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Jobtrain Sex Episode:


     One of the worst things about having graduated to the "Real World" some years ago is the thought of work. Used to be that when I felt like blowing off a class and getting stoned and listening to music all day while sucking down beers was the norm. Now, it's hit that alarm at 6:30 in the ayem and crawl to the office. Face it, if you don't do it, you get shit-canned, end of discussion. Sometimes, of course, the things that happen at the office make all the annoyance of having to get up at some ungodly hour and dragging your ass in worth it. Usually, it's something simple like writing a particularly clever program or getting a bonus or single-handedly convincing a customer to buy off a system that isn't quite ready. Then there are the *other* times, like what happened at work last week. Okay, so it's the summer. Summer used to be a time to hang out at the beach, maybe take a few easy classes (you know, shit like "History of Ancient Civilization" or "Figure Drawing and Painting"), etc. Now, it's merely another set of days in an office with no windows staring at a recalcitrant PC, trying to figure out why it's refusing to malloc memory for me. Of course, there are some good things. The atmosphere is great. It's a really small place...only 15 people if you include our part-time receptionist, and they leave me alone. Anyway, during the summer, we typically provide work for the bosses' kids. That's pretty par for the course at any engineering outfit (probably at other places too, but I can't comment on it from personal experience). In this case, that means our VP's daughter. Her name is Chrissy. She's a cute blond with a nice rounded ass and medium-large tits. Most of the time she wears a faded pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Now, you can rave about lingerie all you want, but to me, there's *nothing* sexier than a faded pair of jeans (a holdover from some experiences in my college days -- I may even let you in on the one of these days), and Chrissy looks great in them. She's even about my height, which is unusual. I'm about 5'10", and the average American female is (I think) 5'6". Anyway, the combination makes her look *much* older than her 16 years. We normally hang out while I wait for my programs to run (one problem with doing low level robotics is that you actually have to wait for the hardware to move and do things before you find out if it bombs) and talk. She's fairly bright and very personable, so we got to be reasonably good friends, despite the 12 year difference in our ages. Anyhow, Monday last week Chrissy cornered me in the kitchen at the office and asked me if I would show her how to "do it" (don't blame me...that's *her* terminology). She wanted to learn how to do "everything," and she wanted me to "teach" her. I was more than a little tense at first. After all, she was a good 12 years my junior -- we're talking genuine jailbait here -- and her mom was one of my bosses. But Chrissy convinced me by throwing her arms around me and rubbing her tight, young body against mine. She started kissing me, deep, hot kisses with lots of tongue action. I could feel her nipples poking out through her shirt, and a familiar tightness was beginning in my pants. "What the fuck," I thought, "I can only get fired once." My hand crept up under her shirt to her tits. They were young and firm, and I really was getting into it. But we were only in the kitchen! In between kisses, I gasped, "We can't here...we have to go somewhere private." Chrissy agreed and followed me into one of the bathrooms. They aren't big, but there's more than one, so nobody would really notice if one was in use for a lengthy period of time. Also, they have lock on the doors, which feature I very carefully used. "The first thing," I said, "is we have to be *quiet*." She responded by kissing me again. This time, I went full force with her. The two of us were getting really hot and heavy. I lifted up her shirt and undid her bra. Ahh, bless the kind soul who invented the front-closing brassiere! Uncovered, I could see that her tits were as young and smooth as they had felt. The were milky white, without a single scar or pull. Her nipples were small, but already stiff and pointy. I cupped one in my hand as we started kissing again. Chrissy grasped my hand as I rubbed her tits up and down. My mouth migrated down to lick and caress her teen-age nipples. Chrissy sighed as my lips closed on the stiff pink knob that topped her breast. I stopped after a moment, noticing how she was gyrating her hips. If I had kept up much longer, she would probably have cum in her jeans. So I stopped and whispered, "Now we have to get naked." She started to undo my pants, but I stopped her. "You first." Chrissy kicked off her sneakers and removed her shirt and bra. Then she unzipped her jeans and stepped out of them. She was wearing a tiny pair of pink cotton panties, with just a few wisps of blond pubic hair poking around the edges. Slowly and teasingly, she slipped those off two, so that she stood before me, nude except for a pair of white socks. My eyes swept down her smooth form. Chrissy smiled a shy little smile and giggled as my gaze locked on her crotch. Her pubic hair was fairly sparse, leaving most of her young twat in view. I could see her pink pussy lips almost clearly. "Lesson one," I said, "Is jerking off. I'll do you first." With that, I went up to her started kissing her again. Her body was rubbing close up against mine as I dropped a hand to her virgin cunt. Her thin bush was barely noticeable as I started moving my fingers up and down her slit. For someone as horny as she was, she wasn't all that juicy, but as I rubbed her twat, she got wetter and wetter. My finger slipped between her pussy lips. They pulled on my hand as I stroked up and down, bringing Chrissy to the very edge of orgasm. Chrissy stopped kissing me and bit her lower lip as I twiddled her tiny clit in my fingers. I took one finger and pushed the tip into her pussy. I poked forward until it was buried in her twat. Then I rubbed my palm rapidly over her little love-button until she started pumping her hips up and down. She was just about ready to cum, so I sped up. She gasped and her entire body shook as a huge orgasm started in her snatch and sped throughout her body. I slowed down to a gentle stroke until she had stopped quivering. When she was recovered, we kissed some more. Her firm body pressed up against me, and I said, "Your turn now." Her hand ran down to the bulge that was threatening to burst my pants. She massaged it gently, as if afraid of hurting me. "Go ahead," I urged, "Open up and feel it." She unzipped my pants and lowered them to the tiled floor. She grabbed my dick, looking at it. "Here," I said, guiding her hands. "Hold it like a stick and rub up and down slowly." I flinched once or twice when she squeezed too hard or twisted my prick the wrong way, but she got the hang of it pretty fast. I steadied myself as she rubbed her hands over my cock. The sight of a young cherry like Chrissy jerking me off was almost more than I could stand. but I wanted to make this last as long as possible. She looked up at me, batted her blue eyes, and asked me, "How will I know when to stop?" "You'll know," I assured her. "But I'm getting tired." We solved that problem by having her kneel on the floor while I sat on the edge of the toilet. That way, she could stroke my cock without getting too tired. The waves of sensation as she rubbed my prick were almost too much. Without any urging on my part, she used her other hand to play with by balls. I could feel the cum building up as her inexperienced hand roamed up and down my rock-solid prick. I started to push my cock into her fist. She instinctively sped up, keeping a steady pressure on my rod, lubricated by the pre-cum that was oozing forth from the hole in ever greater amounts. Chrissy's hot little fist moved over my dick until I couldn't keep it back any more. Chrissy was surprised as a thick stream of cum shot out, but she kept her hand wrapped tightly on my rod as my nuts pulsed forth their contents. She slowed down as my hot cream coated her hand, but kept stroking up and down, each tug of her fingers drawing forth more of my sticky sperm. Finally, she looked at me. "Did I do it right?" I smiled weakly at her. "You did great, Chrissy." She was looking with fascination at my spent prick and the cum that was hanging in sticky threads between it and her hand. I was seized by an inspiration. "There are two things you can do now," I suggested, "You can clean up, or we can do it right." She unquestionably wanted to do it right, so I had her rub some of my cum onto her tits. She giggled a little, but agreed. Her little nipples stood up again as she massaged my sperm into them. I also suggested that she taste some. She brought her semen-drenched hand to her mouth and gingerly stuck her tongue into it, as if expecting it to bite. When she discovered that cum wasn't deadly, she licked it off of her hand. Then she wanted to know what to do next! Oh, to be eighteen again! "We'll do more tomorrow." I needed to recover. She pouted, but agreed. I suggested that she could work on playing with her twat overnight. In fact, she could start right now if she wanted...but Chrissy was just a little to shy to fingerfuck herself while I was there. The next day, Chrissy wanted to know what we were going to do. I told her I would teach her all about oral sex. She didn't look all that happy at the idea, but I managed to convince her that it wasn't too bad a thing. Once again, we locked ourselves away and stripped down. We stood there kissing, and Chrissy was just as excited as I was. Shit, probably more so; this was a new experience for her. I could feel her tits firm and aroused against me, and she had her young hand wrapped around my stiff prick. She pulled and tugged on it, letting her fingers do the walking. I responded my rubbing my fingers in and around her slit. Chrissy's cunt was already wet and ready to go, and I could feel that her clit was erect and excited. The aroma of hot young cunt rose up and filled the room. I started running my tongue down her body. Chrissy tits were incredibly responsive as my lips pulled on her pert nipples. But I didn't remain on them for long. Gently, I had Chrissy sit on the edge of the sink and spread her legs. I knelt in front of her and dove into her pussy, licking furiously. Her virginal cunt quivered as my tongue parted her pussy lips and sucked up her juices. I stuck my tongue just a little way inside her twat, preferring to keep her tight and ready for future work. Then, while I was tongue-fucking her, I reached around and started pulling on her ass cheeks. Chrissy squirmed a little, but it was a good squirming. Chrissy's pussy cream was almost sweet. I lapped at her twat eagerly, trying to get as much of her cunt covered as possible. Occasionally, my tongue would dart out to cover that little sensitive area between her snatch and her asshole. I ran my fingertip around the rim of her anus, just to see how she would react. She sighed a little, but didn't say anything. Chrissy's legs were spread as wide as she could get them. Her pussy lips were full and pouting and she was moving her ass around on the sink as I ate out her snatch. Her tasty cuntal juice was smeared all over my face and her inner thighs. She moaned softly each time my lips and tongue sought out the button of her clit. I kept up a steady licking and she started to pump her hips up and down in time with my motion. I flattened my tongue out over her firm little clit and bobbed my head up and down. Chrissy's breath started coming in sharp gasps and she grabbed my head and tried to stuff my face into her hot snatch. The juice from her twat got thicker and started to run down the crack of her ass. I sped up, until Chrissy's entire body shook as my mouth stroked her into a throbbing orgasm. I brought her down slowly. I kept licking her still-shaking pussy lightly until she had calmed down. I stood up, stretched and looked at her. There was a glow in her face, and an enormous smile. She looked at me with adoring eyes. "Are you ready for the second part?" I asked, gesturing towards my cock, standing stiff and pink. She sat up and wrapped her hand around my dick. "How do I do this?" she asked, stroking lightly. "Start by licking it gently all over," I said. "You can play with my balls a little too, if you want. When you're comfortable, take it in your mouth. Then let it slide in and out. Suck gently with your lips. Lick it, especially around the tip...and *don't* use your teeth." She giggled a little and knelt down. She stuck her tongue out of her mouth and touched it to the head of my cock. Then she stopped and looked up at me. "What do I do if you...well, what if you...?" "If I cum, you swallow it. It won't hurt you. It's the same stuff you tried yesterday, remember?" "Oh. Okay." She went back to licking my cock. Chrissy's tongue was hot and wet and rough as she ran it up the full length of my rod. It felt so good that I almost shot my wad all over her face right then and there. She started to run her mouth tentatively over the head of my prick. Timidly, she started to lap up the pre-cum that oozed from the hole. After a bit, she got bolder and started to kiss my dick gently up and down the length. She even used her hands, too. While she was licking my prick, she asked, "How much goes in my mouth?" "As much as you want," I said in a strained voice. Duh! Here I was trying not to blow my load too quickly and she expected me to be coherent. Oh well, she *was* just learning. Chrissy kissed my swollen balls and then licked and caressed her way back to the head. Then she let just the tip of my prick enter her mouth. She ran her tongue teasingly around the head and let her lips slip a little further down the shaft. When then entire head of my prick was in her hot mouth, she began to bob her head back and forth over my prick, each time taking just a little more in. It would have been too much to expect for her to try and deep-throat me, and indeed, she stopped going any deeper when my cock got close to the back of her mouth. Still, that was marvelous. She was inexperienced enough to not know how to make me cum, so I was able to keep from shooting my sperm. I watched my prick slide in between her pink lips. Chrissy's eyes were closed, and she was making gentle glubbing noises every time she took my cock into her mouth deeper into my mouth. She switched back to licking my prick, which was oozing heavily my this point. She worked her way down to my balls and took them into her mouth one at a time. Then, she started licking and sucking slowly up the length of the shaft. By this point, I was so close to orgasm that actual cum was dripping from the tip of my rod onto her face. Chrissy bent back to sucking my rod. As she moved her head back and forth, I started to thrust against her face. Chrissy choked a little at first, then learned to open her mouth around my cock. She kept her cheeks and tongue tightly pressed against my dick. My stiff prick rammed up against the back of her throat. Finally, I couldn't deal with it any more and let fly with the largest cum I could ever remember having. Huge spurts of hot semen shot out into Chrissy's mouth. She was surprised enough to let my rod slip a little, so that some of my load dripped out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. Chrissy swallowed the cum in her mouth and smiled at me. She tugged gently on my prick and asked, between licks, "I did it right?" The look of that young girl with my cum running down her face, and the pressure of her eager fingers, brought forth one final spurt of cream from my nuts. It caught her in the face, and I said, "Wonderful." Chrissy giggled and licked my cock clean. The next day was a big one. "Are you absolutely *sure* you want to go through with this?" I asked her. She nodded. "I want to lose it to you." "We'll have to take a few precautions," I said, pulling a condom out of my desk. I'd purchased it especially for this. She didn't think we needed one, but I convinced her otherwise. You *can* get pregnant on the first try, and while I was willing to fuck her, I didn't want to knock her up! Chrissy and I locked ourselves in company's the conference room late in the day. We stood there kissing deeply. Her tongue and mine joined in a mating dance. I slipped my hand into her pants and started to finger her pussy, which was already wet and ready Within a few minutes, I had her jeans and panties off. She looked incredibly cute in a sweatshirt and socks and nothing else, and my cock was bulging heavily in my pants. I lifted her onto the table and bent down to lick her snatch. Chrissy spread her young legs wide as my tongue ran up and down the length of her virgin slit. Her clit was standing erect, and her pussy cream was flowing thickly. I put the tip of my tongue in the bottom of her twat and wiggled it up to her clit. Chrissy sighed as I flattened my tongue out and ran it over her cunt. Her thin, blond pubic hair tickled my cheeks as I ate her. Her sweet cream ran down to her pulsating asshole, and I let my tongue dance around her little puckered anus to get every drop of her juices. She was just about ready to cum when I stopped eating her twat. Instead, I stood up and pulled out my aching prick. Chrissy watched in fascination as I unrolled the rubber down over it. She leaned back and spread her legs as wide as she could. Her cunt was glistening and pink with eagerness. I placed the tip of my cock on her slit and rubbed lightly up and down. Chrissy had a look on her face that could best be described as extreme eagerness. She was shifting her hips back and forth as the tip of my dick spread her pussy lips. Suddenly, with one quick thrust, I shoved my cock all the way into her twat. Chrissy gasped with the sudden pain as her cherry broke. Her snatch clenched tightly around my rod. A few tears leaked from Chrissy's eyes, so I bent forward and kissed her lightly. "It only gets better from here," I said. I started pulling my cock out slowly. When only the head was in, I pushed forward again. Chrissy's cunt was about as tight as you'd expect from a 16-year-old who'd just had her cherry popped. So I was extra gentle as I pushed my prick inside her. After a few minutes, she started to actually enjoy the feeling. Her pussy juice started to flow again, and she started to smile. Chrissy and I fucked slowly on the table. Every time I thrust my prick into her juicy twat, my swollen balls would slap up against her asshole. She started pulling me into her, until the two of us were screwing at high speed. Her snatch was tight and wet and hot, and she was really enjoying it. I got carried away in the sensations that Chrissy's cunt was creating. I started shoving my cock up inside her as deep as I could. Chrissy started breathing heavily as I pounded away at her pussy. She was sliding back and forth on the table and occasionally moaning softly into my ear. She grabbed my ass and started to pull me onto her, trying to get me as deep as possible. I felt the familiar sensation of sperm boiling out of my nuts toward my cock. I rammed my cock to the hilt into her snatch until the cum started to pulse out of me. I pulled out before the rubber could leak inside of Chrissy's tight twat. Then she surprised the hell out of me by reaching down and rubbing her cunt. I watched enraptured as her fingers roamed up and down her pussy. She tickled her pink clit and brought herself to orgasm. Her pussy cream oozed from her contracting snatch, coating her cunt lips and asshole. I traced a finger around her pussy lips and anus. "Tomorrow," I said, "The last thing to learn." Chrissy was curious about what I meant. But I refused to say anything. By the time the next day had rolled around, she was burning with excitement, without even knowing what we were going to do. Still, she was surprised when I took a small jar of Vaseline out of my pocket. "What's that for?" she asked. "You'll see," I replied, leading her into my office and locking the door. I lifted her skirt up to her waist and pulled off her panties. As we kissed, I started to finger her snatch. Only the day before, it had been virgin, but after we had fucked I felt that I could really go at it. So I poked a finger deep inside her twat. She was still very tight, but she was getting nice and wet quickly. Chrissy spread her legs a little to allow my hands room to play with her cunt. At the same time, she reached down and pulled out my cock. Her warm teen-age hand closed around the shaft and she started to rub up and down, using the pre-cum that oozed from the hole as a lubricant. I rubbed her cunt a little faster, trying to get her as aroused as I could without making her cum. I could feel her pussy lips firm up beneath her almost non-existent bush. They were full and ripe and thickly coated with her cream. My fingers brushed her clit gently, and she gasped and tried to get my fingers up inside her twat. I cupped her smooth ass in my hands and pulled on them. I tugged them apart slightly and ran my finger around her asshole. Using her pussy juice as a lubricant, I stuck just the tip in. Chrissy giggled a little, but didn't object. That was good, because I was going to put something bigger than my finger in there! I turned Chrissy around and had her kneel on the floor and bend over. A flawless white ass surrounded her puckered brown anus. Making sure that my fingers were well coated with Vaseline, I started to lubricate her asshole. Chrissy actually seemed to enjoy my fingers tickling the rim of her back door, and she was shifting back and forth across the table. I stretched her rectum a bit with my fingers, massaging it gently. I poked one finger into her asshole, slowly going deeper until it was all the way inside. Chrissy's anus tugged and pulled, and she giggled again, but she didn't try to stop me. I grabbed another handful of Vaseline and rubbed my prick until it was at full attention. Then I placed the head of my cock right on her asshole. Gently, I started pushing my dick forward. Her anus stretched around my rod as it went it. I only pushed until just the head was up inside her ass. Then I withdrew until my cock was *almost* back outside. I pushed my cock back in and pulled it out repeatedly, each time letting a little more go up inside her tight asshole. Chrissy grimaced once or twice, but never said a word of complaint. Finally, I had my cock all the way up her inside her ass. I glanced down, and I could see her tight hole stretched around my cock. The Vaseline was making a greasy mess of her pale ass cheeks. Chrissy started to rock back and forth in opposition to my motions. My prick was moving smoothly in and out of her ass and it felt utterly glorious. Her butthole was super-tight around my dick, and every time she clenched her anal muscles I could feel my prick being squeezed delightfully. As I ass-fucked Chrissy, I reached around to her cunt and tried to play with her. Her twat was smooth and wet, and she was obviously getting into having a cock up her ass. Soon, her hand joined mine in fingering her snatch. She was doing a better job than I was, so I let her do it. I started to fuck her ass faster and faster. She was breathing heavily, and was getting closer and closer to cumming herself. I shoved my cock all the way in in one deep stroke. Then, pulling it almost all the way out, I did it again. With every thrust, Chrissy started getting more and more turned on. She started fingering her clit directly. Suddenly, her entire body went rigid as she came. I kept up the speed and rhythm. With one titanic thrust, I started to shoot gobs of thick cum up inside Chrissy's ass. My jizz filled her rectum, and oozed out of her dilated anus as I pulled my spent rod out. Chrissy's eyes glowed with gratification.


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