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Claudia Sex Episode:


   This encounter was the result of my answering an ad placed by a Frankfurt couple in a contact magazine. They were looking for male or female sex slaves or couples. I was staying alone in Frankfurt on a business trip, so I thought, "what the hell? I'll give it try." I gave them a call and arranged to meet them one Saturday afternoon. Claudia is not a real young woman, probably between 35 and 40, perfect age for her role. She seemed to be well educated, and spoke faultless English (my German is not perfect, by any means). She is a tall woman, with blonde hair that was pulled up tight and fastened in kind of a bun on the top of her head. She was darkly tanned, and had an athletic look. She is definitely a dominant female. Michael is even younger, maybe in his twenties, good- looking, but did not take an active part in any of this. He was more like her servant. What followed will probably seem like some wild fantasy to you, but I can assure you that "it happened to me". First they gave me a glass of wine, put some music on, and we talked. Claudia told me that I would have to tell them in advance exactly where I would draw the line, that is, what things were just too extreme. Because, she said, once we were in the Studio, I wouldn't have any further choice. She was quite nice, but also quite serious. In the Studio, I was told, I would not refer to her by name, only by the title Mistress Domina or Madame Domina. I let them know that I was a beginner at this, but I wanted the full experience. They assured me that while there would be pain, there would be no injury.

That was enough to satisfy me. I was taken into the Studio, which had no windows and was lit only by numerous candles. It was a room filled with the tools (or toys) of the trade. Harnesses, stools, whips, chains, dozens of dildos in a wide array of shapes and sizes. There was even a collection of English willow schoolmaster's canes (those things sting like fire). I can imagine this room would be a dream-come-true to some, a nightmare-come-alive to others. By this time, I was beginning to have serious doubts about what I'd gotten into. I was instructed by Claudia to undress completely, she would be back in several minutes, and I was to remember not to address her by her name. She left me alone, and I did exactly as she asked. Then I waited. Before long, my Mistress returned. She had completely changed clothes, and now wore a black leather corset, black gloves, no hose, but with tall spike heels (and I kid you not). She was beautiful. She had loosened her long blond hair, and it fell well below her shoulders. In her hand she carried a black riding crop. "Are you ready?", I was asked. "Yes", I replied. "Yes, WHAT?", she demanded. "Yes, Madame Domina!", I said. "Good", was her reply, "do you like what I'm wearing?" "Yes, Madame Domina". "What is this?", she asked, firmly striking my penis with the riding crop. "My dick, Madame Domina". "Your what?" "My dick, Madame Domina". "That's not a dick", she said, "I call it a shit-thing." "What is this?", she asked again, and gave my penis another firm blow. "My shit-thing". "Good, you learn fast", she said, but not smiling. I replied, "Thank you Madame Domina". "What do you do with that shit-thing?", my Madame asked me.

Confused, I could think of nothing to say. "Answer!", she said. All I could think of was, "I use it to fuck". "I don't think so", she said, "It's not big enough or hard enough. Make it hard!" So I began to masturbate myself into an erection. "Do not come, do you understand?", she said, "I will tell you when you can come." When I was just about to shoot accidentally, she cried, "Enough!" Then she said, "Get down on your knees". I obeyed. Then, still standing, she turned her back toward me, placing her shoes about two feet apart. "Lick my feet", she demanded. I began to lick her black leather shoes and the nearly 4 inch heels. She was trying to find out if I had a shoe or foot fetish, I believe (and, incidentally, I do). After a few minutes of this she stopped me. "Steh auf! (Stand up!), follow me", she said, and led me to a device that resembled a cross fastened to the wall. She shackled me into a spread-eagled position, and believe me, I was completely helpless there; I could not have escaped. Then she went to a table nearby and begin to pick up small clips and weights, which she began to apply to my balls, my nipples, and the shaft of my cock. She kept saying things to me, but I was in so much pain, I really don't remember what she said. Did I enjoy this? I guess I have to say, yes I did. It was definitely a new sensation to me. She then stepped back to admire her work. Then she took her crop and began to jiggle the weights, to make me squirm a little and took a picture of me. She waited for a few minutes, peeled the backing off the photo, and held it up for me to see. "If you're good, I'll let you keep this. Would you like that?" "Yes, Madame Claudia", I replied. Suddenly she struck me across the thighs with her whip, screaming, "You will not address me by name! Is that clear?" "Yes, Madame Domina", I answered. I was then unfastened from the cross, but the clips and weights were left on.

My Madame said, "Let's show Michael". I followed her out of the Studio and into the living room of the house, where Michael was sitting on a couch. He seemed real pleased to see me in this predicament. I was, of course, properly humbled by being put on display like this. "Jump!", Claudia said. I jumped. Yes, it felt about like you can imagine. "Again!... Again!...Again!" Finally, I was led back to the Studio, where the little implements of torture were removed. This hurt the worst, as the blood rushed back into the clipped skin. Ouch! Next I was taken to the saw-horse-like device and shown how to mount it. There was a hole in the leather padded top that allowed my dick to be exposed from underneath. I was again tightly bound. I didn't know what was coming next, until she approached the table on which the dildos were arranged. She finally selected a small one and brought it to me, holding it in front of my face. "Guess what I'm going to do with this?", she asked. I didn't have to guess. I'm just thankful that she had plenty of K-Y on hand. She lubricated the dildo and gently inserted it into my anus, testing the resistance that she was going to meet. I'm no stranger to anal sex, so it was an easy entry, and she said, "Oh, it's not your first time, is it? Let's get a bigger Schwanz (German for cock, a "gummi Schwanz" is a rubber cock, or dildo). So she selected one that was not only longer (about 8 inches) but thicker as well. She gave me quite a fucking with this one, then got another that was even larger. We went through 5 or 6 dildos, and I was stretched to new dimensions. She was never rough, though, and I didn't feel in any danger, I just enjoyed it. Every few minutes she would reach under the stool to see if I was hard. I was like a flagpole. "You've had your pleasure, now you must pay for it", my Mistress announced, "we're going to see how much pain you can endure." She walked to the rack where all the whips, paddles, and canes were kept. After making a careful selection, she returned and instructed me that I would count from one to ten, each count would be one blow. I could count only in German, and if I missed a count, we would have to start over. Did I understand? "Yes, Madame Domina". The whip fell. "Eins!", I cried. Again, this time a little harder. "Zwei!" A third time, even harder. "Drei!" Now I understood, each lash would be harder than the preceding. She was using the waver in my voice to gauge my pain. After an irregular delay, the fourth blow. "Vier!" She would vary the rhythm, causing me to feel suspense. Sometimes she would lay the whip on my red ass for several seconds, then suddenly draw it back, and then withhold the blow.

The anticipation would almost make me cry out. We continued through the sequence. "Fuenf!...Sechs!...Sieben!" She was an excellent flogger. "Acht!...Neun!"...and, finally, "Zehn!" By this time, I was about to choke up, but I remembered her warning that should I miss a count, we would begin again. But she wasn't finished with me. Back to the rack, for another "Peitsche", or whip. Then begin again at number eins. This went on until I'd felt the sting of most of her whips, including her cat-o-nine, and the dreaded schoolmaster's canes. "Very good!", she announced when she was at last satisfied, "you've done better than most, I shall give you what you want." "Thank you, Madame Domina". I was released and taken to another leather covered table that was built like the thing you sit on in a doctor's office, (or bend over, depending on your complaint). I was made to lie on this, on my back and again bound hand and foot. My Madame then took what I believe to be alcohol and began to rub it all over my genitals. It was very cold, and unpleasant, because it burned like hell where those clamps had been placed on my cock and balls. She then asked me, "have you ever been told by a doctor that you have any type of heart problem?" "No, Madame Claudia". "Then I want you to breathe something for me, it's going to make you feel strange, if it's too unpleasant, let me know." She then held a bottle of Rush to each of my nostrils in turn. I'm sure you know what Rush is. Then she took a candle from it's holder and held it over my cock. I began to be a little bit scared. She wouldn't set that alcohol on fire, or would she? I didn't ask for that! She knew what I was thinking, because she was playing with my fear. Then she tilted the candle and let the hot wax drip onto the underside of my cock. It hurt but not too terribly, maybe because of the Rush, or maybe the alcohol she rubbed on me. She wanted me to enjoy the sensation. She would drip a little bit, wait, and then drip a little more. Like I said, not all bad. Finally this little game, too, was finished. I was again released and taken to a large leather chair and told to kneel in front of it. Madame Claudia stood behind me where I couldn't see her. I could hear her removing her clothes. When she came around me and took a seat in the chair, I could see that she had removed her corset and gloves, and wore only those incredibly sexy heels. Spreading her legs, she placed the fingers of both hands on her pink cunt lips and spread them so that I could see into her wet snatch. She was completely shaven! "You will eat me", she commanded. I didn't wait. She was so fragrant and delicious. She gave me instructions while I licked her.

I would be told to lick slowly, then slightly faster, slower again, harder or deeper. I did my best to please my Mistress. After many minutes of this ecstasy, she stopped me and turned over in the chair so that her ass was thrust toward me. She wanted her asshole rimmed. I was ready and willing. I couldn't believe that this beautiful woman wanted my tongue in her shit-hole. I licked and kissed that wonderful ass. It was intensely pleasurable! But this was not the Finale. "You lick me well", she said after what seemed to be a very long time, "I've had enough for now". She turned back over and sat facing me in the chair. "Lick my feet again", she instructed me. I began to lick those marvelous shoes again. "How would you like to remove my shoes?", she inquired. "May I, Mistress?", I asked eagerly. "Yes, you may". Slowly and carefully, I took each exquisite ankle in one hand, and slipped each shoe off with the other. I don't know if you have the slightest inclination toward women's feet, but believe me when I say that my Madame has the most delicately beautiful peds I've ever seen, and she knew it. I don't want to dwell on my particular fetish too much, but her nails looked like they could have been professionally pedicured, and were neatly painted in a bold shade of red. The skin of her feet was smooth and looked well cared for, and they were clean. "Lick them", she repeated softly. I licked every inch of her feet, gently between the toes, sucking each of those highly sensitive little parts of her body. I'm sure she was enjoying every caress of my tongue. She had me lick her ankles, and further up her legs. But she wanted me to concentrate on her feet. After I'd tongue bathed most of her lower body, she said, "Give me your cock." I rose up on my knees and thrust my rigid cock toward her. She began to rub it with her bare feet. I was ready to shoot any minute, and I guess it showed because she said, "If you come, you will have to clean it up, do you understand?" My answer was, of course, "Yes, Mistress". She kept massaging my cock and balls with her lovely feet until finally, I just couldn't hold it. I had an explosive eruption, shooting my semen all over her feet. After all that, the relief was incredible. She waited until my orgasm had subsided and then firmly asked me, "You remember what I told you, don't you?" I said, "Yes, Madame Domina, I must clean up after myself". When I began to look around for a tissue or something, she said, "You'll use your tongue". So that's how it ended; with me licking my own thick spunk from Madame Claudia's feet and floor, and loving it.


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