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Dancer Sex Story:


     Dancer God, it's a slow night, she thought. Her G-string was not cooperating as she pulled it up her taut thighs. Beside her lay the lace corset she was to wear. I hate working weeknights, she grumbled aloud. Fortunately, noone was around, otherwise Charlie might get wind, and fire her altogether. Noone wants a dancer who can't get into the act. She pulled the string high into the crack of her ass, and admired herself in the mirror. She ran her fingers down her bare cheeks, and smiled. God, I look sexy, she thought. The high heels seemed to make her long legs even more sultry and inviting. Slowly, she stretched, and watched herself as her skin stretched and pulled. Her breasts swayed free from any encumbering bra, and bobbed slightly as she righted herself. She grabbed the corset, and donned it, pulling tightly on the drawstrings. Her breasts seemed to swell as the silk material bunched in around her, pushing them up and in. A white dress- easily removable, was just what she needed to complete the outfit. Then, her thoughts moved back to the crowd outside. She sighed, and felt a slight dejection. There was noone, really, who seemed to get her in the mood. But, that had happened before, and it would happen again. It appeared as if she would have to make the best of it as usual. Being an erotic dancer wasn't easy, even if she did clear over $300 a night. The noise and commotion outside drew her attention once more, and she heard the DJ announce her name. She walked out of the dressing room, and into the club. She had managed that walk- the one that she knew would drive the men crazy- and it made her feel good to know that men were looking at HER. She walked out on the stage, to a thumping beat. Good. Something to really move to. She started twirling around on the lighted table, feeling the men's eyes on her body like physical hands. She was being made love to in every one of these men's minds, and she loved it. It made her feel unbelievanbly sexy to be the object of so many men's desires. In her perverse fantasies, a select group of four or five men would come up on stage and take her, right then and there. She twirled around, and saw him. He was there, sitting right at the table, plucking out dollar bills from his pocket. She hadn't even taken off one piece of clothing, and yet he was ready. She couldn't take her eyes off of him, his presence was that commanding. Even so, there was a show to do. She reminded herself, one must remain detached. You are their fantasies, that's all. The dress inched down her body, exposing the corset and her garter belt. Soon, it had left her body completely, and she kicked it aside with a slight gesture of her foot. Instantly, she felt better.

There was someone worthing dancing to, and he would PAY. As she moved, she felt herself getting warmer, and more comfortable with the dance. She went over to one side of the table, opposite of where he was sitting. She ground her crotch into the young man's face, humping the air. She could see the embarrassment and anxiousness in his face, and then smiled. He slid the dollar underneath the corset, afraid to put it inside the G-string. She stood up, and bent over, her ass inviting a dollar bill from the young man's companion. She looked straight ahead at the man at the other end of the table, and watched as he stared back at her, eyes crinkled as he smiled sardonically. How cocky he is, she thought. We'll see how he lasts. She moved up and into the center of the table, and did a complete split, her back to him. She knew that her ass could hold anyone's attention, and she was right. As she spread herself on the cold table top, she felt better. Her legs splayed apart, where she usually liked them, and only a small piece of fabric between her most private place, and him. She rolled onto her back, and arched it, giving him a perfect view down the corset. She opened her legs wide open, leaving her core open to the other side of the table. Rolling onto her hands and knees, she crawled towards him, her back arching and her chest heaving. She stood up just in front of him, and undid the corset ties. The silk fabric fell away, and her exposed breasts tightened and smoothed. All the while, she gyrated her hips towards him. She bent her knees, and lay on her side in front of him. She lifted a leg, and brought the high heel down behind the other one, allowing ample room for him to insert his dollar. He raised the dollar, and with his other hand, pulled the G- string away from her body. He wedged the dollar lower into her crotch. When she looked at him, it happened. He smiled, and opened his mouth. His tongue came out and flicked at her. She gaped. His tongue was at least six inches long! She started at him for a long time, unable to believe what she had just seen. It was the first time she had ever been shocked like that at work, and she had seen a lot. More importantly, she felt something that scared her. Something inside of her wanted that tongue, and wanted it NOW. Immediately, she felt her juices flowing, and realized that she had to get off the stage, or otherwise it might prove embarrassing. Somehow she managed to get up, gather her things, and walk calmly down the stairs into the dressing room. On her way in, she told Mike, the bouncer, to have the man come into the room after her. He protested at first, but her pleading look finally made him give in. She went into her dressing room, and heard a knock on the door. She told whoever it was to come in, and sure enough, he was there.

She waved him in. "Follow me," she said. He follwed her into a closet, where they kept the outfits which the ladies wore. In the closet, there was a shelf. She sat upon it, and raised one leg beside her. "If you're going to wave that thing around, you might as well use it." He raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. She put her hands on his head, and guided it down to her pulsing core. Her G- string was already soaked, and the thin fabric running up and through her crotch was making her even hotter. He knelt down and kissed her through the tiny fabric. He grabbed her ass with his hands, and positioned her on the edge of the shelf. He pulled at the G-string with one hand, and by lifting her off the shelf was able to remove the flimsy piece of material. She pulled at his hair, to get going. He flicked his tongue at her, and sure enough, it was as large as she had thought. The first thing he did was smile at her completely shaved nakedness. With such a small piece of costume, it made sense, but still it made life a lot easier. He ran the tip of his tongue up and over her slit, never touching it, but simply running circles over and around. She raised her other leg onto the shelf, and thrust her pelvis into his mouth. With one long lick, he licked the back of her love canal, the small portion of skin between her ass and pussy, up through her slit, and rested on her clit. She almost screamed, but caught herself just in time. Her legs, however, couldn't remain poised on the shelf. They slid down into a perfect split on the shelf, and she leaned back into the wall. Without using his hands and only his tongue, he opened her lips wider, and spread them apart. He ran his tongue up one lip, and down the other, pausing in the middle, encircling her clit. As he did, she shuddered. She knew that it wouldn't be long before she came; it never was. Grinding her groin in men's faces had long prepared her for this. Then he did it. He flattened his tongue, and lapped up her pussy. The extra area touched all of her parts, and her eyes fluttered open in ecstasy. He looked up at her, and when she looked down on him, he showed her his tongue in full length. She watched as he rolled it, and then returned his attention to her hole. In one thrust, he forced it inside of her. It was too much. She gasped as it reached inside of her. It was so damn long! Somehow, he managed to make licking motions inside of her, and she lost all control. She was coming violently, grabbing his head and pushing it into her, making his tongue go as far as it could. He flattened his tongue inside her, and made more lapping motions. He caressed places inside her body she didn't even know existed. She felt her muscles groping and pulling at his tongue, stretching it inside of her. He rotated his tongue around her inner walls, licking violently. Her orgasm was soon followed by another, just as powerful. His tongue had explored her just as deeply as it would have had it been a dick, and she collapsed after her second orgasms finally subsided. He wasn't finished, however. He started licking her up and down her slit, caressing her now full, pouty lower lips. He flicked the tip of his enormous tongue at her clit, making it protrude slightly from her inner folds. Then, he closed his lips around it, and sucked gently. She gasped once more, and even cried out when he started to run his tongue over it inside his mouth. She was still leaning back, her ass almost entirely over the shelf edge now. He finished playing with her clit, and started running his tongue around her muscles leading to her hole. Quickly, he thrust his tongue in and out of her hole, every once and a while deliving completely inside, teasing her. Each thrust was met by an equally urgent push by her hips. He ran his tongue back down her love canal, and focused on her tight asshole. He ran his tongue gently over it, and ran back up to her clit, then back down.

She worried briefly about what he was doing, but reminded herself that being a dancer required her to be clean- everywhere. Besides, he was definitely enjoying himself, and she definitely didn't want him to stop. He carressed her asshole with the flat of his tongue, until she relaxed. By prying her muscles with the tip of his tongue, he was able to inch his way in. Her eyes shot open, as she had never felt this before. This was something new! Her ass muscles automatically tried to close, but each time his tongue provided pleasurable resistance. Soon, she was able to control her muscles somewhat, constricting and relaxing, constricting and relaxing, drawing him in and pulling him out. He thrust his tongue in and out of her this way, concentrating on her entrance, knowing that it was definately the most sensitive. As his tongue lived within her ass, she felt vaguely aware of a completely alien sensation. Deep within her, where she could not tell, she felt the beginnings of something powerful. She reached down between her legs with both hands. With one hand, she played with his hair. With the other, she ran her fingers over her clit. She massaged her clit with one finger, and thrust three others into her whole. But still, his tongue explored her ass, and still she felt the coming onslaught of something unfamiliar. Deep inside her, it came. It rocked her whole entire body. At the same time, her whisking fingers caused another orgasm, but it was two different sensations. She had heard about anal orgasms, but never believed it possible. Now, she was experiencing one of her own, and making a clitoral orgasm at the same time! Her eyes rolled back into her head as her entire lower body seemed as if it wer about to explode. He continued thrusting his tongue in and out of her body, while she fingered herself into oblivion. All at once, she came. Her own fingers were being sucked into her slit by her grabbing and pulsating pussy, and she felt her muscles twitch and grab at his tongue. Every feeling seemed to feed upon itself. The orgasms never seemed to go away. Her moans were quite loud, now, but she didn't care. She was lost among a sexual experience she hadn't even dreamed of. Fatigued, she fell asleep. She did not know when, but she did not remember her body slowing down. When she awoke, he was gone, but she was left with the vague sensations which lingered between her legs. --


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