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     Mistress Alexandria: A Furry Tail She was human, but she wasn't... It's hard to explain. At least most of her was human. She was originally an experiment. Half of her genes were human, the other half were that of an albino tigress. The way she turned out is just fine by me. She is covered by short, fine fur, her head is somewhat tigerish, and she has an exquisite tail. It really doesn't matter. All that is really important is that we love each other and that we love what we engage in. She is my mistress, and I am her pet. I had made arrangements for the two of us to live together. Don't ask me how... it is a rather long and complicated process. This is merely one truly incredible weekend we spent together... at home. I love her more than anyone that I have ever known. I hope that we will be together always. ***** I got home first. She had told me that tonight she would master me. And that her little pet would enjoy himself to no end. I was looking forward to this night's games. As I walked in, there was my collar on the table by the front door. I smiled, picked it up, and put it on. I knew she wouldn't be happy if she got home and I didn't have it on. After that, I made myself a sandwich and sat down to watch the evening news. I also knew that I might not have anything to eat for a while, so I didn't want to start hungry. Just as the news ended, I heard the front door had to be her. She walked in, a huge grin on her face. "Are you ready, my little pet?" she asked. "Yes... mistress," I replied. "Go to your bedroom and wait for me." "Yes, ma'am." I went, gladly. I knew she had something special for me planned. I sat waiting for her on the bed. As she came in, she looked sternly at me. "Aren't you a little overdressed?" I knew what she wanted, I was stupid not to think of it before. I immediately began to remove my clothes and put them away. "Good boy. I have a surprise for you." My eyes grew wide with anticipation. The tone in her voice told me that she really did have something new and probably exciting planned for me this evening. She took a duffle bag from behind her back and unzipped it. Alex pulled out a leather suit of some sort. It was all rolled up and difficult to distinguish just what it did. She laid it out on the bed and unfolded it, so that I might better see it. As I examined it, it became quite clear that she had been working hard to design this for me. It was a jumpsuit of sorts. But, it opened up the back and the sleeves were rather long, much too long for my arms. Not only that, but they were closed at the ends and had some sort of strap extending from them. AH! It was a straitjacket affair! I looked on. There were straps and buckles at the knees and angles, as well as D-rings securely fastened to the ankles, waist, and the shoulders. I smiled. "Would you like to put your playsuit on?" I nodded eagerly in agreement. Alex took up the suit and held it open for me. I stepped in and slid my arms into the sleeves. Alex reached down and guided my ever stiffening tool through a slot that had been created for my more tender parts. I hadn't noticed that before, but I realized that it reached all the way between my legs to my waist in back. Interesting.... Alex made quick work of fastening the back up and then cinching my arms tightly across my chest. "Sit!" she commanded. I complied. I soon found Alex securing my ankles and knees together. I gave a little struggle, but she had seemed to have secured me well enough that even if I had wanted to free myself, I probably couldn't have. Alex sat herself down beside me and began to run her finger under my leather collar. She smiled, moved closer and began to nibble on my ear. That didn't seem to feel too bad.. of course not, I LOVED IT! Her fur began to rub gently against my face. Not only that, but she began to slide her tail back and forth across my exposed shaft. At this point, things began to tingle. I think I was in heaven... I'm not sure. Alex sat up and grinned. Next, she moved her face down to my shaft. I knew what she intended, and I was hoping for it. She began by rubbing the fur of her muzzle up and down on each side of my erect manliness. It was almost maddening! Then she let her tongue slip from her mouth and slide up on my shaft. I inhaled sharply and shivered slightly. It felt incredible. Her rough tongue made me even stiffer. Alex reached down and began to tickle my bare feet. There was nothing I could do -- I was helpless, and she loved it. I laughed. She grinned and licked again. Yes, I think I was in heaven. Alex suddenly stopped. I looked down at her, wondering. She maneuvered me over to the center of the bed. Once there, she took out six straps from her duffle back and secured me to the frame of the bed via the D-rings on my playsuit. "What are you going to do with me, Mistress?" I asked. She did not respond. Alex merely grinned rather evilly. Once again, she reached into her duffle bag, and took out a gag. She pushed it in my mouth and buckled it snugly before I could ask any more questions. Alex got up and looked over me, admiring her handiwork. She seemed pleased. My Mistress bent over and began to pet my erection. I moaned as she worked at me. "Now, my little pet. I want to introduce you to a new toy." She took a box from her duffle bag and removed some sort of tube from it. Alex sat down beside me and held the toy out so that I might get a little better look at it. It was almost like a test tube in shape. But, at the open end, there was a small box attached, about 1" by 1". Extending from that was a rubber cup-like sack. Alex reached down and took hold of my shaft and then guided it into the open end of the tube. I bucked slightly as she slid it down into place. For, you see, on the inside of the tube were little spines that excited me as they moved down my manliness. Next, my mistress pulled the rubber part down over my scrotum. This held it down securely. Alex took hold of the little box that was on the toy and I heard a little switch click. Suddenly, the whole unit began to vibrate. The little spikes began to move back and forth, and even the rubber sack carried the vibrations throughout all of my tender areas. The sweet vibrations of this new toy did not take long to bring me to a climax. As my pleasure reached its apex, I bucked and tried to turn, but my playsuit held me firmly. Alex sat down beside my head and began to run her fingers through my hair. "I'm glad that you like your new toy, my pet. Now, my little slave, I think I'll go get something to eat and find a comfortable place to sleep for the night... See you in the morning." My eyes grew wide as she walked out the door. I tried to say something, but anything that came out was totally unintelligible because of my gag. I was just stuck with this torturous pleasure for the rest of the night... I exhaled deeply and began my night's trial. *** The next morning, Alex came in to inspect her exhausted little pet. She sat down beside me and switched my little toy off. Then she unbuckled my gag and kissed me. "I see you enjoyed the night, didn't you, my pet?" she asked. I managed to smile a bit. "Yes, mistress." "Good. Now I have a job for you." Alex wiped the sweat from my brow and began to remove the straps that held me to the bed. Then, the straps binding my knees and ankles. She paused for a moment to take a wet washcloth and wipe up the mess that I had made overnight. Finally, she released my arms and unzipped the playsuit. "Take off your playsuit, lay it out on the chair, and go and fix me breakfast. And leave your little toy in place." "Yes, ma'am," I responded as I slipped out of my suit. I left the bedroom and went into the kitchen. My little toy kept me erect as it excited me with the mere movement of my own body. As I put the eggs, bacon, toast and coffee on the tray, I had to pause for a moment. I had to rest because my loins were tingling. I knew if I didn't calm myself down, I would climax shortly. I didn't want to do that, my mistress had not given me permission to do so. If I did, she would not be pleased. I gathered as much strength as I could and started back towards the bedroom. I walked in and there was my mistress, stretched out on the bed wearing nothing but the soft fur that she was born with. She was beautiful! Alex's shapely body was perfect. I was so lucky to have her as my mistress. I took the tray over and sat it beside her. I stepped back and stood there waiting for her next command. She took a piece of bacon and began to eat it. She motioned for me to move closer. I stepped up to the side of the bed and she reached out and switched my toy on. I moaned as pleasure began to course through my being. Within a minute, I had reached the apex of my pleasure. She switched my toy off. "Thank you, mistress," I said. "You deserved your reward for this delicious meal," she replied. "Go and put your playsuit back on." "Yes, mistress," I replied, as I moved towards the chair where I had left my suit. After I had put my playsuit on, I returned to her bedside in order for my mistress to zip up my back and secure my arms. Alex paused from her breakfast to buckle my arms firmly behind me. Once again, I stepped back and awaited my mistress' next orders. Alex set her breakfast tray aside, half finished. She looked at me. "Kneel at the end of the bed, my pet." I wasted no time in carrying out my mistress' command. "Are you hungry, my little slave?" she asked. I nodded. Alex picked up a piece of bacon and held it out. "Very well, my pet. Come and get it," she said, as she moved the bacon down between her legs next to her thigh. I got down on my belly and moved forward until I could reach the bacon with my mouth. She teased me for a moment, pulling it farther and farther away. Finally, she set it down right on top of her feminine midsection. "Oh, that's what she wants," I thought. Very well... what my mistress wants, she gets. I picked up the bacon with my teeth and ate it eagerly. Then I looked up at my mistress. "I'm still hungry. May I...taste you?" I asked. "Yes, you may, my pet," she replied. I pressed my face into her midsection. I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue deep into my mistress. Her tail began to snake around my neck, helping to hold me in place. I could hear her begin to moan... then purr. I licked even harder. My mistress reached down and began to run her fingers through my hair. Her foot slipped down underneath me. I paid little attention to what she was doing, as I was concentrating on my attempt at bringing her pleasure. Until... I felt my own member begin to pulse as my toy began to vibrate. She had managed to switch it on with her toe. I redoubled my efforts to pleasure my mistress in order to show her how much I had enjoyed the pleasure that she had allowed me to have. I licked harder and deeper...


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