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  DIRTY TALKER Recently returning to Atlanta after living out west for several years, I called up an old girl friend just to say hello. She was, I thought, living with a guy but I figured a harmless drink for old time's sake would be a friendly gesture. It turned out she was very happy to hear from me and insisted we go out for dinner that night. I'd forgotten what an "up" person Cheri was and found myself looking forward to our evening. Dinner was terrific and the conversation flowed as easily as the wine. As we had done so many times years ago, we lingered, drinking liqueurs and looking deep into each other's eyes.

Her leg had found mine under the table and she was rubbing her instep against my calf. It seemed like we had never been apart. Now her fingers were tracing the outline of my very hard cock. "Max, why don't you take me back to my place and fuck the shit out of me like we used to?" I was only too glad to pay the bill and leave. Inside the car, she ran her fingers through my hair and plunged her tongue into my mouth, her lips slippery and sensual. Her dress slid up to mid-thigh and she slunk over toward me, spreading her legs to accommodate my adventurous hand inching up to her cunt. "Not here. Let's get home," she said. Finally, when we arrived, she dropped to her knees and released my throbbing cock. "Beautiful cock...beautiful prick...I love your cock. Tell me you want me to suck your cock. Tell me I'm your little whore, your little cocksucker.

Tell me to suck your beautiful hard prick." And then I remembered how much Cheri loved dirty talk. It was one thing we agreed on totally. "Put it in your hot mouth...suck my cock, you little cocksucker! Blow me you cunt!" I said. She was moaning now and rubbing it harder across her face. My cock seemed to grow even larger. Her breathing became deliberate and deep. I grabbed her by the hair. "SUCK MY COCK!" Her red-lipsticked mouth made a perfect "O" as her head descended the entire length of my rod. Involuntarily, my hands clenched her hair and slammed her nose into my belly. We were moving faster now. Her hands scrambled around my waist, pulling off my pants. I was up against the wall and I could feel the cool textured wallpaper on my ass. It was a glorious sight watching her head bob up and down my fuck-stick. Somehow she seemed to take more of it, her tongue licking my balls on each stroke. I watched my glistening shaft appear as her hollowed cheeks put maximum suction on the up-stroke, only to disappear again as her eyes widened from the force of my prick in her throat. "Suck me! Suck me off! I'm going to shoot hot cum down your fucking little throat!

Come on, suck me!" She felt the hot love juice on its way up from my balls. Her moaning became frantic, almost a stifled scream. And then I howled as the inside of her mouth was sprayed with sperm. We collapsed together on the floor. Much more slowly, but without wasting a lot of time, we retired to her bedroom. Cheri (what a sexy lady) did a slow striptease for me, providing a running commentary at the same time. When she had pulled the zipper of her dress down her back, giving me a beautiful view of her soft skin and the top of the crack of her ass, she turned around and teased the black cloth over her nipples. "Oh baby...I can see you like my tits, don't you? You like to watch them get all hard...You like to see my nipples get all hard, don't you? You like to watch my tits jiggle for you, don't you? That's a terrible hard-on you've got...I think I'm going to have to shove that fat, hard prick up my pussy! I'm just dripping with cunt juice for you! Maybe you want to lick my pussy juices..." The dress was a heap on the floor and her pantyhose were down her legs. One hand was lifting and pinching her nipples, twisting and squeezing them to prominence while her other hand was down the front of her dark blue panties, rubbing her crotch. I couldn't take any more. I grabbed her and forced her down on the bed. Our mouths locked in a hot, wet kiss. She was mine. "Eat me, hon...please eat me like you used to! Oh, yes!

Yes! Like that! Mmmmmmmmmmm! Oh, fuck! Lick me...suck my clit...that's it...suck it and lick it at the same time! Oh, God, that's it...suck my lips in your your mouth up and down my lips...lick my hole...stick your tongue up, fuck me with your tongue...Oh, YES! Stick your finger up my ass...finger-fuck my ass're going to make me cum...I'm going to cum!...I'm going to cum all over your face...OH GOD...aaaaaahhhhhh!" She had positioned herself over my face and was grinding her hips across my chin. A river of pussy juice coated my face and her thighs. "Oh please, fuck me! I want all of your big, hard cock up my hot cunt! Fuck me hard! Be my dirty boy! Fuck the shit out of me!" I rolled her over and pulled her ankles around my neck. She was panting like an animal, my hard prick looming in front of her pussy. Her panties were stretched beyond repair from my tugging while eating her. I grabbed what remained and ripped them off in one swipe. "Ooohhh! Fuck Put it in! Put it in...put it in...PUT IT IN! Oh YES! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God, drive it into my throat! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...oooohhhh!" Her head rolled back and she screamed as I plunged the entire length into her steaming, succulent tunnel. There were tears in her eyes and she was nearly incoherent. "Aaaaggggh...fuck me...fuck me...prick head...pretty prick head! I love your pretty prick fucking my pussy!

Harder! Fuck me harder! Jam your cock in my little pussy! Fuck...fuck...fuck my cunt...FUCK ME HARDER...HARDER...HARDER...Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" She was cumming like a bitch possessed, her pussy juices running down the crack in her ass as her finger slid easily into her ass hole and rubbed the bottom of my cock through the thin membrane. "Don't cum! Don't cum inside me...I want to watch your cum flow all over my body...take it out so I can see you cumming...cum on my tits...cum on me...let me watch you cum!" As my load rose hotly up my cock, I pulled out and rubbed it across her clit, using her slipperiness to bring myself off, blowing thick wads of sperm across her soft, white belly. Her hand grabbed my cock and jacked up and down, drawing my cum out to drip down her dainty fingers. She rubbed my cum across her firm tits, making her nipples shine with my wetness. She pushed one tit to her mouth. "I love your cum...did you know I can suck my own nipple? I'm going to suck your cum off my me suck my nipple." Her tongue and lips washed my cum from her nipple, the stringy strands of white spunk trailing across her mouth. "Watch me...I'm going to bite my me bite it!" Her lips opened so I could see her teeth grasping her nipple firmly as she pulled her head back, distorting the soft, rounded flesh into a peak as her fingers worked their way into the soft pink petals of her pussy.

As her fingers brought her to another orgasm, she ground her teeth into the tender nipple, her wide eyes watching mine. I leaned over and took her other nipple in my mouth, letting her feel the sharpness of my teeth. "OOOOOOOOhhhh YES! Bite me...bite me...I'm cumming...I'm cumming...oh shit, I'm cumming...cumming...cumming...aaahhhh!" Finally, we fell into a heap on the cool sheets, exhausted. I dozed, content in the knowledge that after a bit of sleep, we would pick up where we left off. But what surprises life has in store sometimes! I awoke when I heard Cheri sitting up suddenly saying, "Nan! What are you doing here?" I sat up and was startled to see a blond-haired beauty standing in the doorway to the bedroom. Nancy was a little shorter than Cheri but more voluptuous. She wore a Japanese silk kimono that did little to quiet enormous jugs that bounced with each step. Her hair was a gorgeous honey blond and long, to below her shoulders. She carried a bottle of champagne and three glasses which she brought to the bed, her white, high-heeled slippers making her attractive legs even more sensuous as her hips swayed under the short robe. "Surprise, surprise!" she said, setting the bottle and glasses down. She undid the tie and carefully took off her kimono and draped it over a chair. She was wearing a baby-blue baby-doll outfit that left no doubt about her body, her nipples showing darkly through the thin material. "We're all friends here, aren't we?" she giggled, noticing my stares. "Anyway, Max,

I'm Nancy, Cheri's roommate. And I'm very pleased to meet you." She leaned over quite unnecessarily to shake hands, causing the thin baby-doll top to almost completely expose her breasts as they bobbed against the low cut neckline. I returned the deep sexy look into her blue eyes and enjoyed holding her soft hand. As we drank the champagne, she said "What beautiful noises I heard last night! You two woke me right up!" She leaned back on the pillows and stretched her arms over her head, dragging the top up until the lovely bottom half of her tits was exposed. "I LOVED IT!" she said. "I had to pull out my little friend and have a little party myself!" Nancy continued. "Who's your little friend?" I asked, but I had an idea what the answer was. "I'll show you!" she said as she leaped up, her tits bouncing around under the sheer fabric of her baby-doll. She returned with a giant, flesh-colored rubber cock with deep ridges along the shaft of its three-inch diameter. "This is my little friend," she cooed, staring at me. She started rubbing the rubber prick around her face, licking the head and shoving and inch or so into her mouth. Cheri and I watched without making a sound, but her hand returned to my rock-hard cock and was insistently stroking and squeezing it. Nancy seemed lost in a trance as she untied the string to her top and let it fall from her wonderful tits. She rubbed the cock over them, the wetness from her mouth making them gleam in the early morning light. She pinched her tit, squeezing the tender flesh just behind her nipple, forcing the hard red nipple to stand out so the cock could force them up and down. Her breathing deepened and she started to murmer softly to herself. "I can't take any more of this," said Cheri throwing back the covers and grabbing my cock. In an instant she was slurping and sucking it as if there was no tomorrow. This left Nancy and me staring at each other. She peeled off her panties, exposing a very wet pussy, and climbed into a kneeling position on the bed.

 Her eyes rolled back as she plunged the rubber cock into her cunt, leaving only a few inches exposed. "Say those things you said last night", said Nancy. "What things? Things like how beautiful-looking your body is? How much I enjoy watching you fuck yourself with that big, hot cock in your sweet pussy? How sexy you look with your big tits hanging down, your hard, hot nipples brushing the sheets? How much I want to fuck your ass, to drive my hard cock up your ass hole, to rape your ass hole?" "Yes! Yes! Talk dirty to me! I want to be your whore, like Cheri! I want to be your slave! To do anything you want! I want to feel your hard cock fucking my ass hole! I want your prick up my ass!" Cheri looked up at this and started caressing Nancy's breasts, pinching and squeezing her hard nipples, causing Nancy to draw her breath in sharply. "All right, Nancy, I think we should both fuck you!" I decided to take charge of the situation. I ordered Nancy to lie on the bed while I straddled her face for a sixty-nine. She took my cock deep into her mouth, licking its surface as I plunged my tongue into her hot cunt. Cheri took the rubber cock and lubricated it inside her own dripping pussy, then held up Nancy's legs and started licking her ass hole. "Oh YES! Lick my ass hole! Get me wet and slippery! I love the feeling of your tongue in my ass!

Lick me! Don't stop...NO, don't stop...AAAAAHHHHHH!" she screamed as Cheri drove the monstrous cock deep up her ass with one shove. Since my cock had fallen out of her mouth, I moved around to the edge of the bed and pulled Nancy's legs over my shoulders, plunging my cock deep in her hot, wet cunt. "Ohhh...ohhh...shit...shit!" Nancy started cumming. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, please Max...please fuck me in the ass...fuck my poor ass hole...split my ass hole with your big fucking cock!" I pulled out and flipped her into a kneeling position on the side of the bed. Cheri pulled the dildo from Nancy's ass and she screamed as I drove into the now relaxed opening, driving all the way in with one gigantic fuck, my balls bouncing off her cunt lips. I felt Cheri's hands lifting my balls out of the way as she drove the large rubber cock into Nancy's cunt, the hard ridges rubbing on the sensitive underside of my prick in her ass. "That's it, Nancy...fuck him good...squeeze his cock with your ass hole...doesn't it feel good to have him buried up your little ass hole?" Cheri encouraged as she slipped the rubber prick in and out of Nancy's wet pussy while she pinched her nipples and pulled the tender tit flesh with her nails. "Come on, cunt!...fuck him you little whore...take his beautiful prick up your ass hole...fuck him good." Cheri got on the bed with her cunt in Nancy's face and spread her lips wide. "Come on you whore! Suck my clit!

Drink my sweet pussy juice! Stick your tongue up my cunt and suck me dry! Oooohhhh God, I'm cumming...I'm cumming...I'm cumming!" As I watched Cheri's face distort in pleasure, I felt Nancy's ass hole grasp my prick firmly as her juices sprayed from her pussy, dragging me over the edge as I flooded her ass with my cum. We never did get out of the apartment that day as Nancy and Cheri learned to love eating each other. They took turns finding ways to turn me on, sticking objects up each other, putting honey on their tits for me to suck, dancing obscenely with each other, tying each other to the bed and putting clothes pins on their nipples. I stayed hard most of the day, shoving my cock into all their openings and rubbing my poor prick raw. Soon we are moving together into a house I rented in Dunwoody. Even though it has four bedrooms, we plan to share the master suite and each other.

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