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  Sex Slave It was almost time for Stephanie to get home and Joe was getting warm with excitement at the thought. He was finishing the vacuuming, the last of the housework that she had told him to do that day. Nothing thrilled him more than playing servant to the tall, imperious girl he had married. She was so beautiful and he loved her so much - that kneeling in submission before her was the supreme pleasure in his life. He had a hard-on in his tight pants, beneath the frilly white apron that covered them, truly a slave of love to that girl. He heard the front door open and a tingle of titillation went through him. Then she stepped into the living room:a gorgeous creature with long dark hair. She stood with hands on hips, watching him finish his tasks, clad in the white silk blouse and neat black skirt she had worn that day to the office where she was a rising young executive.

She had a look of disapproval on her face as she stepped across the freshly vacuumed carpet and dropped into an easy-chair. "I'm tired, Joe," she sighed. "It's been a hard day, one conference after another, and some of my underlings are no better than you. inefficient. I have to do everything myself." He nodded, shutting off the vacuum cleaner as she motioned for him to set it aside and come to her. "Remove my shoes," she snapped, "and then massage my feet." "Yes, Mistress," he said, hurrying over and addressing her in the form she most liked to hear. It thrilled him just to say those words, the submissive words of a love slave, and he was soon on his knees at her feet. With a feeling of reverence mixed with growing passion, Joe lifted one of the feet Stephanie offered him and caressed the well-polished shoe. He removed it, setting it aside, then took the stockinged foot in the palm of his hands. This was the finest prize he could imagine as he stroked the smooth foot, admired the perfect form, then bent to bestow a worshipful kiss. Stephanie moved forward in the chair, raising her black skirt as she did so, then parting her legs." Get your head between my thighs, Slave," she ordered him, "And eat my pussy." It was involuntary movement as Joe nodded in submission, setting down her foot to bend his body towards his wife.

As she moved closer to the edge of the chair he pressed his face between the smooth, white pillars of her thighs, getting an incredibly strong whiff of her passion. His lips touched the soft mat of pubic curls that covered the clefted little mound of her pussy and the fragrance of her juices increased so strongly that he suddenly thrust his tongue deep into her cunt and swallowed her juices. The more Joe licked his wife's pussy, the hotter it felt and her juices were flowing even more. He could hear her softly moaning above him as he lapped away in her marvelous twat. He felt her quiver with a mild orgasm, and when that had passed he heard her speak. "Undress me, Joe," she commanded; and it was an order that never failed to excite him further. He came up from between her thighs with trembling fingers and reached for the buttons that ran down the front of her white silk blouse. He undid them carefully, seeing the bulging white curves of her breasts as the garment parted. She stood, nearly kicking him aside as she did so, and let the blouse fall over the soft curves of her shoulders. Her large, shapely breasts jiggled enticingly as he stared up at them. He put his moist fingers in the waistband of her black skirt, then pulled it down over her slender ankles, and she stood before him nearly naked, wearing only a black and red garter belt and the nylon stockings it suspended. "Get my red negligee, Slave," Stephanie said. "Yes, mistress," he replied gladly, scrambling for the bedroom, his cock a stiff stick in his pants, impeding his progress. He returned with her finest negligee; and as he stood tall in the middle of the living room he placed it reverently over her voluptuous body. In her high heels she seemed to tower over him, her perfect breasts bobbing beneath the see-through material of her negligee. The rest they were able to do without speech, and soon Stephanie was seated on their tan leather couch, legs and negligee parted, feet propped up for comfort. Joe knew what to do without being told. As Stephanie leaned back, relaxing after her hard days work, her husband knelt between her legs and pressed his aching mouth to the split mound of her pussy.

His tongue was like a flicking snake, caressing up and down the inner lips of her pussy, then stimulating the pink nubbin of her clit. He had her moaning with pleasure as he lapped the juices from deep inside her wet pussy. When they were done, she ordered him to stand; and that's when she noticed the stiffness of his rod. It tented out the front of his slacks, poking up the white apron that covered his front. "Drop your pants," She ordered in a scolding tone of voice." look at that lump in your pants, it's disgraceful." A fire with lust and excitement, Joe undid the buckle of his belt, unzipped his pants and slowly lowered them to the floor. His rod sprang free, huge and stiff and wavering in front of the tall imperious woman. Stripping for her always excited him, made him feel somehow like a little boy dropping his drawers before a beautiful woman teacher. Once his pants were off, stephanie rose and stood over him in her high heeled shoes. He knelt, looked up at the spread lips of her pussy and quickly went to work. His tongue was moving as rapidly as a piston in a stock car as he licked her cunt lips up and down, then stimulated her clit some more. When she had come, she ordered him to the couch, where he sat with his rod sticking straight up from his naked lap. She came to him and straddled his legs, parting her thighs widely as she settled into his lap. His huge cock poked apart the delicate lips of her pussy, and as she lowered her body to his the entire shaft of his cock slid up her sheath. She rode slowly up and down on his dick, fucking him, arousing him madly. His prick was so long that her upstroke brought her from his lap to nearly a standing position, and when she went back down again to engulf his bone, she shuddered from the feeling. She fucked him like that till she wanted some different stimulation on the inside of her pussy, then carefully worked her way around till her back was to him.

Obediently he sat there letting his wife control the movements of the fuck, his rod a stiff pole for his wife's pleasure. When she was through using him in that manner she rose off him, his huge cock drawing slowly out of the wet slit of her cunt. She perched on the arm of the couch and ordered him to rise. Joe got up, his rod sticking straight out, and he swung around in front of her. Then, as she sat with one foot propped up, she had him stand in between her thighs, probe into her pussy with the long shaft of his cock, and then fuck gently in and out of her pussy. She was moaning with pleasure, sighing with another orgasm, as he stroked in and out of her hot, tight hole. "Now I want you to really fuck me good, Husband," She said with a pleased smile as he drew his rod from her pussy. She got up and went to the couch, positioning herself on her hands and knees. Joe knew what to do. This was one of the most exciting ways for them to fuck, a position that thrilled them both. He sat on the couch behind her, his rod between her thighs and into the tight channel of her pussy from the rear. Gripping her waist, he began to slide into her. His cock filled her whole tightly, the hotly lubricated channel of her sweet young cunt. He fucked her again and again, till she came loudly, then dropped flat to the couch. She was on her stomach for a long while, and when she awoke it was to order him into the bedroom. Their bed chamber was a seductive room, with rust-hued walls and a gorgeous bronze-like bedspread. They were quickly naked, except for Stephanie's garter belt and nylons, then lounged on the large bed. She wanted some more of that doggie-style fucking that Joe was giving her on the couch, so she got on her hands and knees and ordered him to fuck her. Gladly, her husband got in behind her on the bed on his knees and stuck his rod up her cunt from behind. Then he shoved it in and out, battering her shapely buttocks with his loins as he fucked her harder and harder. When he withdrew,

Stephanie rolled over onto her back, pulling him on top of her. His body was coated with sweat, his forehead beaded with dewy perspiration and his rod as stiff as it had ever been in his life as he mounted her. She tossed her head, moaning softly as he felt his dick penetrate the soft barrier of her pussy. He was over her like a real man now, aroused again to a fever pitch of maddened lust. He was pounding his cock into her tight hole, fucking into her as hard as he could, pistoning his pole as rapidly as possible. He knew he couldn't hold his come much longer, and even though he jerked his dick out of her pussy in an effort to control it, he shot off all over her stomach and everywhere. Stephanie loved it as she felt burst after hot burst of his sticky cum splatter on her belly and tits. They lay panting on the bed for some time, then rose and went to the bathroom where they both washed themselves clean. They returned to the bed chamber, as Stephanie threw on her negligee again. Together, they lay in each others arms on the soft, bronzed bedspread, talking about the lovemaking that had gone on before. They both agreed that it had been good, at least as good as any time in the past. And the more they talked, the more aroused they became again. Joe's cock wasn't hard enough for him to fuck her again, but there was another way he could please his wife, and he suggested it! (major accomplishment here, everyone give him a big hand) soon she was on her back and the bed, her negligee wide open, her thighs spread to bare her pussy. Joe got on his stomach between her legs and pressed his lips to her cunt lips. Soon he was sucking gently, and it wasn't long before she was quaking from another orgasm. He continued his pleasant task, till Stephanie laid back, still and satisfied. Then Joe turned over onto his back, his dick semi-hard, fairly begging to be sucked back to full length. When his wife roused from the wonderful stupor induced by his cunt-lapping, she got over his cock and fiddled with it. The more she played with it the harder it got, till finally she slid her lips over the head. It swelled up in her mouth, hardening as she sucked, and in time her lips were gliding up and down the length of his raging hard-on. She sucked for a long time, because he was able to control himself for quite a while. At last he came, shooting off and hitting the roof of her mouth with his cum. She parted her lips, letting the stuff roll out. She loved the taste of Joe's cum in her mouth, loved the sensation of the stuff rolling over her lower lip. They fell asleep in each others arms.


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