouth lovingly, hoping you aren't scared, and flick my tongue back and forth and nip gently with my teeth, until i hear a stifled shriek of pleasure from your lips. While still giving lip service to alternating breasts i reach down and undo your jeans, feeling the wetness that has already begun to seep through the white cotton of your panties.For a while we continue to fondle and caress, getting to know one another intimately, sharing secrets and desires and exploring the curves and dimples and hollows of sweet young bodies.Trailing a line of kisses from your throat, between your breasts, on each nipple, over your trembling belly, while you run your fingers through my hair moaning softly. As my lips reach your soft mound, you quiver so i quickly plant a deep kiss on your lips trying to reassure you.I look into your eyes with my deep brown ones, asking you if this is what we want.You agree and gently push my head down to where destiny has chosen to lead it.I remove your panties which by now are soaked through, and toss them to the side.Grinning slyly i kiss your inner thighs, massage your outer, and then lick your outer lip, going over the top of your mound, and down the other lip, ending with a sudden thrust of my tongue that probes deeply to find your clitoris, and when i do, i nip it lightly, to a satisfactory 'yip' from you and a simultaneous tightening of you grip on my head. Sighing with pleasure i delve deeply into you, exploring every nook and cranny, every wall of muscle tissue, and withdraw, running my tongue up and down your crack, from your anus to your clit and back again, licking around and up and down until you are dizzy from the sensations and i am drunk with the pleasure of making you happy.I reel as you orgasm and i partake of the sweet juices from your rubyfruit jungle knowing i have completed the bond between us, i raise my head, return to lying beside you, french kiss you so you taste yourself on my tongue.I drape an arm and a leg over you, nestling my face next to your breast so you can rest your face in my hair, and together, finally, we stare up at the blue sky, listening to the stream, and the breeze, and the sounds of our own beautiful heartbeats. --


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