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Farmer Sex Episode:

The Farmer's Step-daughter Part One Her full name was Melinda Kay Burch, but they all called her Mink. Her step-father had begun calling her that when she had been caught trying to shoplift a mink coat from a store in a nearby city. Mink had been caught on several occasions trying to pull similar stunts and had been in and out of reform schools since the age of eleven. Mink's mother did everything she knew to do for her, but there was a wild streak in her that it seemed impossible to tame. Her natural father had been of no help at all, and most everyone attributed Mink's proclivities to his influence on her. Mink's mother had left her father when Mink was fifteen years old on the advice of the social services department who believed him responsible for most of Mink's problems. Not quite three months after their divorce was final she had met Jim and they had married shortly thereafter. Jim and Anne had gotten along well from the start. Anne had a tendency to be rather weak and indecisive where Mink was concerned and needed a strong man as a mate. Jim was just that, a tall, slim but muscular man of simple ways and tastes who had grown up on his father's farm and had taken it over upon his death. It had been a dairy farm at one time, but now the milking barn was used mainly for the storage of hay for the beef cattle and horses that Jim raised and sold at the market. Anne had enjoyed learning the farm life and was quite a bit of help to Jim, always eager to please him in all ways and captivated by his dominant charm and inner strength. Even Mink had seemed to adapt well to the new environment and seemed to respect and admire her new step-father, who was obviously fond of her. Anne had expressed to Jim her desire for him to be the father figure that Mink had so long been without, and Jim had accepted that task gladly and seemed to be doing a wonderful job.

It was partly because of the closeness that Jim and Mink seemed to be developing and also because of Anne's frustration with her, that after the attempted shoplifting of the fur coat, Anne had pleaded with Jim to do whatever he could to straighten out the young thief. "I'm completely at a loss, Jim", Anne sighed. "She's never listened to me or to anyone else, and if she gets caught trying anything like this again she'll get much more than a three month sentence, they've already said as much! Every time she comes back from those reform schools she seems wilder than ever... I just don't know what to do with her!" "She needs discipline, Anne... she's never really had it from anyone. I don't mean to be critical of you, you're just too sweet and soft, and can't stand to see her unhappy about anything. I'm not sure you can stand to see her get the discipline she really needs." "I know... I'm not sure I can either. But I trust you, Jim. I trust you, and I know that Mink cares enough for you that she will respond to you and the discipline you can give her. Please do what you can... whatever it takes... Please?" "If thats what you want, Anne, but I must tell you that I will have to do it MY way. Mink needs more than simple discipline... she needs something to keep her too busy for shoplifting, and something to fill the emptiness that she feels inside. I can provide what she needs, but it will be an unusual approach... one that you must accept and trust me with entirely." "Anything, Jim. Whatever it takes, please do it. If there are parts of it you don't feel I can handle, then keep them from me, but do whatever you can, however you can do it. I promise that if Mink comes to me that I will explain to her that you have my complete support in everything you are doing, no matter what it is." After this discussion, Mink's relationship with her stepfather began to change. It was a gradual change, one carefully planned and guided by Jim, and so natural that Mink was completely unaware that there was anything planned about it. She only knew that she was growing closer and closer to him both emotionally and physically.

She was becoming more and more aware of inner strengths and qualities in her step-father that were drawing her to him more closely with each passing day. If at one point she had resented his advice and instruction, she now began desiring it, coming to him often to discuss things that were bothering her, accepting correction from him without animosity, honestly interested and concerned about what he thought. There were times now when their eyes met and Mink could feel something very deep inside her being touched gently, yet firmly. It was a strange emotion for Mink, a crazy mixture that she couldn't really understand, but which seemed to be made up of love, fear, passion and trust. There was a sensuousness developing between them that was different from anything she had experienced with the boys she had known, and yet there had been no real physical contact between the two of them. Jim often hugged her, of course, and when she offered her lips to him he would kiss her there softly... but he never prolonged the kiss nor allowed his hands to roam over her young body. Jim's reluctance to try her limits was something which had surprised Mink from the start. She knew he must surely find her attractive... all the men did... and she often caught him watching her at times when her legs or breasts were a bit more exposed than they might usually be. Mink had heard tales about stepfathers from the girls in the reform school, and fully expected Jim to try to take advantage of her young charms. He never had, inspite of the fact that Mink had purposely teased him with her young body from time to time. As she grew closer to Jim, Mink began wanting him sexually as she had never wanted any man. The desire burned so hotly inside her that she wondered if her mother was aware of it, or if Jim could see it when he looked at her. A day never passed now that Mink didn't lay in her bed in her room, rubbing her hard little clitoris and fantasizing about her handsome step-father taking her naked body in his arms and filling her with his manhood. It wasn't as if there were no other men in Mink's life. There were a couple of the local guys that Mink dated from time to time. They were as different as two men could be, Matt the virile athletic type, resplendent in is black leather biker's outfit, and Chuck (or Charles, as his mother called him... God, how Mink hated that), who was the upper-class type... college-bound, his success assured by his family's connections. Matt's parents could care less who he dated, or what he did, as long as they weren't bothered any more than absolutely necessary.

Chuck's parents were embarrassed by his interest in Mink and did all they could do to try to persuade him to turn his romantic attentions elsewhere. Mink was having sex with both of them whenever it was convenient... more often with Matt simply because he would take her wherever he could, while Chuck seemed to prefer more secluded and romantic surroundings, which weren't always easily available to them. Mink's mother had made sure that she was taking the pill, but until recently, Jim had made no mention of her activities with the two boys. When he finally brought it up, Mink was a bit surprised by what she heard. "Mink, I know that you are sexually active with your young friends. I also know that you are on the pill, which is good, but from now on you will come to me after your dates and let me check you over to make sure that you are protected as much as possible. Your mother and I are proud of your development into a young woman and merely want to make sure that you develop in the proper way." "You want to `check me over'?", Mink asked, a bit confused. "Yes, I'll wait up for you, to make sure that you are returned home safely. Then you will come to me and remove your clothing and I will examine you to be sure there has been no damage done to you which might require medical attention." Mink had never been more excited in her life as she was when she thought about standing nude in front of Jim, allowing him to examine her body after having been on dates. Would he enter her himself when he did that, she wondered?

Would she be taken by Matt or Chuck, and then come home to be used once more by her handsome step-father? As she thought about all the possibilities she felt her heart pounding within her chest and could feel her nipples hardening under the shirt she was wearing. She swallowed hard before replying to her step-father. "You're so sweet... I still have so much to learn about sex. I'm glad you care enough to want to protect me. Thanks!" She threw her arms around Jim's neck, hugging him tightly and loving the feel of her breasts as they pushed against his broad, manly chest. Jim's arms wrapped around her and he pulled her to him in a way he had never done before, her crotch being pulled tightly to his, his member full and pressing against her soft belly. Suddenly he released her and pushed her away. "Now," he said smiling, holding her at arms length, "you get to bed... we'll talk about all of this another time." Mink retired to her bedroom obediently that night and stood for quite some time in front of the full length mirror on her closet door, examining her ripe young body and imagining what it would be like to present it to Jim. Her hands roamed over her ripe breasts, teasing her nipples to their full hardness. Her right hand slid down her flat belly and through the soft, sparse pubic hair to her throbbing clitoris and wet soft lips. Staring into her eyes, her peripheral vision taking in the remainder of her nakedness, Mink moved her hips hotly against her intruding fingers, hunching lewdly as she thought about her handsome stepfather and the earlier feel of his cock pressing against her. When she came, her orgasm seemed to run on forever, as if it would never end, and she covered her mouth with her left hand, afraid she might scream her passion into the dark house.

Later as she tossed and turned in the big bed, Mink thought about how lucky she was to have Jim for a step-father. She would do whatever he asked of her, no matter what it was. The emptiness she had felt so deeply in the past was being filled now, and it was wonderful beyond words. The possibility still existed that she might disappoint him in some way, she knew that... she seemed pretty good at making mistakes sometimes... but she would make that up to him if it happened, no matter what she had to do. Her hand slid between her legs once more, her fingers toying with her clitoris and sliding between the lips of her sex again. Yes... yes, Jim... whatever you say, whatever you wish... anything! Part Two The cool night air blew Mink's long hair back as they rode through the streets, the big Harley throbbing beneath her bottom. She gripped Matt tightly with her legs and arms, her head resting against the black leather jacket he wore. She had no idea where they were going, and really didn't care. She knew that before the night was over Matt would be on top of her, pumping his young meat into her with a ferocity that no one else had been able to match. Chuck certainly couldn't, although his tender approach to love-making (as he called it) did have its appeal at times. She might have to spend a part of the evening watching Matt shoot pool with his friends before he would get around to having his way with her, but she didn't mind that. Since that first time, when Matt had taken her into the backroom at the Biker's Barn and had bent her over the oil drum and fucked her hard from behind, they had never failed to do it at least once when they were on a date, and if she had to watch some pool shooting first, that was okay with her. As she thought about what was sure to lay ahead of her that evening, Mink let her hand slide to Matt's crotch, and rubbed his thick cock through the conforming black leather pants. She loved to touch him like that, to wrap her fingers around the bulge in his left pants leg. It was always there, never in the right leg or pressed against his belly, but always angled to the left, always large enough and firm enough to find easily and to enjoy. She slid her small fingers back and forth over the cool, slick leather, her thumb and forefinger slipping briefly over the prominent rim of his big cock head before sliding back down the shaft once more. As she continued stroking Matt, Mink thought about her step- father, wondering if his cock was large like Matt's or somewhat smaller like Chuck's. She had tried to be in the right place at the right time on several occasions, hoping to catch a glimpse of Jim with his organ exposed, but had so far been unsuccessful. Would tonight be the night she would see it for the first time? God!... she hoped so! All she had been able to think about for the last few days was what Jim had said to her about "checking her" after her dates, and now as she and Matt rode along and she stroked his thick cock with her hand, she felt her tiny bikini panties soaking up her juices as she grew wetter and wetter.

Mink had always been fascinated by cocks. Her natural father had always kept some dirty magazines in his dresser drawer, and when there was no one else around Mink would slip them from their hiding place and look at the men in them, their big dicks so long and thick and angry looking. She liked to look at the women too, and had always wondered what it would be like to kiss another woman "there", as some of the pictures showed. When she played with herself she would remove her wet fingers from her sex and put them in her mouth, sucking the juices, pretending in her mind that it was another woman's juices she was tasting, rather than her own. She found the taste pleasant, actually, certainly more pleasant than the cum that men expected her to take into her mouth. But the cum did come from cocks after all, and that made all the difference. She would take anything that came from a cock and love it, that's how much she loved them. Mink's fascination with cocks also extended to the farm animals. Not long after they had moved to the farm, Mink had witnessed a stallion and a mare coupling in the field. She couldn't believe the size of the black horse's cock! It seemed at least 36 inches long, and as big around as her forearm, maybe even bigger! Watching the big black stallion mount the mare from behind and pump into her with that monstrous dick had made Mink hot, and she had laid in the hay in the barn afterward and played with herself, thinking about the huge horse dick she had just been priledged to see. Matt downshifted and turned the bike hard to the left, awakening Mink from her reverie. He had turned onto McAlister Park Drive, and was now heading up the hill toward the picnic shelters. Passing the first two shelters, Matt slid the bike to a halt at shelter number three and pulled Mink from the bike roughly. The shelter was dark, only dimly lighted by the light from the dusk to dawn light at shelter number two, and Mink stumbled along behind Matt until he reached a table in the center of the shelter. He lifted her, setting her down on the table and pushing her back onto her back, pushing her short leather mini- skirt up to her waist and tugging the tiny panties down her legs. "Damn, baby... you were about to make me splash in my fuckin pants! I don't know what's got you so fuckin hot tonight, but if you need some dick, you're about to get it!", he said hotly, spreading her legs open and pulling her to the edge of the table. Mink was somewhat puzzled by the rough way in which Matt was taking her, unaware that she had been pumping his hard cock for all she was worth as her mind had roamed earlier on the bike. But she made no effort to stop him, finding his urgency nothing more than a match for the heat she was feeling herself. She wrapped her legs around his leather clad body, bracing herself for the entrance of his thick meat into her more than ready hole. Quickly unzipping his pants, Matt struggled to remove his hard cock and reached forward with his left hand to hold Mink's sex open in readiness for his entrance. His fingers pushed her slick lips apart and he moved forward, pressing the big head of his dick into her with one long and hard plunge. Mink gasped, feeling the huge cock slamming into her. She grasped the table under her with her hands, trying to steady herself against this onslaught, and tightened her thighs, trying to hold Matt inside her. But she was no match for his strength, and Matt pulled back, his cock moving outward and then slamming home once more.

Over and over he plunged into her, his heavy balls slapping her ass as he rammed her with his hard fuck meat. Almost before she was aware of what was happening, Mink found herself exploding with passion, her thighs jerking against her young lover, her orgasm coursing through her slim body. She grunted hotly as she hunched her hips back up at Matt, and was only vaguely aware that he was now spurting into her, his cock jerking as he released his load of hot cum into her trembling pussy. Mink clenched her vaginal lips, milking Matt's withering cock until he finally removed it from her, wiping the head against her thigh and tucking it back into his pants. She lay back on the table, panting and resting, unaware that Matt had walked back to the bike. Hearing it start with a roar, Mink jumped from the table and pulled her panties back up under her skirt, running to the bike and throwing her leg over it and wrapping her arms around him once again before he roared off. The rest of the evening passed slowly for Mink. Normally she would have had the anticipation of Matt taking her sexually to make it more palatable, but she realized quite correctly that her one fuck for the night had already taken place. Finally their date had ended and Matt had dropped her off at the farm, roaring away before she ever got to the front door of the house. Just as he had promised, Jim was waiting for her in the living room upon her arrival, watching tv from his favorite chair. He was still fully dressed, and smiled warmly at Mink as she entered the room. "Hi!", he said pleasantly, "how was your date?" Mink tossed her purse down on the table and slid the jacket from her shoulders. "It was fine... just about like usual. I like Matt, even though sometimes I get bored with him and his friends. But, I had fun." "I'm glad you had fun. Do you remember our conversation of the other night?", Jim asked. "Yes, I do", Mink answered quietly. "You want to check me now... here?" "Yes, Mink", Jim said, folding his hands in his lap. "Uh..okay..if thats what you want", Mink said, moving in front of Jim and slowly unbuttoning the blouse. She seldom wore a bra, her young tits full but firm. She slid the blouse from her shoulders, blushing a bit as she watched Jim's eyes take in the beauty of her medium sized breasts. She unzipped the skirt in back and slid it down her legs, stepping out of it and tossing it to the floor beside her. Jim's eyes were now running up and down her long legs, exploring, savoring her soft curves. Mink swallowed hard and hooked her fingers in the waist-band of the tiny panties, tugging them downward and stepping from them, tossing them in the pile formed by her blouse and skirt. Unsure what to do with her hands, she simply clasped them together in front of herself and waited. "Good... now open your legs a bit wider, Mink", Jim instructed. Mink moved her right foot to the right, opening her legs a bit wider, feeling her face flush and her sex growing wetter. "Yes, thats it... now, clasp your hands behind your back", Jim said evenly. Mink moved her hands behind her, clasping them in the small of her back, aware of the way it made her breasts push outward when she did that. Jim moved to the edge of his seat in front of her and looked at her naked body, taking his own sweet time and observing every visible part of her up close. "Did your young friend enter you tonight, Mink?", Jim asked, matter of factly.

Mink blushed and grew more excited, thinking about the hard fucking that Matt had given her on the picnic table earlier. "Yes, he did, Jim", she replied, hoarsely. "Did he enter you in your mouth, or your pussy, or your asshole, Mink?", Jim asked, looking into her eyes. "In my... uh... in my pussy, Jim... this time", Mink replied, embarrassed. "You will call me sir when you answer my questions, Mink", he said, seriously. "Yes, sir", Mink replied meekly. "Did he spurt inside your pussy also, Mink?", he asked. "Yes, he did... sir." "You said, this time... does he also spurt in your other holes at times, Mink?" Mink swallowed hard. She had never told anyone about the things that Matt did to her... or Chuck for that matter. "Yes, sir... he sometimes spurts into my mouth... but never in my... my... well, back there. Wouldnt' that be very painful, sir?" Jim reached out and slid one finger slowly between Mink's wet vaginal lips, opening them as he looked closely at them. "Well, some women come to love being entered in their assholes, Mink. Some even prefer it that way and come more strongly that way than any other. I feel sure you will come to love it that way as well in time." He slid his middle finger into her wet opening, moving it around slowly within her. Mink closed her eyes tightly, embarrassed but tremendously excited by Jim's touch and his talk. "I have so much to learn... but I want to learn", she said. "Yes, I know you do, Mink, and learn you will, I'll see to that", he said evenly, his finger continuing its prodding. "Your nipples grow quite hard when you are touched in this way, don't they, Mink?", Jim asked. "Yes sir... my nipples are very sensitive. Sometimes Matt sucks them and bites them... and it feels so good", she replied honestly. She could hardly believe that it was so easy to talk about these things with Jim, but it was. He seemed to understand her so well! Jim withdrew his finger and held it in front of his face, looking at it intently. Mink looked at it also, and saw the juices covering it, and blushed even more deeply. Jim placed it in his mouth and sucked it, cleaning it as she watched, his eyes fixed on hers as he licked it clean. "That will be all, Mink", Jim said, leaning back in his seat and crossing his hands in his lap once more.

Mink looked at him, her mouth opening with consternation. She had assumed there would be more than this. She had thought... but she knew that it was over. This examination had ended and there would be no more for tonight. Somewhat disappointed, but still excited by exposing her naked body to Jim, Mink picked up her clothes and turned to leave the room. Stopping before she reached the door to the hallway, she stopped, and turning back toward Jim, said, "Thank you, sir, for checking me." "You're welcome, Mink. Sleep well", he replied. Mink walked up the stairs naked, still unsure what to make of her examination, and still perplexed by her step-father's failure to take her as Matt had done earlier. She would have allowed him to do just that, in fact she had wanted him to do it. Couldn't he tell that? Should she have asked him to do it to her? What had she done wrong? She bathed herself quickly, cleaning her body and drying herself off with the big terry-cloth towel before laying naked between the cool sheets. Perhaps he will come to me in the night, she thought. Perhaps he will come to me and teach me how to accept him in my ass. I will sleep with my legs open, ready for him, in case he does come to me. He can have me however he chooses, anyway, anytime. The young, naked step-daughter's hand moved between her legs once again, and when it had finished its happy work there and had been cleaned by her hungry mouth it rested on her stomach, sleeping with her and dreaming of things to come. Part Three As the days and weeks passed, Mink grew increasingly frustrated by her handsome step-father's failure to take her sexually as she hungered for him to do.

He did continue "checking her" after her dates, and she loved it as much as ever, but it seemed that Jim was never going to plunge into her with his own manhood. Once or twice she had brazenly held his hand against her sex and ground her hips against it, hoping that her heat would arouse him to the point that he could control himself no longer; but in spite of the fact that Jim had appeared pleased by her actions, he had made her stop both times before she could bring herself to orgasm. If Mink's mother was aware of the sexual desire Mink felt for Jim, or even of her being "checked" after each date there was no evidence of it. Anne seemed more than content with Jim's handling of the young girl, and the normalcy that Mink's improved behavior had brought to their home. Whatever method Jim was using it was certainly working, and that was the important thing. There was no question that Mink's affection for Jim had much to do with her new ability to stay out of trouble, but living on the farm helped as well. Jim kept her busy with farm chores when she wasn't dating or doing schoolwork, and as the school year drew to a close there would be more and more hours spent caring for the animals that shared the farm with them. Mink had grown fond of her chores, and more especially of the animals she cared for. She gave each of them names, learning their particular mannerisms, and developing a raport with them which was interesting to observe.

Her main duty was the feeding and grooming of the large animals, the cattle and horses, and while she was at first a bit hesitant around them, over time she came to trust them and they her. The horses were her favorites, and Mink treated each of them like like a show horse, brushing and combing their manes, keeping them clean, well fed and well exercised. She loved watching them breed, and as the mares gave birth, Mink watched over the young foals as if they were her own children. Jim enjoyed watching Mink take such an interest in the animals. He saw the fondness which she felt for them, and had noticed her particular attachment for the horses. As school ended and the summer months wore on, Jim allowed Mink more and more of the responsibility for their care, instructing her in administering the medication they often required, even showing her how to clean the stallions' large cocks before they were allowed to perform their stud duties with neighboring farmer's mares. Mink tried not to let Jim notice her fascination with the huge cocks, but she came to love the opportunity to wash them and care for them. She made it a part of her daily routine with her favorite horses, not waiting until they were to be with a mare, but cleaning them each afternoon, watching them grow so long and hard, and rubbing her small hands up and down the full length of them. On one occasion the big black stallion that Mink had come to think of as her own had ejaculated while she rubbed him, spewing an unbelievable amount of warm cum in seemingly endless streams as she rubbed him up and down his shaft. Mink had stared open-mouthed at the spectacle, shocked but pleased at what she had made happen. As she stared at the pools of horse cum there in the straw, she wondered just how much it would be like the cum that she had so often taken from Matt's cock. Would it feel like his cum on her skin?

Would it taste like his? There was so much of it! What would it be like to feel it shooting into her, long gush after long gush pouring into her mouth or her vagina? Such thoughts embarassed Mink, but excited her as well, and she had moved back into the corner of the stall and had rubbed her wet pussy hotly, staring at the still hard cock and the puddles of warm horse semen. She felt so depraved, fingering herself there in front of the stallion, thinking about his cock and his cum, but never had she felt so much passion course through her body. Surely it would be impossible to take such a huge cock into herself...but yet Mink thought about it as she masturbated. Could she open that wide? How much of its length could she take? How could she position her body to allow the huge animal to fuck her? Suppose he tried to put the whole thing into her...would he harm her, or perhaps keep her from ever being able to have babies? Maybe she would just lick the head sometime and let him spray her face. She could keep her mouth open if she wanted, and taste him. Or she could close it if it got to be too much, letting the warm semen splash against her face and run over her breasts and stomach. Lifting her hips from the straw and plunging her fingers rapidly between her wet lips, Mink came strongly, grunting and moaning, staring at the big black stallion as waves of passion washed over her. When it was over she fell back weakly, lying there amazed at what she had just done. What would people think if they knew what she had been thinking? What would Jim think of her? Would it make him never want to have her sexually? Or would it make him want her even more? All these questions and more had run through the young girl's mind as she rested there, trying to sort out her emotions and reconcile them with the deep hungers and needs inside her. Unknown to Mink, Jim had been very much aware of his step-daughter's actions. He had happened upon her just as the stallion was coming, and had stepped back into the shadows to see just what her reaction would be. It had been incredibly exciting to watch her, and he had taken out his cock and stroked it as he saw her fascinating response. His own orgasm had occurred almost simultaneously with hers as he had watched her lifting her hips and working her fingers hotly inside herself. Perhaps he had underestimated the passion that lived within the slim girl's body. He hadn't wanted to rush her sexually, hadn't wanted to frighten her or push her away from him. But after seeing the heat in her reaction to the horse's eruption, he began to realize that was extremely unlikely. Slipping unobserved from the shadows and through the door of the barn, Jim walked back toward the house re-evaluating Mink's development. Perhaps she was indeed ready for more from him. Yes, perhaps now was the time. Part Four Mink enjoyed her dates with Chuck.

They weren't as exciting sexually as the ones with Matt, but Chuck was much more considerate and liked to do a variety of interesting things, which was a pleasant contrast to Matt's more narrow approach to life. If nothing else it was nice to be able to dress up a bit, to wear a dress occasionally rather than the tight jeans that Matt usually expected her to have on. As she prepared for her date with Chuck, Mink thought about the difference in the clothes she had to choose from now and the ones she had owned prior to her mother marrying Jim. Anne had always had such conservative tastes, and would never let Mink buy anything that was really in style or what Mink considered to be really pretty. But Jim took Mink on all her shopping trips now, partly to make sure she didn't shoplift, but also because he enjoyed watching her try on different outfits, and was pleased that she respected his opinion about what she should buy. Unable to change Anne's clothing tastes much so far, Jim had really enjoyed helping Mink choose her clothes. Mink trusted his judgement completely, and where her closet had once been stocked with long, full dresses and loose fitting slacks and blouses, now it was full of much sexier and more up-to-date clothes, and plenty of them. Jim seemed to have a particular preference for tight fitting short skirts and dresses, which Mink had to admit she did look wonderful in, and had even influenced her taste in lingerie, encouraging her to wear garter-belts and stockings rather than the pantyhose that so many other women seemed to prefer. They were a bit of a bother at times, but Mink did enjoy the way they made her feel so sexy when she wore them, and the ease with which she could open herself to Chuck or to Jim when she returned from her dates. Jim amused her when they went shopping. She had more lingerie now than she could ever hope to wear, especially the garter-belts, but he insisted on buying her more each time they shopped. It was never enough that she try them on in the store for him either, once they got back home he always made her try them all on again, often specifying which pair of high heels for her to wear, and having her turn slowly in front of him and sometimes even walk back and forth across the room as we watched. One one occasion he had returned from town with a bag full of nothing but panties for her. There had been at least two dozen pair, and she had obediently modeled each pair for him, giving him ample time to see them on her from all angles before sliding them off and putting on yet another one. Now as she sat on the edge of her bed and slid the tan stocking up her right leg, smoothing it as she went before attaching it to the clip of the garter-belt, Mink smiled at her handsome step-father's obvious delight in her young body. She loved for him to look at her, and even though there was at least a chance that Chuck would make love to her tonight, it was not his attentions that excited her most, but the opportunity to present herself once again to Jim upon her return.

He seemed to be growing more and more amorous toward her with each passing day, leaving his fingers inside her longer when he checked her young pussy, and letting his hands slide over her breasts and legs more sensously, touching nearly every inch of her during his examinations. Shaking her head from side to side in an attempt to drive her thoughts of Jim from her long enough to finish dressing, Mink stood and slid the tight dress over her head, tugging it down over her ripe young frame. She chuckled softly as she thought about her naked breasts. In all the time that Jim had been buying lingerie for her he had never bought her a single bra. She surely didn't need them; her breasts, while full, were quite firm enough to stand high and proud on her chest without any help of that sort. But she had to wonder how many other girls her age had a lingerie drawer stocked as her's was. The doorbell rang, and Mink heard Jim letting Chuck into the living room. What a difference in Matt and Chuck. Normally Mink would have been ready for at least thirty minutes before Matt would ever arrive, and the only announcement of his presence would be the roar of his bike in the driveway outside the house. There was certainly much to be said for someone with his manners, even if his love-making was a bit routine and lack-luster at times. As the young couple drove away, Mink slid over closer to Chuck, sliding her dress up nearly to the tops of her stockings and placing her hand high on his thigh. He smiled at her warmly and placed his hand on her leg, massaging the stockinged flesh and working his way almost too slowly toward the top of her leg. Responding to his touch, Mink closed her eyes and lay her head on his shoulder. She wondered if he knew that he could stop the car at that very moment and do whatever he wanted to with her. As much as she would enjoy the nice dinner and the movie they would see following it, she wanted and needed more than anything to be in the arms of a man tonight. Sliding her hand up Chuck's thigh she found his small cock and rubbed it gently, feeling it begin to respond. Maybe she should suggest that they just park somewhere and forget dinner and the movie. But she had tried that before and had been disappointed by his lack of enthusiasm. No, she would have to wait and hope that he would want and need her as much as she needed him.

Opening her legs and taking Chuck's hand in hers she slid it past the top of her stocking and over her naked inner thigh pressing it against her wet pantied crotch and wishing he would slide his fingers under the edge and finger her. But it was not to be, as he merely patted her and put his hand back on the wheel, turning the car into the parking lot of the restaurant. It was quite a nice restaurant, and Mink felt the eyes of the other diners on her as they walked to their table. She and Chuck made an attractive couple, but she knew that it was her on which those eyes were focusing and it made her nipples grow even more rigid under the tight dress. Chuck did most of the talking during dinner, which was just as well since Mink's mind was filled with thoughts about sex. She tried to hide her impatience, but it seemed as if they would never get through eating. At one point Mink had slid her high heel off and toyed with Chucks leg under the table with her stockinged foot. She wanted to feel it pressed against his crotch, but Chuck had smiled and moved it back to the floor when she had tried to put it there. The older man at the table to their left had watched all that happen, and Mink smiled an embarrassed smile at him as Chuck pushed her foot away. She wasn't ashamed of her passionate nature, she just wished that Chuck would take advantage of it. Finally dinner was over, and as they walked back out to the car, Mink finally decided to suggest they go somewhere other than the movie. "Are your Mom and Dad home?", she asked, taking his arm and laying her head on his shoulder. Chuck laughed quietly, glancing down at his friend. It wasn't the first time she had asked him that question, and he knew exactly why she was asking. "They were going out don't want to see the movie?", he asked. "Whatever you want is okay, but I'd really like to be alone with you", she replied. "We can watch a movie on tv if you like", he said. "We'll go to a movie next week." Mink smiled warmly. For some reason she especially needed sex tonight, and the prospect of sitting through the long movie in the theater with Chuck absent-mindedly playing with her had been such a frustrating one. Later, in the darkened living room of Chuck's house, Mink lay with her head in his lap, the tight dress raised to her waist. Her feet were flat on the couch, her legs opened, her panties moist from the heat she felt inside them. Chuck ran his fingers through her hair with one hand, and stroked the inside of her thigh lightly with the other, his forearm pressed against her pubic bone, his upper arm resting against Mink's left breast. While her head was turned toward the flickering light of the television, her mind was on the bulge she could feel pressing against the back of her head under Chuck's pants and on the burning need she felt to take him inside her.

She felt his cock make a tiny jerk and smiled at the realization that he was beginning to respond to her. Ever so slowly she pressed her hips upward, straining to rub her hardening clitoris against his forearm. She felt him press back down at her and hunched back upward more openly, wishing to encourage him. He pressed back harder, sliding his hand down her thigh even closer to her wet crotch and Mink began letting her hips rise and fall hotly, humping herself against his arm. Mink could feel Chuck's hardness complete now under her head, and would have gladly rolled over onto her stomach and pressed her face to his crotch taking him deeply into her mouth. She would have kept her legs opened to him, and he could have fingered her bottom any way he wished while she sucked his sperm into her. But Chuck wasn't inclined to appreciate Mink's enjoyment of oral sex that much. Maybe it was his knowledge of her relationship with Matt and the conviction that she just as eagerly fell to her knees in front of him, but whatever it was he preferred to lay between her legs and take her pussy (like married people do it, he always said). Reaching down and taking Chuck's hand in hers she slid it to her crotch, pressing his fingers against her wet panties. Chuck slid his fingers up and down her slit, touching her clitoris firmly the whole time with some part of his moving hand. Mink moaned softly and continued hunching her hips upward hotly, loving the feel of him touching her. She kept her hand on top of his, guiding his strokes and before long feeling the accumulation of her juices on his fingers as they leaked through the crotch of the thin panties. Stopping him for a second, she pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, allowing him total access to her naked slit, and groaning as his fingers slid between her trembling lips. Chuck really wasn't very good at fingering her, but at the same time his unstudied approach made it impossible to guess what he would do next, and that in itself was often exciting. Mink was so turned on by now that anything he had done would have pleased her, just as long as he kept it up. Finally he pressed his thumb into her, the top of it pressing against her clit, and Mink turned her head to look at him, moaning again and rubbing her right breast with her hand. "Make love to me, Chuck", she breathed hotly. It would have been "fuck me, Matt!" had she been with her other friend, and quite possibly if she had been with ANY man other than Chuck, but she knew better than to talk like that to him. "Please do it, I want it so much!", she pleaded.

Chuck pulled his finger out of her and wiped it on her naked thigh. Mink sat up, to allow him to change positions, and when he had risen from the couch, she scooted backward, laying her ripe young body on the couch again, her right foot moving to the floor, her left leg rising to lay across the back of the couch. She would have preferred taking off the panties, but Chuck was always afraid his parents would come home and interrupt them and that her panties would be left behind as evidence of their sin. Mink watched her handsome young lover unzipping his pants and reaching inside to retrieve his now hard and throbbing cock. Reaching between her lewdly opened legs, she pulled the crotch of her panties to the side again, exposing herself and making his task as easy as she possibly could. Chuck knelt on the couch, guiding his shaft with his left hand and supporting himself on the back of the couch with his right. He probed awkwardly, the slick head of his young manhood pressing here and there, trying his best to find the center of her opening. Mink finally reached to help him, and taking the hot shaft in her hand pressed it to just the right place, hunching herself upward to aid his entrance. Her mind screamed its pleasure to her as the intruder made its way deeper and deeper into her moist opening. Yes! This was what she had been hungering for all night long, what she needed and wanted so desperately! Reaching for Chuck's waist, Mink wrapped her legs around him, pushing herself upward toward him as he began moving in and out of her. The glare of the headlights illuminating the darkened room preceded the sound of the car in the driveway as Chuck's parents arrived home earlier than expected. "Damn! They're home!", he exclaimed, pushing Mink's grasping legs away from him and removing his now deflating cock from her still hungry sex. Mink's hand flew to her clit and she rubbed it hotly as Chuck rose from the couch, shoving himself back into his pants. "Get up! Pull your dress down! They're home!", he whispered desperately. "Mink!! Come on!" Overcome with frustration, Mink tore her hand away from her needy sex and swung her legs to the floor, tugging at the dress to pull it back down in an acceptable manner.

Chuck fell heavily to the couch, putting his arm around her just as his Mother called out to them from the kitchen. Their close call at being caught discouraged Chuck from trying anything further that evening, even though Mink had pleaded with him to take her to the overlook on the way home. There would be other times, he said, no need to push their luck when it was this late already. Kissing him goodnight sweetly on the porch outside the farm house, Mink outwardly tried to appear understanding. Inwardly her frustration still burned hotly, and she was angry that she had been deprived of the pleasure she hungered for so deeply. Entering the living room and finding her step-father awaiting her as usual, Mink tried to hide the emotions that coursed through her and assumed that she was successful. She was not.

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